The Yoko Taro FAQ



I have compiled many frequently asked questions from fans to Yoko Taro’s Facebook page with his own answers that go back to 2012. I have edited the questions to fit this format, but his answers remain as they were originally posted, save a few spelling corrections.

New as of July 5th:


About Drakengard 4

Q: Is there a chance for Drakengard 4?
YT: Please ask Square Enix. I can’t decide about that. Sorry.

Q: Drakengard 4 please.
YT: I can’t decide about products.

Q: DOD4 or NieR 2 please.
YT: Drakengard and NIER is not my IP. These titles are Square Enix’s IP. I can’t decide anything about that. Best solution for this problem is you post to Square Enix’s official account.


About NieR Vita / Remastered

Q: If NieR 2 does well, is there a possibility that we can get a remastered version of the previous NieR for Vita or PS4?
YT: I can’t decide about that. That is Square Enix’s business. Sorry. :{

Q: Can you tell us anything about NieR Vita (that was cancelled)?
YT: Those article which is talking about Nier Vita (that was canceled). But, I can’t talk about that. Nier is Square Enix’s IP. Yoko Taro is completely useless guy. Thank you.


About Specific Releases

Q: I just saw the new box art for Automata! It’s gorgeous! Please use it for the US release!!
YT: I can’t decide about english version boxart. Please ask Square Enix if you want. Thank you.

Q: Do I need to play the first NieR in order to understand NieR:Automata?
YT: No.

Q: Will NieR:Automata have an international release?
YT: Square Enix is the one to decide where things will be sold, so I’m sorry, I don’t know if it will be released in your country.

Q: Will NieR be released in my language?
YT: Localization is Square Enix’s business. Please access them. Sorry about this. 😐

Q: Will NieR 2 be released for Xbox One?
YT: I can’t decide platform. That is Square Enix’s business. 😐

Q: Is there a chance NieR Replicant will see a Western release?
YT: That is Square Enix business. Sorry. 🙁

Q: Might we see a compilation release of Drakengard? or a remaster of NieR?
YT: That is Square Enix business. So I don’t have no idea. 😐

Q: Might we see Drakengard 3 on the PS4?
YT: All of products will be decided by publisher. Including Drakengard 3. So, I can’t do anything about this. Sorry.


Additional Information on Released and Up-coming Titles

Q: Are you going to release any new information about your new game?
YT: I can’t talk about that. Sorry. 🙁

Q: It doesn’t seem like NieR New Project will be at TGS. That’s correct?
YT: I can’t talk about projects except official information. Sorry. 🙁

Q: Will Natori Sawako return for NieR 2?
YT: I can’t talk about products. Sorry. 🙁

Q: I’m dying to know what you’re working on!
YT: No comment. Sorry. 😐

Q: Who is this? *shows photo of previously unknown character*
YT: I can’t comment to products. Sorry. 🙁

Q: Can I import my deleted save game into NieR 2?
YT: I can’t talk about any products except official information. Sorry. 🙁

Q: Will we have to collect weapons in NieR:Automata?
YT: I can’t talk about any products except official information. Sorry. 🙁

Q: Is NieR Ending E canon? Might we see a young Nier in Automata?
YT: I can’t talk about any products except official information. Sorry about this. 🙁

Q: Do you think Zero could ever find another dragon?
YT: I don’t know. Because, I didn’t make that [I didn’t write such a thing]. 😐


Unique Questions of Considerable Interest

Q: Are you involved in the combat system?
YT: Platinum games is designing all of sword combat system. This is much better way designed by me. 🙂

Q: Would you allow a HD remake of NieR for PS4?
YT: I want to remake these games (not remaster). But everyone do not hope that. Because I will change everything.

Q: Who is the boy at the end of Zero’s DLC story in Drakengard 3?
YT: That is still secret. I want to talk someday. But I don’t know when I can talk.

Q: Will NieR:Automata also be ported to the PC?
YT: I can’t talk about any products except official information. Sorry.



Q: What is your favorite shoot-em-up?
A: Ikaruga.

Q: Do you ever play your own games or maybe complete them 100%?
A: I generally don’t play my own games because I often spot things that I want to change…but can’t, so it really annoys me.

Q: What game are you playing now?
A: I never finished playing “Life is Strange”, so I’m still working on getting that done.

Q: What’s your favorite lunch snack?
A: Ramen.

Q: If you could be a robot from an anime, what would you be?
A: RX-78GP03S Gundam “Dendrobium Stamen”.

Q: If you could have any super power, what would you choose?
A: To be popular with the ladies.

Q: What’s your favorite anime?
A: Evangelion: 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance

Q: If you could be any tree, what would you be?
A: The tree in the Calico Critters Adventure Tree House playset.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to?
A: The NieR:Automata soundtrack.

Q: What’s your favorite pizza topping?
A: I like them all.

Q: What’s your favorite frog?
A: Kermit The Frog.


  • As you can see from the majority of his answers listed here, Yoko Taro is made to respond with nearly the same answer over and over again. If you have a question regarding an upcoming game, Yoko Taro is *not* the person to ask. Please direct your questions to Square Enix instead. Also, please take a look at his page to see if your question has already been answered.
  • Perhaps it might good to keep in mind that his Facebook and Twitter are his *personal* pages. They are not fansites or other gatherings for fans in general: They are his personal pages, just like yours or mine. If you’d like to discuss things with other fans or ask for general opinions and/or game recommendations, those inquiries would be best served on other gaming sites rather than his personal page.
  • Try to keep the frequency of your messages down to a minimum and post short, concise messages. As fans, it’s obvious that we all feel the same sense of enthusiasm for Yoko Taro and his works, but perhaps it would be best if we still remember that he is an individual person with a very busy work schedule. Posting multiple times in a single day or even week might be viewed as too much.