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  Birth of Christ
  Outbreak of the Second Germania War
  Crucifixion of Christ
  Great Fire of Rome

Persecution of Christians by Emperor Nero
  The Roman Empire Flourishes
  The 16th Germania War

Best's disease spreads throughout the Empire's territory of West Asia
  The great persecution of Christians
  Edict of Toleration

A flag with a cross is established
  Edict of Milan
  Theodosius I becomes emperor
  Theodosius I dies, the East & West separate
  The Roman Catholic Church's great Pope Leo I is born
  Britannia is invaded by the Anglo-Saxons

The Heptarchy begins
  The Western Roman Empire falls
  The Slavs begin moving
  Muhammad receives first vision from the heavens, establishes the Islamic Empire and expands their territory
  Emperor Leo bans religious icons
  Pope Gregory condemns Iconoclasm as heresy
  Battle of Tours
  Plague spreads throughout Eastern Europe
  Islam divides the East and West
  The Normans begin ravaging through Europe
  The Treaty of Verdun divides the Carolingian Empire into three kingdoms
  The iconoclast controversy is resolved by Empress Theodora who restores religious icons
  Devastating earthquakes occur in Corinth, Tunisia, Iran, and Kyoto, Japan
< The Cataclysm >
  A city appears over night on the Iberian Peninsula Theft and other crimes explode amongst the refugees and insurgents. Eye witness reports of strangely morphed creatures begin to flood in.
  The Eastern Roman Empire falls Swarms of huge dragons come flying in, decimating kingdoms until nothing but ash is left behind over night.
  Monarchy of West, Middle, and East Francia falls Following the reckless murder of Louis II of Middle Francia, scores of riots break out in the surrounding countries.
865   Concept of Midgard is formed The entire scope of Europe began to lose sight of national boundaries with the downfall of multiple countries. In the end, people came to call what was left of the region "Midgard".
    Rumors of the Cathedral City spreads The people began to call the mysterious city that appeared after the Great Collapse the "Cathedral City".
  Pythagoras Institute established Nobles and intellectuals from the former kingdoms escaped to the Cathedral City with little more than their lives and set up the Pythagoras Institute to study the disaster, calamity, and rise in abnormalities throughout the world.
  Chaldea Gate constructed

The Ten Days of Tragedy
Unfortunately, the Cathedral City could not accept all of the refugees for lack of food. In order to regulate how many people were allowed to enter the city, they built the Chaldea Gate in three days. Rioting broke out between the refugees and the City’s Self-Defense Forces, which continued to rage on for the following week. (Ten Days of Tragedy)
    One after another, people began showing strange “miracle” powers such as the power of destruction or the ability to find water veins in the ground.
    The Pythagoras Institute confirms the existence of “Magic”.
    The Cathedral City came under strict order and social function by those who used such “miracle” power.
    The Pythagoras Institute constructs a system to authorize and and keep track of those who use miracles, and thusly begin to dictate social status. Miracle Users, or simply Users, bring order and social function to the city.
  Chaldea Gate opens For the first time in ten years, the Chaldea Gate is opened and the city function expands. The Users begin local rule as faith and religion of the past begins to deteriorate. A new faith concept of “The Users and Miracles of the Pythagoras Institute Church” spread throughout the community.
  General Council of Chaldea  
  Magical Overload Accident When a magician loses control of his power, a third of the city is destroyed. The Church announces that it is thanks to the research done on Seal Magic that the magician’s power could be suppressed. (In actuality, the experiment on Seal Magic failed and caused bodily enlargement to the caster, who became nothing more than a giant foot that proceeded to trample and kill over 2,000 people in the Slums over a single night. The official announcement by the Church is as previously stated.)
  The fourth Cathedral City expansion program is executed. The growth and expansion of the city goes well.
The Church aims to expand their territory with the goal of ensuring the "everlasting peace of Midgard through prayer and magic."
  The Church Investigation Committee is established. Neighboring self-governing dominions accept volunteers to form the "Church Investigation Committee".
    Each self-governing dominion around the city is taken over in succession by the Church Investigation Committee and their large-scale magical weapons after the attending magicians allowed their usage. They essentially become a magical armed force.
    The power of the Church expands in each area.
  The Church expands throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The Church Investigation Committee sets out on an expedition across each of the self-governing dominions to gain control of these areas. Once order has been achieved, it becomes custom for the Committee to rule these areas on their own, setting up the first "Lords of the Land" system.
  The Tang dynasty in east Asia falls.  
  The Magic Academy is established. The Church pushes forward the study of magical power and sets up "Magic Academies" for full-scale study in each area.
  Magical Overload Accident Another magical accident occurs within one of the Magic Academies; however, with the use of Seal Magic, the extent of the damage is limited to the death of two people: the person whose magic went haywire and the caster of the Seal Magic.
    The building blocks of magic is completed by the Magic Academy. The spread of magic expands and becomes a common technique thereafter.
    In an attempt to retain power while it continues to expand, the Church enters into a mutually beneficial relationship with each Lord of the Land who had control of large territories.
    It is routine for powerful people of the Church to accept bribes by the Lords of the Land. Fights among the governing Lords is frequent in each area. The territories governed by these Lords begin to be referred to as the "Land of Mountains" and the "Land of Forests".
  The Sung dynasty is founded. The first Magic Academy President is elected. Since the newly elected president is not familiar with magic at all, this causes a void between the Church echelon and the Lords of the Land. Unease among the magicians in the Magic Academy begins to fester.
  The White Rebellion breaks out. Under the current system, the Magic Academy Presidential Elections are conducted by the Lords of the Land cause some young magicians to rebel. Although incensed magicians rally for the replacement of the president within the Central Magic Academy located in the Cathedral City they are suppressed in a single night (The White Rebellion).
  Famine breaks out. Wide-spread famine breaks out. The food supply from the surrounding dominions into the Cathedral City is greatly reduced for several years. In the world of politics, it becomes commonplace for the Church's upper echelon and influential people to give money and goods, weaponry, women and children to the Lords of the Land in exchange for food.
  The "Blue Corps" is established. Magicians dissatisfied with the corruption going on within the Magic Academy and the politics regarding the food shortage for poor class decided to form an underground organization to start a revolution. This group became known as the "Blue Corps".
    The Blue Corps becomes active. Many young magicians approve them. Even some of the Lords of the Land who are dissatisfied with the Church approve. The Church is said to be weakening as their armaments and talented people dwindle under the food shortage and engaging in bribery for many years.
  The Blue Rebellion breaks out.
The Church announces a large-scale renovation of the waterways and begins construction.
A large-scale revolt (the Blue Rebellion) breaks out in the Cathedral City by the Blue Corps. The Blue Corps occupies the Central Magic Academy with the hope to put a halt to the government and the Church. Their long-term goals include "abolishing the Lords of the Lands' power while establishing freedom and independence of the Magic Academy". Nonetheless, the Blue Corps is entirely decimated overnight by a Seal Magic attack that encompasses the entire city. At the same time, 80% of the citizens who live in two wards of the city die as catalysts for the Seal Magic. Even though there were some survivors, they appeared to have lost their minds in the confusion, construction to bury them alive was underway.
    After the "Blue Rebellion", the number of applicants approved by the Magic Academy to become legal magicians decreases sharply. The government and Church increasingly depend upon the military prowess of the Lords of the Land. Invested by the Lords, magical experiments by the opposition rapidly increases. The situation of the Magic Academy and the Church falls into uncertainty.
    Eventually, no new presidents from the lands ruled by the Lords of the Land are elected for the Magic Academy in each location. Even though they managed to obtain independence, with the loss of support from the Lords of the Land, the Magic Academy follows the same path toward decline.

