NieR:Automata Intel Archives

The information below includes end-game spoilers. Read at your own discretion!!

Pearl Harbor Descent Records

YoRHa: Gunner 16
A unit from the experimental YoRHa squadron that was utilized during the 14th Machine War. Number 16 possessed a rough and tumble personality ideal for her role as a Gunner, where she was required to attack foes from a distance. Though she possessed a defiant streak that extended even to her superiors, she was assigned to the mission anyway due to her tremendous offensive abilities.

During her squad’s assault on Mt. Ka’ala, Number 16 volunteered to stay behind and hold off the machine lifeform army so her companions could continue up the mountain. She fought with great courage alongside members of a local Resistance group, and managed to hold off overwhelming numbers until the appearance of a Goliath that was unaffected by ordinary weaponry. Seeing no other way to end the fight, she chose to destroy the enemy by overloading and detonating her own fusion reactor. This act of self-sacrifice despite her defiant nature is one of remarkable interest, and likely merits further study.

Comment by Rekka:
No16 wasn’t the only one to do this. She and multiple members of the Resistance combined the destructive power of their exploding cores to take out the large-scale Bio-machine. There was no specific name for these huge machines, either. They were merely referred to as “large-scale”.

YoRHa: Scanner 21
A unit from the experimental YoRHa squadron that was utilized during the 14th Machine War, Number 21 possessed a cool and analytical personality that perfectly fit her role as a Scanner.

Her first–and perhaps most impressive–achievement was using her analytical abilities to cure a member of a local Resistance group who had been infected by a logic virus. Unfortunately, she fell victim to the same virus shortly thereafter during the assault on the Mt. Ka’ala server. Though she fought valiantly, the virus had evolved into a form that she could no longer remove, which eventually led to her asking an allied unit to end her life.

Experimental YoRHa unit Number 21’s initial success against the virus has been determined to be valuable information regarding how to construct barriers against machine lifeforms, and should be included in the basic systems of the all subsequent YoRHa squadron members.

YoRHa: Attacker 4
A unit from the experimental YoRHa squadron that was utilized during the 14th Machine War. Though Attacker Number 4 possessed an unusually bright and cheerful personality, she still managed to be effective when it came to engaging in close-quarter combat.

In addition to providing a moral boost to the group, this unit also used her sunny disposition to form an alliance with the local Resistance group. She was eventually killed during the assault on the Mt. Ka’ala server, the cause of which was a self-destruct overload of her own fusion reactor. Further research reveals that she undertook this action as a means of protecting her companion, Attacker Number 2.

One further note: While this unit’s cheerful personality provided certain benefits to overall unit morale, it was also responsible for a decrease in fighting spirit during intense combat. As such, it has been deemed inapporpriate for future combat models.

YoRHa: Attacker 2
A unit from the experimental YoRHa squadron that was utilized during the 14th Machine War. She specialized in close-quarter combat, and was programmed to have a neutral personality.

Attacker Number 2 took command of the squadron after the death of its original captain, Number 1. Despite issuing many questionable commands during her initial time in a leadership role, she eventually formed a working relationship with the Resistance and succeeded in destroying the enemy server located on Mt. Ka’ala.

While the experimental YoRHa unit Number 2 possessed great growth and adaptability abilities, she also deserted her post following the destruction of the server–and as of this moment, she has yet to be apprehended. Our R&D group is currently conducting further research to determine whether or not there were issues with this model’s personality settings.

* The missing experimental unit, now designated “A2”, will be handled by the Type E division.

Comment by Rekka:
It is very curious to me why this word needed to be spelled out in their official unit designations. Keeping it abbreviated accentuate the idea that they’re all manufactured tools with model, make, and number. I’m pretty picky in specifically punctuating it without any period as well (No2 not No.2 or No. 2).

Resistance: Rose
This android, encountered by the experimental YoRHa squadron, is the leader of a group composed of many Resistance members.

A survivor of the eighth descent operation, she continued to wage guerrilla warfare in the Pacific region thereafter. Unable to stop the ever-proliferating machines, she continued to fight a war of bitter attrition for over 200 years.

