[SPOILER] Three's mumbo jumbo

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[SPOILER] Three's mumbo jumbo

Postby Aicard » Wed Jul 22, 2015 12:53 pm

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...and bananas.

Hi everyone!

For some reason I needed to browse Three's riddle, so I thought I might as well copy them and try to get some sense out of it.
I tried to find with a quick google search any crazy japanese explenations, without result ( except there is someone who already copied them in japanese) .

One says Three's riddle don't necessarily have a meaning, it might just be some absurd play of words, or no meaning at all. But you know what I think? Actually It's Hella hard to write something that doesn't make any sense at all. Therefore I'm looking for some hidden message, reference or play of words in three's riddles, or just to get some kind of pattern out of it.

I checked in the game, the prelude novel, and Dod3 side story quickly(couldn't find any riddle in this one thought) but didn't go as far as to check in the manga utahime five, mostly because that would be to much of a hassle and I don't have the raw material (not that I don't trust your translation rekka).
Yet I left out some of three’s phrases, because even if they are cryptic, they are more or less understandable and just plainly metaphorical rather than riddle like.

As much as possible I tried respect the punctuation, but time to time I had to add a . point, because in the game there were no punctuation just a change of dialogue box.

So you can find hereunder the English and Japanese version of the riddles, time to time I copied other dialogues that explain the context or might highlight something. Yet I'm not very confident in my ability to spot japanese play of words.

Didn't too put much thought in the riddles yet, so I’ll probably update latter so please if you have any guess, interpretations go ahead.

And before you ask -yes- I do have better things to do with my free time. But you know what they say, it takes meaningless thing to enjoy a meaningful life, aye.

One novel prelude

-I walk on two legs in the morning, twelve legs at noon and one leg in the evening. What I am ?

(obvious renewal of the sphinx enigma in Oedipus story, with hard difficulty settings)
By writing 十二本 in google the only decent thing that came out was about a famous century old tree in japan that sprout from twelves trunk, but doesn't help me much to solve the riddle.

-Snow. A great serpent whiter than snow carries the rose fang. But where is the fang going?

(that one is quite easy since One explain if for us, the great serpent whiter than snow is Michaël, the rose fang is the armed Zero, and where she is going? to wreck up our ass that’s where)

Chapter 0 verse 2.

-A caged bird cannot be free, even if it flees the cage. A bird without freedom has no place in the skies.
(I wonder if it’s some kind of reference to the cage in which the four sisters are confined in the cathedral city, said cage later becoming the four apostles that is former birds)
-Perhaps restraint is a source of happiness unto itself.
(is Three saying that ,in short, the bird shouldn’t have fled the cage to begin with ?)

Chapter 3 verse 4

-When I’m open I am not open. When I am closed, I am not closed… What I am? (when zero encounter the first box)

-I am approximately three by morning. I am most likely three by noon. I am occasionally three by night….What am ? (when entering the place with four boxes)
-I am a flower blooming by the pond. I am a butterfly floating in the light. I am the sea crashing against the mountains….What am I? (first box closed)
-My people shed their clothes whenever lost in the forest…What am I? (secondboxe closed) (zero answer = your nobody、nobody does that)
-1,4,7,9,12,16,19…22,10789, 99980….What comes next ? (third box closed)
1、4、7、9、12. 16、19……..22、10789、99980……..といったら、なんだ?

-The eddy repeats. Sin meets sin, and despair meets despair. (Fourth box closed at the place where there are 8 of them)
-Dreamlike days are nothing but dreams. Unbelievable truths are nothing but lies.(sixth box closed)
-If we are doomed to separate why do we seek each other’s? An eternal ouroboros will in the end devour us all. (seventhboxe closed)
-Those who know truth do not necessarily live by it…(eight boxe closed).

