MANGA: Utahime Five, Chapter 14 (English)


I’ve just finished working on the newest chapter of Utahime Five, Chapter 14. Either click the image above or click here to be redirected to the Image Gallery where you can read it there.

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MANGA: Utahime Five, Chapter 7 (English)


My week off of work is almost up. Just got the weekend left and then it’s back for a couple days of planning for Summer School… followed by 4 days of teaching…and then OFF FOR SUMMER!! YAY!! Hopefully, I will can save more money so I’m not freaking out for a week before the next payday… orz

Anyway, you can click the image above to be taken to the gallery or click here.

MANGA: Utahime Five, Chapter 6 (English)


And I finally got around to working on one of the earlier chapters of Utahime Five, starting with Chapter 6. This is just after One’s battle with the adult Bartas…before he suddenly turned into a child.

Some important parts in here deal with the Mercurius Gate and the introduction to the remaining 3 Lords of the Land, Gray, his 8 year old son Shaxor, and a mysterious woman, Caerula.

Click the image above or here to read the chapter.