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Rules of the Board

Postby Rekka Alexiel » Mon May 05, 2014 2:39 pm

Every member of this board is expected to read and fully comply with the following rules. Should a member break a rule, action will be taken. "I didn't know" is not an acceptable excuse for failing to comply with these rules.

This is an old set of forum rules that I came up with almost 10 years ago. It's been tweeked to fit our purposes here, but these rules are subject to further adjustment as time and necessity arrises. Thanks for your understanding!

Forum Topics

1.) Topics can be anything related to Drag-on Dragoon / Drakengard (from here on referred to as “DOD”). Please try to keep posts in the correct area. If you post in the wrong forum, your post may be moved without prior warning.

2.) Please avoid spoilers in the topic and in posts. Please be courteous to members of the board who may not have had the opportunity to play the Japanese version of the game. You may post spoilers, but be sure to properly use spoiler tags (the spoiler button) or the spoiler box (the hide button). Should you openly talk about a spoilerish topic without the proper tags, your post may be edited without prior consent. Continually breaking this rule may result in a ban.

3.) You are welcome to post links to other sites, DOD related or not. However, I don't want to see new members post only one message about something for the sole purpose of advertising his or her own works, ideas, etc. in several forums at a time. This board is primarily for the use of its members, not an area for advertising other items. Completely off topic items like this will be removed and possibly user banned. If you have questions about this, please let me know.

4.) *File Sharing* Please do not post links to people or places on the Internet that are serving illegal files of the game and/or soundtrack for download. Posting links to videos and/or music on YouTube is permitted.

5.) *Post/Thread Editing or Deletion* Any and all posts are subject to administration editing or deletion without prior notification. Posts will not be edited without due cause. Messages with links to download anything from the game illegally will be deleted with or without notice. I will try contact you via private message (PM) about the posts so you know what is going on. Though, keep in mind this is your warning NOT to post or discuss sharing files. Please understand this is not an attempt to limit users in their discussions more than it is a means of supporting the creators and developers who made this wonderful game! We all must do our part and to make sure we do not hinder its chances and possible continuation beyond DOD3.

Image Use

1.) *Avatars* Please try to keep your avatar within the allowed pixel dimensions and file size.

2.) *Signatures* Try not to use images in your post signature or keep them at a relatively small size.

3.) *Images in Topic* You are welcome to post images, however, please try to avoid spoilerish material. It may be possible to use a Spoiler Box (the hide button) if you’d like to discuss a spoiler. This has not been verified yet, however.

Polls / Polling

Feel free to post your own polls. You can be as silly or serious as you want. The more interesting polls we can get, the better. They do help to generate some good discussions!

Member Conduct

1.) Flaming / Harassment: I believe we’re are all adults here. There should be no reason for personal flaming or harassment. If you have an issue with a specific user, take your battles off of the boards and do it privately. People are going to have conflicting points of view, so please respect that and be an adult when debating things. You may receive a warning and possible ban if you are an active instigator in a conflict.

2.) Explicit Language: I really have no problem with an occasional swear word or two. Just don't start doing it every other word. As long as you stay clean and civil, everything should be okay here. Swear words don't always have to be vulgar.

3.) Spamming: Spammers and spambots WILL BE BANNED without warning. Spam includes multiple, duplicated or similar messages.

4.) Sock Puppets: The use of sock puppets on this board is highly frowned upon. Please avoid this sort of behavior.

5.) Trolls: There are many definitions of what a troll is, but I enjoy those given at Urban Dictionary. A troll in my book is anyone who does any of the following:
--actively starts, continues, or revives an argument
--refuses to listen, take advice, or follow suggestions
--does not follow directions and/or warnings from the administrator
--unnecessarily obstinant, rude, or inconsiderate
--incessant repetition of a question or comment for any reason
--blatantly defies requests from the administrator
--intentionally deletes a message only to look innocent

**Best rule of thumb for member conduct: Don't be a dick.**

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