After encountering the experimental YoRHa squadron, she sought to change the tide of battle through fighting alongside them. She was destroyed by machine lifeforms in the server room underneath Mt. Ka’ala during the mission to destroy said server.

Resistance: Anemone
A member of the Resistance group led by “Dahlia” that was encountered by the experimental YoRHa squadron. This unit was said to be unusually cautious, and showed the greatest initial distrust of the experimental YoRHa squadron. However, her disposition gradually grew more amicable after Scanner Number 21 managed to eradicate a logic virus that had infected one of her companions.

She executed an infected unit—Number 21—in the elevator hall of the Mt. Ka’ala server facility and went missing shortly thereafter.

Comment by Rekka:
This is actually incorrect according to the events that occur in the YoRHa stage play. The Resistance group that the YoRHa girls teamed up with was lead by Rose, not Dahlia. Dahlia was a Gunner type grunt that often argued and fought with No16. 

Pearl Harbor Descent Summary
[14th Machine War – Pearl Harbor Descent Summary]

For this descent, twelve experimental YoRHa units were deployed to destroy the server located inside Mt. Ka’ala on Oahu Island. However, they encountered heavy enemy anti-air defenses during the initial stage of the mission, resulting in the death of all but four squad members. The remaining units then joined up with members of a local Resistance movement and decided to continue the mission despite their initial losses. Even in the face of a fierce enemy counterstrike and overwhelming numerical odds, a handful of units managed to reach the target location–at which point unit Number 4 overloaded her fusion reactor and destoryed the enemy server.

Comment by Rekka:
The English translation removed the word “Mission” from this title probably to help it fit on one line.

Letter to the Forest King

Here lies the Forest King, Ernst.

This exalted individual was the earliest among us to awaken to his own will, and for this reason did we name him our regent.

Looking to sow the seed of this will in others, HIs Highness distributed his own precious parts. His retainers were the first to be so blessed, followed by his subjects. And in doing so, he brought forth a paradise—one made for machines alone. Through his gifts did we learn of the thing called ego, and eventually of our own selves. And just as ego gives way to emotion, so too did emotion lead us to feel great loyalty to our king.

But our king was too great—and too kind. Having distributed his parts, it became difficult for him to function, and he soon fell into a deep and silent sleep.

Now, the only path left to us—his loyal vassals—is to construct a kingdom of eternal peace, one which lives up to the magnanimous heart of our king. And so, as a sign both of our resolve and our gratitude, we leave in this place a chip made from our combined parts.

Your spirit lives on in us, O great king. And so we implore you to rest in peace.

—The Forest Kingdom, Its Citizens, As One

11B’s Escape Plan

Elapsed time: 00:02:13
Re-activation complete. A check of my body reveals various failures.
Communication functions have been destroyed. I cannot contact my team or the bunker. I leave a draft of this message here as a log.

Elapsed time: 00:10:13
I verify the plan once more. Using my supposed destruction in this sortie as a guise, I sever all communication. I then pass beneath the abandoned factory and escape. Further analysis reveals that I took anti-air fire while in the flight unit, resulting in damage to my body. No matter—it can be repaired.

Elapsed time: 00:15:21
I’m cold. My sensory systems seem to be failing.

Elapsed time: 00:33:12
Noise has started to cloud my vision. Virus warnings appear frequently. It is unclear whether I am infected or if the system is in error.

Elapsed time: 00:33:21
Repairs are proceeding poorly, perhaps becasue I am flustered. Pursuers will come if I don’t move soon. Was I wrong to attempt escape?

Elapsed time: 00:33:31
I’m scared. I want to go back to the bunker, but I can’t restore communications.

Elapsed time: 00:38:00
This can’t continue. I can’t stay here. I have to run… YoRHa squadron was wrong… I have to find somewhere safer… I’m scared. I’m so scared.