Magical experiments by the opposition continue vigorously. The Magic Academy lifts a ban on a previously forbidden magical art. The balance of magical power in Europe falls into chaos.
  The Cathedral City is reduced to ruins. An unprecedented large-scale accident occurs within the Central Magic Academy in the Cathedral City. It is said to be a singing error of the forbidden art by a female magician, but the details of the accident are unclear. It is discovered later that dust from the explosion appeared to resemble a gigantic flower in the night sky. The scale of destruction from the accident encompasses the entire city; all trace of people within the city fades away as the city is reduced to ruins.
The Flower feeds on the deceased Usubeni (Zero) The parasitic “Flower” begins to feed on Usubeni’s dead body.  She changes her name to Zero once she obtains the power of song.
Birth of One, Two, Three, Four, and Five

As the power of the Flower becomes a threat to the world, Zero attempts to commit suicide* but fails, only resulting in the birth of One, Two, Three, Four, and Five.

* She doesn't actually attempt suicide, but rather, tries to remove the flower which had become attached to her heart. She does this by stabbing herself in the heart with her sword. Since she is already technically dead and only being annimated by the power of the flower, this act cannot completely be seen as a suicide attempt. This passage is explained within the DOD3 Story Side Novel (SSN).

3 Zero and Michael meet Zero meets Michael while searching for a dragon with the power to destroy the Flower.
3/11 Zero's DLC [Verse 1] Zero & Michael meet
3/12 [Verse 2] Talk more about the Flower
[Verse 3] Trial of Might
5 [Verse 4] Zero defeats Michael in the final trial before he offers his assistance.
One and Gabriella meet One and the dragon Gabriella meet.  The girls with such great power begin to be recognized throughout the world as “Utautai”.
Contact from each country's ruler is lost Suddenly, contact from each ruling lord is lost.  The truth behind this is hidden from the commoners. 
One's DLC
Brother One is born
[Verse 1 / Cathedral City]
One creates Brother One in her exact image.  This is a secret that only One and Gabriella know.

[Verse 2 / Land of Forests]
The twins and Gabriella meet up.
8/14   [Verse 3 / Land of Sands]
One travels to the Land of Sands with Gabriella.
8/18   [Verse 4 / Land of Forests]
The twins encounter a Fake Zero.
  Zero and Accord meet Zero and Accord meet for the first time.  Accord informs Zero that she has become a “singularity”. 
11/4 One's DLC
Sister One teaches Brother One to fight
[Verse 1 / Cathedral City]
Brother One undergoes rigorous training in order to kill Zero should Sister One fail.
Each country comes under the reign of the Utautai It becomes known that the four Utautai sisters, lead by One, were the ones who defeated the evil rulers of each country and are therefore revered as great heroes.  From this point on, a sort of religious faith in the Utautai Sisters as the ruler of each country spreads throughout the land.
1/1 One's Novella Chapter One returns to the Cathedral City alone after defeating the Lords of the Land. The people greet her warmly as she parades on horseback to the Cathedral, all the while feigning her own smile.
1/27 One spends much of her time digging through the plethora of books in the library in search of the purpose of the Utautai's existence as she suffers from acute sensory overload. She contemplates on how all of the Utautai have excessive growth in various ways. With her self, it was her heightened senses, Two with her strength, Three with her rapidly growing hair, Four with her rapidly growing nails, and Five with her overdeveloped breasts. One chose Two to rule the Land of Sands in hope her cheerful outlook would be good for the people who live in such a wasteland.

Two is the first of the sisters to arrive in at the Cathedral.
2/14 Four is the next to arrive at the Cathedral. One recounts how Four's prone behavior to lash out at unforeseen circumstances contributed to choosing her to rule the Land of Mountains with its sparse population. She simply is not suited to ruling a larger kingdom. One choose Three as the leader of the Land of Forests because of her affinity toward odd creatures. She was more suited to handle the faeries and elves that far outnumbered the humans in the land. Three gave the faeries and elves their space to rule over themselves and therefore the kingdom found a sort of equilibrium as opposed to when it was ruled by the former Lords of the Land who wanted to subjugate the lesser races.

Four states her concern over the pending fight with Zero. One comes to the conclusion that change is part of being an Utautai. She wonders where her power came from, how she knew how to use it, etc. She cannot find any notes in history about the Utautai and wonders how that could be. She wonders of someone intentionally deleted these events from history. But for what purpose?
2/22 Five is the next to arrive. One chose Five to be leader of the Land of Seas because of the amount of troublemakers there. She first feared that Five would not be able to keep them in check but soon learns that she had misplaced her worries. One thinks on the rapid growth of all the Utautai and worries exactly how far it might go...how powerful they might become.