(those seem mostly metaphorical message than riddles)

Branch B verse 4

-When the golden swallow’s tears overflow… the world’s mirror will shatter into a rainbow of color. (first statue destroyed where there’s 4)
(perhaps a reference to Dod2 when the sky shatter after all the seals have been destroyed?)
-Gray runs through the wood. Darkness passes. A curtain parts…(second statue destroyed)
-Red runs through the sky. The soul’s stairway spans the evening star… (third statue destroyed)
空に赤色が走る。魂のきざはし架かる明けの明星 (なあんだ、きざはしって? ゼロ)
(I can’t thing of anything but a reference to Angelus)
-Blue runs through the sands. A one-armed rabbit chases a future lizard. (fourth statue destroyed)
(Blue is probably a reference to Two, the One-armed rabbit is Zero, and the future lizard probably a dragon but which?)

-A maiden’s footpads trample grass, giving way to horns. (first statue destroyed where there’s the second row of 4)
(actually that’s one Is less cryptic in japanese)
-Dance, Dance! The fiery embers dance up to the promised lands. (second statue destroyed)
(The english traduction sucks here, there was no need to add “fiery” I believe)
-The visions in your mind are but phantoms. They soar and return to the grave. (third statue destroyed)
-The swallow’s breath becomes a shackle, burying twin strawberries in the world’s depths. (fourth statue destroyed)
If i'm right about the previous riddle with a swallow, i think the swallow is the goddess of the seal, in which case the swallow's breath (in japanease long breath/sigh) are the pain that must endure the godess of the seals either because of the seals or her feelings, when it become shackles would be when they become unberable (the pains), the twin strawberry might be manah and seere, but even it's only manah that i can associate with red so it might also be Caim/Angelus as they share the same souls it's that incorrect to call them twins and they certainly do evoke the color red. Anyway if you follow my reasoning here's my interpretation : When the pain that furiae endure become unbearable (she kill herself) it plundge Caim/angelus or Seere/Manah in the world's deth, that is apocalypse. That would make Three quite the soothsayer

The nimble dog rise from the underworld, sounding a drumbeat from the grass… (after the fourth doll is destroyed, a grey Cerberus appear)
(that one is quite self-explanatory)

Branch D Verse 6

-So I’m just…Just a raven hiding in the veil of night. Just a skeleton beneath the waves. I want to die. (combat against the ancient dragon, zero tells three she didn’t used to be that cheery).

Three’s chapter verse 1

-Demon’s don’t take kindly to people. But a few little tweaks…and I can mess with them all I want. (octa interrogate her about her ogres)
-Hugo, Alfonso, Carlo, Elmo, Oscar (ogres name, second round of oGres)
-Gugelphy (name of an ogre in third round)
-Quejo and lokmur (ogres names , perhaps an allusion to bullfighting)

quejo might go for the spanish word for complaint if it trust google traduction

Three’s chapter verse 2

-The camel’s hump! Big numbers don’t cover weakness! (enhanced tiny imps, Three created a lot to cover their weakness so it’s like the camel’s hump)

This is one is actually a play of words (in japanese) which the translation team completely dropped off (and I don't blame them here), こぶ mean hump, 力 mean power, if you mix the two characters 力こぶ it means biceps, after all was is a biceps if not our arm's hump... but it don't really help to understand the phrase if there's a meaning at all, probably just the trifle play of words, and i'm no zoologist but i don't think camel have biceps, and to begin with i can't fathom what the camel weakness are...

(double bonkers!)

Three’s chapter verse 4

-One doesn’t understand me. She’s like a moon sinking slowly into sea blackness. (camp)
ワン姉さんは、わかってない。黒き海に沈む月のように、 わからずや…….。
(mostly methaphorical here, no riddles i guess)
-(I shall engrave your wondrous masterpieces forever in my heart/octa) Really? …what colors are the fireworks of hope? Heh heh. Make sure you really do look closely and engrave them in your heart. Never forget it… that’s our iridescent promise. (camp)
(不肖オクタがスリイ様の最高傑作を心に刻みますゆえ。) ……本当? 希望の花火は何色だ?フフフ。本当に見てね。心に刻んで。絶対、忘れないで。…….玉虫色の、約束。

(triple bonkers, critical hit)

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