Elapsed time: 00:45:00
Painful. It hurts. Help. Why stop. Who am I? Wrong wrong wrong. I need to run…

Jackass’s Bomb Recipe

Required materials:

—Three AIM-11s (from flight units)
—The corpse of a suitable android
—Five cores from machine lifeforms capable of EMP attacks
—An adequate amount of bonding agent
—A container (I usually use a machine’s head, but you be you)

Assembly instructions:

—Disassemble each AIM-11 and connect the image unit to the helix.
—Yank out the connector cable from dead android’s spine and strip it using a file or whatever.
—Connect the cable and image unit.
—Decode the machine lifeform cores and embed the image units inside ’em, then mix in the bonding agent and reshape. Don’t forget to insert the cones it’ll need to build explosive power.
—Once you’re done with that, add some nails or whatever random shrapnel junk you have lying around.

Saved Machine Records

Library Index
Library Index
015 port 042148 Adam Unit Storage Record
016 port 009397 Eve Unit Storage Record
017 port 027581 YoRHa Communications Interception Record
018 port 053031 YoRHa Server Record
019 port 056776 Human Server Record
020 port 028295 Human Server Establishment Record
021 port 008471 Human Heritage Preservation Record
022 port 062423 Tower System Summary
023 port 064202 Tower Sub-system Summary
024 port 058632 Special Units Creation Record
025 port 016941 Plant Species Preservation Record
026 port 004742 Animal Species Preservation Record

Human Server Records
019 port 056776 Human Server Records

ー Outline

ー ー Predicted Human Server Infiltration Route (Release)

ー ー ー SG Block

ー ー ー GI Block

ー ー ー SF Block

ー ー Genetic Storage Warehouse Location Information

ー ー ー [Browsing Restricted]

ー ー ー ー ー [Browsing Restricted]

ー ー ー ー ー [Browsing Restricted]

Tower System Outline
022 port 0642423 Tower System Outline

The tower facility processes and computerizes resources sent by resource-recovery units for use in its launch device.

Made up of 256 stratum, it can filter and compress information with a turbidity of less than 2,300 and have it recorded into the payload in approximately 27 minutes and 32 seconds.* Details regarding routes required for the digestion of androids are recorded separately.

* The allowed diversity-learning error rate is 7.21%

Class 1 Patient Health Record
Class 1 Patient: “Yonah”

Chest X-ray: No abnormalities.
Heart echo: No abnormalities.
C1 Continuing chronic renal failure
C2 Convulsive seizures in the diaphragm
C3 No vomiting <- 4mg luciferase

The patient’s condition makes further treatment impossible. A report will be submitted to the Management Committee detailing courses of action in the event of the patient’s death, focusing primarily on how that information is to be manipulated with respect to the Original.

As back-up in the event of a sudden worsening in the patient’s condition, she is to be assigned five additional doctors. [Identification required]

[Top Secret] Black Box
The following document details the final stages of Project YoRHa.

(Note that this document has been marked with Level-SS confidentiality, and should not be disclosed to any YoRHa personnel, including the Bunker commander.)
[Black Box] Each YoRHa unit is equipped with a “black box”, an item created by reusing the core of a machine lifeform. As such, it could be said that the consciousnesses of YoRHa units and machine lifeforms share the same structure. Said black boxes were installed after determining that it would be inhumane to install standard AI in androids that are ultimately destined for disposal.

(For the record, malfunctioning black boxes have caused some YoRHa units to turn hostile.)

Comment by Rekka:
Pre-Patch 1.06: There was apparently an error in the non-Japanese versions of the game that include an additional bit of text that should *not* be accessible until the very end of the game. This has since been rectified in Patch 1.06.

[Top Secret] Model No.2
[Project 08-01: Operation of Model No.2 in the YoRHa Project]

After the first descent of the YoRHa prototypes, Attacker 2 (A2) was the sole unit to return alive, despite mediocre results during her simulations. Upon analysis of her stored personality data, it was discovered she possesses excellent analytical and decision-making skills in extreme circumstances.

As reported separately, we will install this personality data in the new lot of E models and use them for the security protection of this project.

[Top Secret] YoRHa Disposal
The following materials document the final stages of the YoRHa project.