Going back to her books, One grows increasingly irritable at not being able to find any reference to the Utautai in any of the books in the Cathedral library.
3/4 Three finally arrives at the Cathedral on the very morning of the great conflict with Zero. One realizes the reason why she had been searching for answers in the books so hard--to be sure her convictions were true, justified.
  Zero and the other Utautai Sisters go to war Zero and Michael rage their attack on the Holy Capital to kill the five younger Utautai Sisters.  Together, the sisters completely oppose Zero’s attack.  One commands Gabriel to attack, which causes Zero to lose her left arm.  With another attack from Gabriel eminent, Michael steps in the way to save Zero, forfeiting his life.  Michael then is reborn as Mikhail.
  Zero goes into hiding in the Ocean Country Along with the reborn Mikhail, Zero goes into hiding in the Ocean Country to rest and recuperate after the onslaught in the Holy Capital. 
  4/14 Two's DLC [Verse 1 / Land of Mountains]
Cent mentions that even though the girls have defeated the evil Lords of the Land, monsters still appear.
4/18 [Verse 2 / Land of Forests]
Although the lands have been liberated, there are still those who are loyal to the old lords.
4/25 [Verse 3 / Cathedral City]
After receiving a message from Decad about a serious problem in the Cathedral City, Two and Cent head back to assess the situation.
[Verse 4 / Cathedral]
They discover that not only the soldiers but also the children are adversely infected by the magical energy Two and Cent used to amplify their strength and heal their wounds, respectively.
Zero begins her mission anew With her wounds healed, Zero starts her mission once again to defeat her younger sisters.  Zero manages to kill both Five and Four.
The younger Utautai Sisters are decimated Mikhail eats Three, and Zero kills both Two and One; however, Zero is killed by Brother One.  The six Utautai Sisters have all perished.
  Epidemic spreads The world is greatly changed with atrocious demons and monsters running rampant. The Church of Angels stands fast against this.
  Famine spreads throughout every corner of Europe

Refugees flock to East Asia
Within the Church, those with great intellect established the “Institute of Priests”. The experiments made in the past by the Pythagoras Institute are compiled for further study. In conclusion, it was determined that the world would fall into collapse if certain measures were not taken to prevent it.
    All areas of Midgard experience abnormal weather Civil war becomes a frequent occurrence in various places.
  A small country forms out of the eastern part of the Land of Sands Inhabitants of the coastal region declare independence.
  A new country forms along the coast of the former Land of Mountains The dismantling and reorganization of the former land is a success and a new country is formed. The Church of Angels cannot hold on to power and other pirate nations emerge. Confusion reigns over Midgard.
  Operation against large-scale monsters a success A gigantic monster appears in the former Land of Forests, which the Church of Angels manage to suppress. The recognition and power of the Church spreads rapidly.
  The First Goddess of the Seal is Appointed The Seal system is complete. The Priests conceal this information, however, and the actual situation goes unidentified.
    Volunteers from all across the land gather and form a large army within the Church of Angels, making them stronger and stronger.
  The Land of Seas secedes from the Church of angels, creating 3 separately run countries. Famine and plagues emerge within the three countries that seceded from the former Land of Forests. More than 50,000 people die.
  The Second Goddess of the Seal is Appointed The female aide to Suzerain One of the Church of Angels appoints herself as the next Goddess of the Seal.
  The former Land of Seas known as England declares a “Truce of God” The Allied Forces of England and Scotland come to a stale-mate with the former Land of Sands in the western highlands known as the “Blue Mountains”.
  Church of Angels Civil War A civil war breaks out within the Church of Angels. Jealousy and despair related to how the 2nd Seal of the Goddess was appointed breaks out and One is ousted as acting Suzerain.
    First confirmation of the “Red Eye Disease” The “Red Eye Disease” appears within the Church and those infected commit suicide by plunging to their death.
  Third Goddess of the Seal Appointed The Goddess inauguration ceremony is held in the Cathedral City. While 10,000 spectators gather, a group of anti-Goddess separatists make a surprise attack, however their efforts fail and are later executed. It is decided that future inauguration ceremonies will be held by the Priests in secret.
  The former Land of Sands invades the former Land of Forests Armed forces of the former Land of Sands begin to encroach upon the former Land of Forests to the south.
  Residents of the Former Land of Forests emigrate to other foreign countries One meets the refugee girl Rosa from the former Land of Forests.
  The State of Caerleon is Founded Rosa gives birth to One’s twin children, Gruen and Grenat.
    Gruen, Future Suzerain of the Church of Angels, is born
  The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Goddesses of the Seal are appointed The Fourth Goddess is assassinated. The Priests make the following announcement: “This malcontent criminal intends to shatter the good standing of the Church and spread chaos throughout the world.”

The Fifth Goddess is unable to endure the pain of being the Goddess and attempts suicide but fails. Ultimately by the will of the Goddess, she is killed by guillotine in secret.
  Seventh Goddess of the Seal is appointed The Sixth Goddess of the Seal is kidnapped by anti-Goddess separatists and whereabouts unknown.
  Eighth Goddess of the Seal is appointed The Seventh Goddess is assassinated.
  Famine consumes all of Midgard Plagued by famine and the “Red Eye Disease” outbreak, the Cathedral City suddenly falls to ruin.
    The “Red Eye Disease” spreads within the Church of Angels
  The demise of the first King of Caerleon The first King dies from illness.
    The second King takes the throne
  Assassination of the Second King of Caerleon The Third King succeeds to the throne but is confined by the senior councilmen. They execute a virtual coup d'état called the “Council Agency”.
    The Third King succeeds to the throne
  Gruen becomes the Suzerain of the Church of Angels Reports indicate the “Red Eye Disease” continues to spread to each city
  Ninth Goddess of the Seal is appointed The Eighth Goddess dies, but the details regarding her death are unpublished.
    The story of the Goddess, her Priests, and the Seal are retold in a beautiful book and song with the intention to circulate the word of the Church.
  The Third King of Caerleon dies of illness while in confinement According to the senior councilmen of Caerleon, the reign of power reverts to the “Council Agency”.
    The Fourth King is enthroned  
  The Fourth King poisons the senior councilmen of the previous king A traitor appears among the senior councilmen of the Council Agency. A figure appears along the side of the Fourth King.
  [Novella] The Song of a 14 Year Old  
  Goddess of the Seal Furiae dies
Inuart dies
Nowe and Eris are born
Prince Caim of Caerleon forms a pact with the Red Dragon (Angel).

The Seal of the Goddess Furiae's previously betrothed Inuart forms a pact with the Black Dragon (Legna).

Manah, who carries Brother One's bloodline, hides out in a hidden village and becomes the Suzerain of the "Church of Angels".

