NieR:Automata Breaks Into Famitsu’s Top 30!

Today’s new issue of Famitsu magazine shows that NieR:Automata has shot up in the top 30/40 most anticipated games list!

Typically, they only list the top 30 titles, but they also include an additional 10 more just for fun. NieR:Automata has continually shown up there, alternating between 35-39th place.

But today, probably thanks to the recent 12-page, in-depth look at the game two weeks ago, the game has shot up to 24th place!! Congrats!! I hope the game continues this awesome trend!

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NieR, Drakengard, and Automata appear in Famitsu’s 30th Anniversary Issue

Today’s issue of Famitsu magazine is a really awesome one in celebration of it’s 30th Anniversary! Wow! Congrats! They have many pages detailing the history of modern video games, including a timeline chart that shows when each system was released and various rankings chosen by readers. Below are just a few clips of where Yoko Taro’s works were listed.

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