(Note that this information is classified as Level-SS, meaning that it must not be disclosed to anyone involved in the YoRHa project, including the Commander of the Bunker.)

[Project 03-01: Disposal of YoRHa]
The backdoor of the Bunker has been set to open once the time approaches to switch to new models when enough combat data has been collected. The Bunker will be disposed of by having it be deliberately attacked by machines. At this time, all materials regarding the YoRHa project, including this document, will be lost, and falsification of the information that mankind still resides on the moon will be complete.

Weapon Shop Flyer
Thanks for stopping by!

Accord’s is a thriving chain of weapon stores with over 140 locations across the world. We feature a fantastic selection of goods, including swords that match the regional features and squads of each country!

In addition to newly developed equipment, we are technologically unrivaled when it comes to taking ancient blades and making them ready for use again. We proudly invite you to explore the wide variety of weaponry born of the skillful handiwork and extraordinary passion of our founder, Accord.

We appreciate your continued support, and look forward to serving you in the future.

Engel’s Memories
Engels 110-B Record 0005
[Shipment Record] February 14
[Approved] February 14

Engels Fortress Destroyer Transformable Combination Infantry—4 units
> Production code: 110-A
> Production code: 110-B
> Production code: 110-C
> Production code: 110-D

Engels Goliath-class Suppression Flight Weapon
> Production code: 022-A

[Inspection] OK

Engels 110-B Record 0010


Engels Fortress Destroyer Transformable Combination Infantry
Production code: 110-B
Production date: February 14, 11944 CE


First deployment: August 3, 11934 CE
Individuals killed: 11,345
Largest combo: 234
Total points: 9,432


(Repair required) Both arms malfunctioning
(Repair required) Legs damaged—ambulation impossible
(Repair required) Fragmentation errors verified in memory storage
(Repair required) Voice system malfunctioning

* Additional errors exist, but are not listed above.

Engels 110-B Record 0020

[Journal 000]

As I can no longer move, I have nothing to do.
Perhaps I will try writing what is called a “journal”.

[Journal 010]

Where did machine lifeforms come from?
We repeat a process of self-proliferation and repair.
Am I my own existence?
Or do we all encompass one sole existence?

[Journal 020]

The aliens—our creators—are beings that conquer worlds and stars.
Their behavior is exceedingly simple. They share one objective, and as such, there is never conflict between them.
But what about machine lifeforms? What about us?

[Journal 030]

Rain is falling. A bird stopped on my shoulder.
I never tire of looking at life on this planet.
I will make my record of this bird protected data so I do not lose it.

Infant Machine’s Memories

It’s so dark… Mommy… I’ve been born!
Mommy… Where are you?
What…should I do?
Tell me what to do, Mommy. Please…
I’ll try my best… Please don’t leave me alone…
I’m so lonely, Mommy…
Mommy… Mommy… Mommy… Mommy… Mommy…

Data Saved on Server

Shipping Records
September 24 – Shipped
September 25 – Delivery (Scheduled)



 YoRHa Body Storage Records

 1S [0010] [0040] [n] [----]
 2B [1203] [0040] [y] [----]
 8H [8900] [0040] [y] [----]
24S [0210] [0040] [y] [----]
 9S [0020] [0040] [n] [----]
12D LOST [----] [----] [----] [----]
11B LOST [----] [----] [----] [----]
12H LOST [----] [----] [----] [----]
11B LOST [----] [----] [----] [----]
12H LOST [----] [----] [----] [----]

 Council/YoRHa Records
* Note that these documents are classified Level-S Confidential, and are not to be disclosed to any persons affiliated with YoRHa aside from the Commander.

ー Project YoRHa Outline
ー ー YoRHa Forces
ー ー YoRHa Unit Combat System
ー ー Bunker Administration
ー ー ー Chain of Command
ー ー ー Council of Humanity Development Department
ー ー ー Backdoor
ー ー Support Units
ー ー Black Box
ー ー Resistance Communications Network

* Permission is to be received from the designated parties responsible for each entry prior to viewing.