Due to the 13th Goddess Furiae's suicide, the 14th Goddess did not immediately appear.

  The 14th Goddess of the Seal is born (Angel) Hierarch Verdelet conducts the ritual to make the Red Dragon the final Seal of the Goddess.
    During a disaster at sea, the woman Hanch forms a pact with Kelpie.
    [Novella] DOD1.3 DOD3-->Ending A Continuation Novella
  The Knights of the Seal is formed.
The Red Eye disease calms down.
The Red Eye disease infecting much of the Empire suddenly calms down, reason unknown.
  The Knights of the Seal begin initiate the Seal Operations.  
    Seere becomes the Hierarch of the Knights of the Seal.  
  A dragon and boy (Nowe) are discovered in the Forgotten Ruins.  
    High Priest Verdelet dies.  
    Nowe awakens as the New Breed.  
  Second Large-scale Migration  
1124   [Novella] The Garden of Light  
  Those inheriting the "Church of Angels" found the kingdom of Sicily.  
4/9 Battle of Legnica  
  Marco Polo sets off on his journey east. Marco Polo travels east into Asia with his father and uncle in order to find a cure for the "Red Eye Disease".
  The "Red Eye Disease" spreads throughout all of Europe. A great number of people die after contracting a disease that includes symptoms such as red eyes, a high fever, and speaking with a strange voice. Since this disease seems to have changed from the "Red Eye Disease" of the past, it is referred to as the "Red Death Disease".
  Francis Xavier travels to Asia--including Japan-- teaching the ways of the Church. The concept of the Utahime and Utautai lives on through the culture of Jourori, a form of traditional Japanese narrative music that tells a story.
  America declares independence from England.  
  Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria
World War I breaks out.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, heir presumptive to the Austro-Hungarian throne, and his wife were shot dead in Sarajevo. It is said that the assassin was a "man with red eyes" but any further information is unknown.
  World War II breaks out. The "Red Eye Disease" runs rampant within Germany.
7/26 Potsdam Declaration The United States, the United Kingdom, and China issued a statement that called for the surrender of the Japanese Empire or face "prompt and utter destruction."
  Berlin Blockade The Soviet Union blocked the Western Allies' railway, road, and canal access to the sectors of Berlin under allied control.
11/22 The American President Kennedy is assassinated.  
7/16 The American Apollo 11 lands on the moon.  
  The oil crisis  
9/19 A large-scale earthquake rocks Mexico.  
1/28 The American Space Shuttle Challenger explodes.
  4/26 The Chernobyl disaster occurs.  
  Japan, End of the Showa era
Demolition of the Berlin Wall
  German Reunification  
12/25 Gulf War
Collapse of the Soviet Union
3/20 Japan, the Great Hanshin Earthquake
Tokyo subway sarin attack
9/11 America: 9/11 Terrorist Attacks  
Mysterious giant and red dragon appear

Events of [6.12] occur
June 12, 2003, 3:01pm. A huge white figure (here on referred to as a “giant”) suddenly appears in Shinjuku.

At the same time, a red dragon-like creature (here on referred to as a ”dragon") appears and it is unclear why they begin to fight.

An emergency meeting is held within the Self-Defense Forces to discuss methods of attack. An emergency countermeasures facility is established by the cabinet.

Same day around 4pm. The “giant" collapses due to the attack by the “dragon". In addition, due to the small mass of the fragments from the “giant” as it crumbled, the damage to the ground is relatively minimal.

Just after the fall of the ”giant", the “JASDF 6th Air Wing 303rd Tactical Fighter Squadron: Skullface” jets shoot down the “dragon". The dead body of the “dragon" is moved by the government to a research facility.

This event is later dubbed [6.12]. 56 were killed, 320 suffered light to severe injuries, and the total damage was estimated around 600 million yen.

A gag order was established over the mysterious events of [6.12] and media news reports via the Internet and the like were immediately prohibited. Theories of terrorism and plots by various other countries stirred up great confusion and chaos.
Summit conference is held. Three months after 6.12, a summit conference is held between Japan, America, China and Russia.
People infected with a strange disease are discovered. A strange disease begins inflicting those near the area of Shinjuku which causes their bodies to calcify and has a 100% fatality rate. Experiments on the infected are underway to find a cure. (It was first believed that the illness was caused only due to a specific condition, and thus the situation was met with optimism.)
Deaths caused by the unknown disease explode. Reported infections of the unknown disease increase. Those who are infected seem to be consolidated around the Shinjuku area.
People showing signs of increasingly violent behavior among the infected erupts. Among the infected, many have grown increasingly violent characteristics. Great numbers of the dead and those showing violent behavior gather in Shinjuku as the city's functionality becomes hallowed-out.

Japan firmly presses all countries around the world research this disease.
Infected, violent people run rampant in Shinjuku. The number of the infected grows exponentially. According to clinical tests, it is understood that among those who are infected will either "show signs of violent behavior" or "merely die".
The disease is named the "White Chlorination Syndrome" (WCS). The group of doctors release the results of their research since December 2003. Although it is yet unknown what causes the "violent behavior" or "death", it is believed to be caused by the same disease.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office is moved. It is proposed that Nagatacho and the Imperial Palace be evacuated; however, the Imperial Household Agency refuses.

