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Re: Fanmade Drakengard 3 novella discussion

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2015 2:21 pm
by Rekka Alexiel
As I'm sure you know, my comments are not based on any of the fanfiction discussed here but based on the actual story of the game.

tefara wrote:Sorry Rekka , we are talking about Zero life after she have finish destroyed her Flower, so that the old Flower which made Zero become an intoner have no place in this situation.

It may have no place in your story, but as far as the original story goes, Zero never "destroys" her Flower. The Flower is not destroyed but rather "sealed away" into another world at the end of Branch D. The Flower in her eye is one and the same with the larger flower that appears in the end. It's very unlikely that there are multiple Flowers vying for the destruction of the world.

Moreover, it is unlogic when that Flower try to keep Zero alive when it already have five others Intoners to destroy the world. Everything will be easier if remove Zero who always tries to destroy the Flower.

If this were true in the original game, there would be no game. The Flower would have terminated Zero the very moment the five girls were born; therefore, this cannot be true. I believe the Flower has great power, but it isn't omnipotent. It cannot create or destroy things on its own. It needs the assistance of someone else to do it.