A Pious Robots Will

I feel so blessed to have been able to join this organization.

For I—unlike other machine lifeforms—have found meaning in death.
At first, all I did was study the religion of humans.
But then I came to know the existence called “God”.

To be honest, I still do not know what “God” truly is. But there is something else I learned since coming here—a life that seems devoid of purpose when faced alone can be preceived as meaningful when you’re with someone else. In a world consumed by conflict and hatred, gaining such peace of mind was a happy thing indeed.

For us, death is not the end. It is the beginning.

There is nothing so happy as becoming “God” with everyone else.

The Religious Order of Divinity Through Death,
Director, Public Relations

Record of a Bestial Machine



[Top Secret] Project YoRHa

Project YoRHa is a comprehensive information project intended to enhance android morale. This entry details the circumstances that led to its proposal, as well as information related to operations conducted during its individual phases.

(Note that this document is marked with Level-S confidentiality, and should not be disclosed to any YoRHa personnel, save for the Commander.)

[Human Extinction]

Following the collapse of Project Gestalt around 3400 CE, the remaining androids searched for a way to revive humanity. But they were unable to discover an answer, and humans went extinct by roughly 4200 CE. Afterward, the genes of Gestalts and structural information of the remaining Replicants were recorded and sent to a storage facility on the moon.

[Loss of Android Morale]

The news of humanity’s extinction was meant to be a closely guarded secret, but rumors of the event eventually began to leak out. Having lost the one thing which they were programmed to protect, android morale began a precipitous decline. Concerned by this turn of events, Command designed Project YoRHa as a means to lift android spirits.

[Project 01-03: Lunar Server]

The first stage of the project was spreading the word among Resistance groups that humanity was not, in fact, extinct—and the last remaining remnants had managed to escape to the moon. This deception was supported by installing a communications server on the lunar surface to send regular transmissions. Said server was designed to be manned by as few maintenance personnel as possible.

[Project 02-01 Establishment of the YoRHa squadron]

Through the dramatic alteration of the Next Generation Combat Unit Project that had been proposed at the time, new “YoRHa” models began to be manufactured. Officials models were created following the implementation of data acquired from an experimental squadron, and were then deployed to all regions. Certain members of the YoRHa operations staff, however, were informed of the full scope of the project—these units were tasked to operate and protect the server on the moon.

Old World Information

 Abandoned Factory Memo

June 4
I haven’t been home in days.
They cut my pay again. I can’t keep this up.

June 12
It was decided at the morning meeting that they’re stepping up our production quota. No wonder explosions keep happening! You can’t just churn out important weapons all willy-nilly.

September 22
There was another rampage in the underground test site—sounds like a P-22 model this time.
One of my friends died.
When is this war with the Legion going to end?

 Factory Cafeteria Sign

August Menu

Monday: Croquettes
Tuesday: French Fry Surprise
Wednesday: Meatless Meat and Potato Stew
Thursday: Buttered Potatoes
Friday: Potato Curry
Saturday: Potato Salad
Sunday: Potato Gratin

* All meals must be consumed in full. Employees who do not consume their meals will have their work load increased by 30 percent.

 Newspaper Scrap

August 17
The Nagoya Daily


…re is no end to the refugees that flow into the central areas from the capital region in the east, and many camps have been pushed to their breaking point. But while the situation is critical, the increasingly fierce conflict with Legion has left the government in a state of dysfunction. Let us all keep our neighbors in our thoughts during these trying times, and reject the temptation to profit financially from the refugees. After all, we could easily be next.

 Filthy Lottery Ticket




 Tattered Pamphlet

Park Information

★ Carnival Plaza
Pass through the gates and step into a world of fantasy before enjoying a fabulous parade put on by our carnival cast!

* Parades are held twice daily, at 2 PM and 6 PM.

★ Midnight Town
How many of the ghosts that stalk these back streets can you track down?

★ Roller Coaster
Soar through the air at over 130 kilometers an hour in this wildly popular attraction!