Since Nagatacho would not be able to hide this information, they announce that they will remain in residence.
The dangerous situation in Shinjuku is raised to Level 4.  
"Project Seal Shinjuku" is announced.  
"Project Seal Shinjuku" gets underway.
The "Wall of Jericho" is erected.
The final image from within the wall is released.  
The WCS infection briefly calms down.  
The reality of the WCS becomes known.  
  The research facility which houses the remains of the "dragon" is raided.  
An anomaly is detected in satellite photos.  
The Wall of Jericho is destroyed.  
  The existence of the "Legion" and "Red-Eye" is confirmed.  
  The Self-Defence Force begins the “Legion Elimination Operation”  
Another epidemic of the WCS breaks out.  
The remains of the "dragon" are secretly relocated. The remains of the "dragon" are secretly transported from the research facility in Japan to an undisclosed location. (A popular theory is that it was moved to Roswell, New Mexico.)
The government body and the Imperial Palace are moved to Kyushu. The decision was made to distance the government body and the Imperial Palace from Tokyo and relocate to the relatively undamaged Kyushu.
The entity of Honshu is transformed into a battlefield.  
The “Japanese-American United Front” is declared.  
"Operation Destroy Shinjuku" is carried out.  
Decision to nuke Shinjuku is made.  
Atomic bombs are dropped in the center of Shinjuku.  
The annihilation of all Legion within Japan has been confirmed.  
Reports arise of the Legion discovered in China.  
The WCS is confirmed to be a global pandemic.  
The survival of Red-Eye is confirmed.  
Through research on the "dragon," the existence of a multidimensional universe is proven. The results from a secret study on the corpse of the "Dragon" suggest the existence of a parallel universe separate from this world. The existence of parallel universes is proven.
As results from further study on the terminal interference from other worlds, particles that could not exist in this world are discovered. This particle turned out to be from the body of the giant that collapsed during the [6.12] event. Hereafter, this particle is called "Maso". Through additional research, it is discovered that the "While Chlorination Syndrome" is caused by "Maso". It is determined that the "White Chlorination Syndrome" caused by "Maso" cannot be eradicated by physical means such as nuclear attacks (In physical terms, the impact of a nuclear attack caused the Maso to diffuse all over the world, thus spreading the "White Chlorination Syndrome" on a global scale). The disease also seems to be spread through bodily fluids and excrement. The source of the infection, "Maso", also seems to be transmitted through coughing and saliva, so the infection is treated as an airborne disease. Since the discovery of "Maso", many breakthroughs in various fields of technology are made. Research on the "multiverse" proceeds, proving the hypothesis that "the energy exists throughout the multiverse".
Outbreak of the "Research Facility Attack" The research facility which had housed the bodily remains of the “dragon” comes under attack. Culprit unknown. The research facility is reduced to rubble.

The remains of the “dragon” disappears with rumors that a religious cult or possibly North America is behind the disappearance (merely a conjecture level).

The case remains unsolved and further information regarding this incident is ultimately dropped.
Start of the "Gestalt Project"

“Project Gestalt” begins in order to prevent the “White Chlorination Syndrome”. Further research on the art of removing a soul from the body continues. The experiment of the Gestalt process on the first human succeeds. Furthermore, returning the soul to its original body also succeeds.

NieR:Automata - Old World Information - Project Gestalt Report 01

The research on "magic" progresses With a basic understanding of “Maso”, the technique to “produce something from nothing” is established by exploiting energy from a multidimensional world. This technique will from this point on be referred to as “magic”. (Simply, from cultivating the living tissue of the “dragon”, only Gestalts are able to use “magic” by transcending the wall between multidimensional worlds.)
"Operation: Destroy the Legion" by "magic" is executed From the ranks of “Gestalts”, training for those with an affinity for magic are given special training and begin experiments that involve direct combat with the Legion. The strategy was to wait for the day in which the Gestalts awaken to their true consciousness; however, this strategy nearly fails. The minds of those who are unable to endure the pangs of pride begins to collapse. (It is thought that since the Legion were once human, the situation appeared as though their souls were tampered with).
  The dissemination of Gestalts fails to catch on The “Gestaltification” process is highly detested by the people and the establishment of the system remains incomplete. However, experiments continue, exploring the situation in which the body of a Gestaltified soul is lost.
The drug "Luciferase" is invented The drug “Luciferase” was completed to delay the progression of the “White Chlorination Syndrome”. Military provision of this drug is planned.
The "Luciferase Army" is established A wide-range of people are selected for “Luciferase” drug testing. A military force of these individuals is completed.

The armed forces carry out a mission against the Legion and are successful. This movement gains momentum across the globe.

The “First Crusade” squadron is dispatched to Brazil in hopes of eradicating the Legion. However, after a fierce battle with the Legion, they are completely decimated.
Organization of the "Hameln Organization" The “Luciferase” appears to be most effective on young people. The drug is given to young adults with higher physical prowess, who are later promoted as civilian employees.

The “Fifth Crusade”, mostly comprised of teens, is organized.

The “Hameln Organization” is established as an international organization to scout for children of high physical ability from across the globe and raise them as battle machines.
  Establishment of the "National Weapons Laboratory" Regarding the international “Hameln Organization”, calls to strengthen military force arise from both inside and outside of the Japanese government.

The “National Weapons Laboratory” performing basic studies on "Maso" is established and experiment with weapon conversion methods (the basic purpose of experimenting on individuals is to create those with superior abilities).

The NWL, however, conducts these experiments in secret under the codename “Purple”.
  Deadlock between the "Legion" and the "Crusade" The conflict between the “Legion” and the "Crusades” comes to a standstill. Neither side seems to gain momentum in the never-ending game of cat-and-mouse (however, in the attempt to eventually break through, additional forces for the "Crusades” are continually dispatched).

The influential voice within the “Hameln Organization”, nearly its own country comprised solely of children, has a tendency to grow.

Japan’s economy is severely hampered, and most people who managed to survive migrate around Kyushu.
    The total human population falls under 830 million.
  World financial crisis expands as economic inequality grows The world falls into a great depression fueled by repeated attacks by the “Legion” and ever-growing economic inequality. Many areas around the world turn into slums.
The process of Replicantification is established. Vessels are prepared for the Gestaltified humans. The Gestalts successfully entered the vessel.

The term “Replicant” was given to these vessels which were created by information extracted from the former bodies of the Gestaltified humans.

This series of plans first began more than 10 years previous and were simply called “Project Gestalt”.
8/23 The "Replicant System" is completed. NieR:Automata - Old World Information - Project Gestalt Report 03
New Experimental Weapon goes berserk at the “National Weapons Laboratory” “Experimental Weapon No.6” made within the “National Weapons Laboratory” goes berserk. “Experimental Weapon No.7” quickly completes an operation to seal it.

The danger of experimenting with “Maso” on human bodies becomes clear and further study is abandoned. The laboratory is also largely reduced in scale.
9/24   NieR:Automata - Old World Information - Project Gestalt Report 04
  [Novella] The Stone Flower  
  The Legion leader “Red-Eye” is destroyed The captain of the “13th Crusade” kills “Red-Eye”, the intelligent leader of the Legions, in Jerusalem.

With the downfall of “Red-Eye”, the remaining Legions’ actions become erratic.