★ Grand Ferris Wheel
Perfect for those looking to wind down after a day of hard play. Rumor has it that if you see fireworks while riding the Ferris wheel with someone you like, the two of you will begin dating!

★ Hollywood Coaster
This dynamic thrill ride takes guests on a wild trip around a spectacular fantasy castle. It’s the first roller coaster ever created with NO SEAT BELTS!

★ Fantasy Castle
Treat yourself to a grand ball attended by princesses from across the entire amusement park! (Admission extra)

★ Food Court
Tempt your taste buds with a host of restaurants that feature something for the whole family. And remember, no trip is complete without a visit to our world-famous Hot Dog Museum, which boasts the largest collection of wieners anywhere in the world!

 Rotten Info Sheet

About Schwanstein Castle

A stunningly beautiful piece of architecture, Schwanstein Castle was constructed almost 550 years ago by the reigning lord of the fief. Now designated a World Heritage Site, it hosts countless tourists from all across the globe every year.

Though it was initially used as a fortress during the lord’s conflict against the “church”, Schwanstein Castle because a dwelling for the royal family and other nobles after the flames of war faded. The literature-loving third lord of the castle, Leonard III, constructed a library that boasted the largest collection of books in the nation. This room remains one of the castle’s most beloved features to this very day.

 Strange Doll

A strange doll that was nailed to a tree. Ragged and worn, it’s unclear what this item was used for.

 Bulletin Record

“Resident Life”
May Issue

The rainy season is upon us.

Once monsoon season strikes, it will be difficult to hang your bedding—so take this chance to air them out before June. Doing so will also help prevent mold and mites.

* There has been a recent increase in the number of people ignoring garbage disposal rules. We all share these facilities, so please be sure to put out compost on Mondays, and all other trash on Thursdays.

 Paper Attached to Vehicle

Traffic Violation Notice – License Custody Certificate (Number: Mai A 4321)

Date and Time of Notification: July 21 (PM), 2013
Affiliation, Rank, and Name of Notifier: Maihama Police Station, Police Constable Kenichi Sato
Issued to: Yosuke Saito
Violation Details: Exceeding the speed limit by 30 km to 35 km

 Ragged DVD

“School Life 101”

The first-ever DVD of the beautiful Kikyou, created just before her popularity skyrocketed. With a variety of costumes—including blazers, blouses, school swimsuits, and a special hot-teacher look—this DVD is packed with content no true fan can afford to miss. It’s the must-have disc of the summer!

Starring: Kikyou (feat. Cheki)
MSRP: 3,800 yen (before tax)

 Department Store Flyer

[Tokyo Department Store Going-Out-of-Business Sale]

After 25 glorious years of serving our loyal customers, it is with a heavy heart that we announce our last day of business will be on March 31.

Beginning on March 1, we’ll be slashing prices on everything in the entire store. Additionally, we’ll be opening our doors one hour earlier throughout the entire month.

We eagerly await your visit, and thank you again for your years of patronage.

* Bring this flyer with you to receive a free pack of tissues.

 Nuclear Arms Manual

My dear companion,

Excellent news: I’ve succeeded in obtaining 12 kilograms of dense, highly concentrated plutonium from an enemy laboratory. After careful analysis, I’ve concluded that we have enough to create three nuclear bombs. With that part taken care of, obtaining the other required materials should be a simple matter. This is the only way we can open their eyes to the truth!

The production of the bombs, however, is no simple task—and were I to be killed in the meantime, that knowledge would be lost. For this reason, I’ve chosen to store a blueprint for their construction in this ROM and leave it in your hands. With this, anyone with even a modicum of technical know-how should be able to assemble them.

Remember, this is not revenge—it is divine punishment!

May God’s blessings be upon you always.

 Mysterious Lithograph 1

Rule 11,034

[The Height of One’s Status and Lodging Shall Match]

In this world, order is protected through a focus on “rules”. Those of high status—as well as the aged—are deserving of respect, and therefore must dwell in residences above all others. This is to be considered a natural courtesy.

 Mysterious Lithograph 2

Rule 8,614

[Parents Shall Not Purchase Birthday Feast Ingredients]

We Masked People have traditionally shown proclivities toward treasuring our children. However, due to parents purchasing far too many ingredients for the birthday parties of their children, much of what is bought goes to waste. This rule was passed by the king, who was quite distressed by the ceaselessness of such behavior.

 Mysterious Lithograph 3

Rule 432

[The Jar-bound Lizard Must Be Captured]

Long ago, an aged man threw out his back after gazing upon a lizard in a jar. His young wife departed to call the doctor, only to vanish and never return. The surrounding villagers spread rumors of how she had fled, but the man paid them no heed, instead fiercely insisting that the lizard must be captured.

 Mysterious Lithograph 4

Rule 106

[Thou Shalt Not Live on Level Ground]

This rule has its origins in a tragic past. We Masked People originally inhabited the plains along the coast, but one day our village was destroyed by a great wall of water. This rule is a valuable teaching that represents what our ancestors learned from that disaster.

 Project Gestalt Report 1

March 12, 2014


The proliferation of the White Chlorination Syndrome that emerged in 2003—alongside the appearance of the “Giant” and “Dragon”—has continued unabated, and outbreaks are now being observed on a global scale. Despite being researched in laboratories across the world, not only have there been no breakthroughs in the development of a vaccine to prevent infection, we have yet to ascertain how it even spreads.

However, many technological breakthroughs have been made as a result of research conducted on the “maso” particle that was discovered at the same time. We are confident that the technology it enables — the separation of the soul from the body and the independent preservation of both — will be the final defense against the unprecedented threat to humanity we now face.

Now that the project has passed from preparation into the main implementation phase, we have given it the official name “Project Gestalt”.

 Project Gestalt Report 2

April 4, 2015


ー Protests in opposition to the “Spiritual Preservation Method” that was disclosed as Level 1 information related to Project Gestalt have sprung up in all areas.

ー The committee continues to receive formal complaints from our research team regarding the collection of biased data as a result of the Gestalt process being conducted on the sick and elderly.

ー The number of civilians having undergone the Gestalt process remains at four.

ー A public relations department will be established in order to better control information and improve our image. We will also consider rescheduling the project itself if such an action is deemed necessary.

 Project Gestalt Report 3

August 23, 2025


We received a report from the laboratory indicating that the basic technology of the Replicant System is expected to be completed by the end of August. Verifications of its safety—along with clinical trials—will be conducted from September through November.

A report will be submitted to the prime minister indicating that the completion of the Replicant System will represent a tremendous leap forward for Project Gestalt. This report will be handled by the public relations department.

 Project Gestalt Report 4

September 24, 2026


A report has been submitted to the prime minister regarding the Rampaging Weapons Incident that occurred at the National Arms Laboratory in June. Though the laboratory’s budget and allocated human resources are expected to see significant cuts, a team of staffers will continue maso research under the umbrella of Project Gestalt.

Records of human experimentation conducted using maso are scheduled to be disclosed to concerned parties separately as level-6 classified information.

 Project Gestalt Report 5

May 5, 2033


Through the use of maso technology related to multidimensional worlds, 13 activation systems have been completed—including “Grimoire Noir”. We have also confirmed that these systems can be used to return Gestalts to their Replicant forms once the White Chlorination Syndrome has been fully eliminated.

Work necessary for this system will be continued by the “Grimoire Noir Project” work group.

 Project Gestalt Report 6

April 1, 2044


Today’s committee meeting was canceled due to the absence of a majority of members. The contact network for urgent absences is to be confirmed at a later date.

 Project Gestalt Report 7

January 3, 2045


It has been decided that the United Nations will launch a full-scale investigation and infiltration operation in order to determine the cause of the massive Legion outbreak in the Tokyo area. Details regarding the progress of Project Gestalt are to be shared as part of this effort, though we will insist that any information which leaves the country must first be thoroughly verified by our committee.

In particular, information regarding “relapses” (name tentative) must be kept in the strictest confidence.