The captain of the "13th Crusade" succumbs to his wounds inflicted in the battle with “Red-Eye”.
  The “WCS” continues to spread The physical threat of the Legion is eliminated with the death of “Red-Eye”. However, the “WCS” continues to spread all over the world.
Replicantification open to the public. The process of Gestaltification and Replicantification is opened to common citizens (some individuals in the upper class have already undergone Gestaltification and are being protected).

Many people willingly come forward to undergo the process.
The “World Purification Organization” is established The goal of the “Replicant System” succeeds in transplanting Replicants into an unconscious state while continuing to subjugate the remaining “Legion”.
    Progress toward the final stage of the “Gestalt Project” The entire human race undergoes Gestaltification and “Replicants” are created. The “Replicant System” is set up to continue this process indefinitely.

The “Gestalt Project” enters the final stage. While the Replicants combat the threat of the Legion, the Gestalts are put to rest until the threat of the Legion and the WCS has passed.

“Androids” stationed in different points around the world oversee the Replicant System’s progress indefinitely.

The androids instruct the Replicants to gather particles of “Maso”, the cause of the WCS. Priests working under the command of the androids perform a ceremony called “The Festival” to release the gathered “Maso” into another world.

Due to the extreme cost of Gestaltification, only the upper class has this option.
5/5 “Project Grimoire Noir” begins

Sealing a Gestalt into a book-like vessel by a special technique from another world is successful. “Grimoire Noir” and “Grimoire Weiss” are the first of 13 “Sealed Books” that are created.

In order to return the Gestalts to their “Replicant” bodies, the planned “Project Grimoire Noir” requires an enormous amount of energy to operate both “Grimoire Noir” and “Grimoire Weiss” at the same time.

Once all instances of the “Legion” and the WCS are destroyed, this system will be used to return the Gestalts to their corresponding Replicants.

The Japanese Government declares “The End of the Legion”.

NieR:Automata - Old World Information - Project Gestalt Report 05

    [Novella] And Then There Were None  
2044 4/1   NieR:Automata - Old World Information - Project Gestalt Report 06
2045 1/3   NieR:Automata - Old World Information - Project Gestalt Report 07
  Nier (Father) and Yonah undergo “Gestaltification” After some time, “Gestaltified” souls have a high tendency to break down (from here on referred to as “Relapse”). It becomes known that if too much time passes in this state, it will result in death.

Further analysis reveals that it is necessary to extract the “Maso” for the Gestalts to stabilize their essence.
9/15 Nier (Brother) and Yonah under go the process of Gestaltification. NieR:Automata - Old World Information - Project Gestalt Report 08
2054 9/27 The Original Gestalt falls under the management of the Hamelin Organization.

Likewise, plans for the relapsed "Yonah" are also transfered to the Hamelin Organization.
NieR:Automata - Old World Information - Project Gestalt Report 09
2058   NieR: Drama CD
Disc 2, Track 1

"The Promise of 1,000 Years"
Yonah falls into a deep sleep state, but is not in any danger of death. As the Original Gestalt, Nier is given the title of "King", and is told that Yonah will awaken in 1,000 years, free from the WCS. He is also told that, as the Original Gestalt, he will have no problem living until then.
4/18 "Replicants" begin to show signs of self-awareness. NieR:Automata - Old World Information - Project Gestalt Report 10
  The "Replicants" develop culture.  
  Red-Eye is revived. The "Replicants" continue to cleanse the world. When the number of the Legion has been reduced drastically, a single "Replicant" stepped upon the forbidden city of Jerusalem.

The young "Replicant's" goal was to "bring back his loved one (also a "Replicant") from the dead".

The revived loved-one, however, shows none of its previous personality, has red eyes, and proceeds to kill the one who revived it on the spot. Then, essentially becoming the new "Red-Eye", it begins to restore the other Legions.
  The "Legion" are destroyed.  
  Gestaltified individuals begin to regain consciousness.  
  The confrontation between Gestalts and Replicants is in full-swing.  
12/31 Replicant Nier (Father) obtains Grimoire Weiss. NieR:Automata - Old World Information - Project Gestalt Report 11
3463   [Novella] The Red and the Black  
    [Novella] A Little Princess  
  Replicant Nier (Brother) obtains Grimoire Weiss.  
    Replicant Nier sets off on his journey with Grimoire Weiss.  
    Replicant Nier and Kaine meet at the Aerie.  
    Replicant Nier and Kaine meet Emil, a boy with the power of petrification with his eyes.  
    Gestalt Nier recovers Replicant Yonah
The entire city falls under attack.
Kaine is turned to stone.
    [Novella] The Magic Mountain  
  Emil and the Experimental Weapon No.6 merge.  
    Kaine is released from petrification.  
    Replicant Nier inevitably turns on the managing twin sisters, Devola and Popola.  
    Replicant Nier defeats Gestalt Nier.
Gestalt Yonah is annihilated.
    [Novella] Around the World in 80 Days  
  Replicant Nier is reconstructed.
[Novella] The Lost World
Kaine fights her way into the depths of the Forest of Myth and discovers a mechanical tower at its center. This is the core computer system that is tasked with "resurrecting" or recreating new Replicant bodies from the initial copy in its data banks.
[Novela: The Lost World] [Lord of Vermilion 3 Ver.3.1: Kaine's card]
3631   The Human Heritage Restoration Management Organization launches. The Human Heritage Restoration Management Organization launches as a portion transfered from the Human Heritage Committee. It was organized to protect, manage, restore, and reproduce the legacy of the old world. After the suspension of Project Gestalt, it serves as the de facto Android central government.
  The last "Gestalt" is destroyed. The last of the human race (Gestalt) is destroyed.
4200~   The production quantity of "Androids" drastically declines. As a number of android manufacturing plants in various locations stop operating one after another, the number of androids gradually declines as well.
4514   "Rebels" emerge from the ranks of "Androids". Those who share no loyalty to the human race, dubbed the "Rebels", appear from within the ranks of "Androids" and become a significant force.
4519   Conflict breaks out between conventional "Androids" and "Rebels". A conflict between conventional Androids and "Rebels" breaks out. This occurrence is later dubbed the "Rebel Conflict". The conflict, however, was settled in two weeks when the Independents migrated to Australia, where the population was small at the time, and declared it an independent state.
7/4 The Space War: Aliens invade. July 4. Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are sighted around the globe. Androids living in various places around the world come under total attack. The onslaught is beyond imagination to which the androids suffer great losses.
5013   The "Army of Humanity" is established, "battle type" androids to increase production. The "Army of Humanity" is established by older androids. At this time, the androids' focus on the Human Heritage Restoration Management Organization in various locations was nothing more than a centralized communication network; however, it grows into a much larger, integrated force over the course of 100 years. Also around this time, demand for battle-ready androids grows, so production facilities are built in various locations.
5024   The "Aliens" begin producing "Bio-machines". "Aliens" completely oppress the areas of North and South America known as the "Kingdom of Night". At the same time, new weapon-grade Bio-machines begin production.
5100~   The "Army of Humanity" begins building a base on the moon. Due to the mass-production of Bio-machines, territory controlled by the androids gradually shrinks. The "Army of Humanity" builds a storage facility on the moon to preserve the old world civilization and data on the human race. Additionally, construction begins on attack-ready satellites in orbit.
5112   Emil creates copies of himself to combat the aliens. Over the course of 100 years, Emil has created a total of 85,943,258 copies of himself.
[Lord of Vermilion 3 Ver.3.1: Emil's card]