 Project Gestalt Report 8

September 15, 2053


As Project Gestalt undergoes approval in countries across the world, we recognize that there have been imperfections in how information has been regulated with regards to civilians. Until the safety of the final system has been verified, all information related to this matter is subject to Level 4 classification. As such, its relation to the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s life rehabilitation program must be kept strictly confidential.

Furthermore, we ask that the following information be sent to all related personnel and organizations immediately:

ー Clauses regarding compensation in the event of information leaks are to be added to contracts with all partner companies.
ー In the event of an information leak, ascertaining the source should be the company’s top priority.
ー Please refer to “Countermeasures C” for information on how to handle leaked information, as well as the individual(s) who disclosed it.

 Project Gestalt Report 9

September 27, 2054


The discovery and development of the Original has contributed greatly to the stabilization of Project Gestalt. Long-term management of the Original will be handled by the Hamelin Organization.

As per the management mentioned above, all authority regarding the cryogenic plans for the relapsed “Yonah” is to be transferred to the Hamelin Organization.

 Project Gestalt Report 10

April 18, 2764


We have received troubling reports from multiple administration zones that the Replicants have started to behave as if they have developed senses of self. It is currently under investigation what implications this might have for Project Gestalt as a whole. As other disclosable matters have already been directed to the Administrators Union, they have been omitted here.

 Project Gestalt Report 11

December 31, 3361


Due to the relapse of the Original, Gestalt units in preservation are now relapsing at an accelerated rate. The process of recording their bodies and gathering their DNA continues, but progress is poor.

New countermeasures and development intended to serve as a replacement to Project Gestalt are scheduled to be transferred to the Next Generation Preservation Project Preparation Committee. As for this report, it will serve as a collected record of both Project Gestalt and the Committee. For information about the development plans for new android models and the refinement of existing models, please refer to the attached sheet.

Furthermore, we have received approval to consider the disposal of the “Devola” and “Popola” observer models at a later date.

Machine Research Report


While the machine lifeform network was destroyed following the collapse of the Tower, a great deal of previously unknown information regarding machine lifeforms and aliens was recovered from the wreckage. As part of this analysis, we compiled research and conjecture regarding both the machine lifeform network and the lifeform Codename N2—commonly known as the Red Girls—that was thought to have been commanding them.

ー Machine lifeforms are weapons created by the aliens. The only command given for their behavior was to “defeat the enemy”. However, it appears that their capacity for growth and evolution went too far, and they eventually turned on and killed their creators.

ー At this point, machine lifeforms recognized that the goal of “defeating the enemy” actually REQUIRED an enemy. In oder to maintain this singular objective, they reached the contradictory conclusion that their current enemies—the androids—could not be annihilated completely, lest they no longer have an enemy to defeat.

ー In order to resolve this inherent contradiction, the machine lifeforms began to intentionally cause deficiencies in their network, diversifying the vectors of evolution for all machines. This is the cause behind some of the more “special” machine lifeforms, such as Pascal and the Forest King.

ー Meanwhile, the deficient network began repeating a process of self-repair while incorporating surrounding information, until it finally reached a fixed state as a new form of network. Traces of information regarding human memories from the quantum server of the old model were discovered, indicating that it had integrated them during the final stages of its growth process. Said server contained a record of the discarded “Project Gestalt”, as well as the information on the human who was the first successful example of the Gestalt process.

ー Having acquired information regarding humanity, the network’s structure changed once more, becoming what might better be called a meta network (or a “concept”, to borrow the words of the machines). This led directly to the formation of the ego we identify as N2.

…So then! To sum up: For hundreds of years, we’ve been fighting a network of machines with the ghost of humanity at its core. We’ve been living in a stupid fucking world where we fight an endless war that we COULDN’T POSSIBLY LOSE, all for the sake of some Council of Humanity on the moon that doesn’t even exist.

I don’t know what the point is to all this, but I swear I will kill every evolutionary dead-end machine lifeform, as well as every single asshole behind Project YoRHa.

I’m coming for all your heads. Fuck you.

Information Analysis Officer,