Humans on the moon counter attack.

The "Army of Humanity" begins deploying large-scale descent missions.

NieR:Automata - Old World Information
5645   [Novella] The Fire of Prometheus

P33 (Beepy) climbs out of the Junk Heap and discovers a world of pure harmony between robots, aliens, and humans*.

* "Humans" here most logically refers to the androids.

6230   The "Army of Humanity" deploys the new "Dragon" weapons into battle. The production and deployment of new "Dragon" weapons began to support the war effort in the "Kingdom of Night".
7645   An unknown explosion occurs within the Factory Ruins. A sudden explosion occurred within the Factory Ruins (previously known as the "Junk Heap"). A massive structure was shot into space. It is unclear exactly what this structure was. Simply, at the time of its launch, a powerful electromagnetic barrier was detected, afflicting both friend and foe with functional disorder. Because of this, it was unlikely caused by weapons on the alien side.
7645~   Bio-machine invasion endeavors of the Army of Humanity decreases. In the next couple thousand years, invasion efforts by the Bio-machines decline. The areas that are under Bio-machine hold at 80% of the planet. The Army of Humanity attempts several rescue operations to recover these areas, but many end in failure. The numbers of Bio-machines continues to grow.
11000~   Eyewitness reports of the aliens decline. Alien ships, including eyewitness reports of any aliens at all, decline.
11306   The aliens are exterminated by the Bio-machine invasion. The aliens are exterminated in the Bio-machine invasion.
11502   The sunken city "Atlantis" is discovered. Somewhere in the Pacific Ocean along the former equator, a large sunken city is discovered by the Bio-machines. The Human Forces dubbed this location by the codename "Atlantis", however, two years later in the year 11504, the city is submerged in water and is lost once more.
11627   Ultra Gigantic Bio-machines are confirmed. All of a sudden in the East Asian seas, an Ultra Gigantic Bio-machine appeared. With a height of over 2km (it's ability to continually transform make it impossible to determine precisely), upon landing on solid ground, it causes an electromagnetic shockwave attack. A nearby Resistance Camp within 10km as well as the F3 guard squadron were annihilated. Likewise, various types of machine lifeforms as well as androids within a radius of 100km were also affected.
In a state of emergency, nuclear weapons were used but appeared to have no effect. The Ultra Gigantic Bio-machine showed no discrimination in who it attacked, as it was also seen attacking its own Bio-machine brethren. At the conclusion of the battle a month later, it submerged deep into a trench between the Izu and Odawara areas.
11689   A Goliath class Bio-machine declares the independence of the Forest Kingdom. Within the forest region, a Goliath class Bio-machine declares the area an independent state, calling it the Forest Kingdom.
11732   8th Descent Mission
(YoRHa Ver.1.1 Pamphlet)
Another name for the 8th Machine War. A large-scale resistance with androids begins. The wars leading up to the 10th Machine involved large squadrons that were dropped all at once to engage in a brief decisive battle. The name of the Descent Mission is synonymous with the name of the war. From the 11th Machine War onward, multiple Descent Missions were involved over a longer period of time, so each mission is given its own specific name.
11810   The orbital satellite “Kaguya” falls out of orbit During the an experimental Bio-machine core extraction, a large explosion erupts on the sixth orbital satellite “Kaguya”. All operations cease on the satellite and it falls from orbit.
11815   The research facility is transferred from “Kaguya” to the new facility on “Lab” Research on developing a new weapon to combat the Bio-machines gets underway.
11817   The first ruling king of the Forest Kingdom falls The ruling king of the Forest Kingdom falls. The second king is appointed.
11928   The “Black Box” system is developed The new “Black Box” system is developed on “Lab”.
11932 4 The development of “YoRHa” is approved The development of the anti-Bio-machine weapons “YoRHa” is approved.
11934 2/14 Engels is manufactured. NieR:Automata - Intel Archives: Engels 110-B Record 0010
8/3 Engels is first deployed. NieR:Automata - Intel Archives: Engels 110-B Record 0010
11937   The second King of the "Forest Kingdom" speaks words. The second King of the "Forest Kingdom" begins to speak words.
7/7 A large fire breaks out on "Labo". A large fire breaks out on the Orbital Satellite "Labo". Many experimental YoRHa prototypes perish in the fire.

Since the dataset of the YoRHa androids was backed up on the Human server on the Moon, the data could be reinstalled in new android bodies. (In order to protect the secret of their production, YoRHa androids were constructed in an unmanned facility.)
8/2 "YoRHa androids" are completed. The first YoRHa androids are constructed and sent to the surface of the planet.



  14th Machine War breaks out.
(YoRHa CD Booklet / YoRHa Ver1.1 Pamphlet)
As humans fled from the surface of the planet to the Moon, they developed new battle androids to combat the Living Machines who have taken over the planet. These are the YoRHa androids.

This was a large-scale war that involved the “Living Machines” under the control of the aliens and the “Android” counter battalion on the human side. The war lasted six years from 11939 to 11945, both sides suffering the largest losses ever recorded. This was the first war the Experimental Weapons YoRHa were deployed.
11940 11 The orbital base "Bunker" is completed.  
12 The "Bunker" begins operation. Commander White is made the Commander of the Bunker and the YoRHa Squadron.  
11941 12/8 [Stage Play] YoRHa
126th Descent Mission
Pearl Harbor Descent Mission
(YoRHa Ver1.1 Pamphlet)
A squadron of 12 YoRHa androids are dispatched on a top secret mission from "Station 4" in orbit. The mission is successful; however, none of the androids were expected to survive. Only YoRHa No2 survives.

This was the first mission involving the new, experimental model YoRHa squadron. The squadron consisted of 16 units however only 12 were deployed and tasked with the mission to regain control of the base at Pearl Harbor by destroying the enemy server on Mount Kaʻala. However, during the descent from orbit, they fell under attack, losing 8 units. The remaining 4 units were forced to continue on with the mission. [Read More]
11942 1/7 2B awakens for the first time at 5:13am (Bunker Time) NieR:Orchestra Concert 12018 
1/30 9S awakens for the first time at 4:25am (Bunker Time). NieR:Automata - Novel
3/1 [Stage Play] YoRHa Boys
Experimental YoRHa Squad "M002" established.
March 1st. The all-male model YoRHa experimental squad "M002" is established.
5/5 A coup d'etat breaks out within the "M002" Squad. May 5th. Two days later, the coup gains control.
6/5 "Atlantis" rises from the sea. June 5th. An escaped YoRHa unit from the M002 partially fuses with a machine and goes berserk. There is continued growth in the western Pacific. Additionally, the machine city of Atlantis that had been submerged for 400 years suddenly rises out of the sea. Tens of thousands of networked machines begin attacking, causing massive damage in the Pacific region. To cope with this, an emergency headquarters is established on the Bunker; its primary mission to gain control over fusion.
8/7 The Battle of Guadalcanal
YoRHa song "Guadalcanal"
4:00am - The Marines - 1st Marine Division
A mechanized squadron of 10,900 machine units landed near the east banks of the Tenaru River. After neutralizing the small base stationed there, they quickly took control of the surrounding eastern Solomon sea. Objective: Destroy the three YoRHa units. [Read More]
The mission to destroy the berserked unit is successful. With the YoRHa Squad Type E units at the forefront, the android 1st Marine Division attacked 10,900 fused machines that had gone berserk. After several days of battle, the destruction of the berserked units was confirmed.
11943 2    
11944 6/6 Normandy Descent Mission
(YoRHa CD Booklet)
The Human side initiated a blitzkrieg that was dispatched from the orbital outpost and touched down on what was once known as the Cotentin Peninsula, Normandy, France.

The operation consisted of 4,500 units. The potential number of units lost in the mission was estimated at 85%. The preliminary bomb squad was completely wiped out during the descent. The 6th British Airborne Division, the 82nd American Airborne Division, and the 101st American Airborne Division were successful in infiltrating enemy territory; however, due to the annihilation of the supporting battalion, the mission ended in failure. The YoRHa units touched down at Omaha Beach. With the chain of command disrupted in 10 minutes after engaging the enemy, all communication with the units was lost.
8/20 Date listed in the amazarashi video Watch the official music video here. amazarashi - 命にふさわしい
11945 2/10 Traces of suspicious access into the internal network on the Bunker. There are traces of suspicious activity breaking into the internal network on the Bunker, but all records of this are deleted.
3/10 4:02pm. The 243rd Descent Mission begins. (NieR:Automata) The 243rd Descent Mission. In order to destroy a Goliath scale Machine Lifeform, a squadron of 6 YoRHa androids, starting with 2B, are deployed in flight units to attack. Upon descent, 4 units are destroyed while another goes missing; however, the mission continues. The mission ends in success.
  4:35pm. 2B and 9S rendezvous for the 48th time.  
4/7 A signal from the "Aliens" is received.  
5/2 The aircraft carrier "Blue Ridge II" is sunk.  
6/26 The "Bunker" falls.  
The "Tower" rises from underground.  
5:46am. Signal lost for YoRHa unit 2B.
8/6 The "Tower" structure rises out toward space.  
8:15am. Collapse confirmed for the Tower and machine lifeform network.
At that moment, signal lost for YoRHa unit 9S.
9/2 End of the 14th Machine War The Army of Humanity declair the end of the 14th Machine War.
9/5 NieR:Automata Memory of Dolls Concert, Recitation Drama "Farewell" Pod042 reactivates 2B since the distruction of the Tower also eliminated the Logic Virus.
9/19 9S is reactivated.
11946     NieR:Automata World Guide - Humanity's decisive weapon, the "YoRHa Squadron," detect the signal from a Goliath machine lifeform from the factory ruins. In order to destroy it, the battlion and a the YoRHa Scanner model 9S are discovered.
1 Pascal signs a peace treaty with the "Peaceful Machines" With Pascal at the forefront of the "Peaceful Machines", the Army of Humanity sign a formal peace treaty between the to factions.
12422 9/2 An "android" in black clothes is spotted. An android wearing black clothes is spotted.
Weapon Story: Emil Heads
Level 1
I confirmed that the machine lifeforms released by the aliens have reconstructed their network. I’ve started to see units with gravity-controlling capabilities again as well.
10/15 Weapon Story: Emil Heads
Level 2
I was spawned about a week ago, so I don’t have clear recollections of anything before that. Say, I wonder where the Original disappeared to all those millennia ago…
12/14 Weapon Story: Emil Heads
Level 3
I confirmed that the 25th one born after me has stopped his biological activity. Although we’re technically immortal–since we can respawn indefinitely and all–we’re still not exempt from death.
12423 1/19 Weapon Story: Emil Heads
Level 4
Our memories are only copies, so they’re pretty vague. That android wearing black… I have the feeling I’ve met her before. She had a complicated look on her face, but I can’t remember anything..
12530   "Nobles" form among the "machines" Groups of "nobles" form within the ranks of machines.
12543   Civil war breaks out among the "machines" Civil war breaks out among the machines. Not including machines that went mad, this marks the first time there has ever been a division among the machines.


Romanization Japanese Notes on Choosing Accurate Spelling and Romanization
Gruen グリュン German meaning "green". It is also a surname with alternate spellings that include: Grün, Grüen, Grun. [1]
Grenat グルナ French for the color "maroon" or the precious stone "garnet", both of which are variations of the color red. [1] [2]
Verde ヴェルデ The word meaning "green" in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Romanian. [1]
Fey フェイ German or Irish name found as both a given name and surname. Other spelling variations include Fay, Faye, and Fahy. [1]
Luis リュイ Spanish or Portuguese form of the Germanic given name Hludowig. [1]