Tyrann’s Ancestry

Yura Masayoshi (Tyrann), Illustrated by D.K

Yura Masayoshi (Tyrann), Illustrated by D.K

I was recently reminded something about Tyrann that may or may not have a greater significance in the future.

In the DOD World Inside book, page 241, Yoko Taro was asked to discuss more information about who Tyrann was prior to becoming a Gestalt. I’m not going to get into his background as the human Yura Masayoshi and all the crap that he did, but there’s one thing that Yoko Taro states here that is very interesting:

“Tyrann’s ancestor is hidden somewhere in ‘Drakengard’.
It might be wise to have another look.” 

  • NOTE: I remember people were saying that Yura’s ancestor is in DOD2, but this is *incorrect*. He specifically said DOD1.

Now, I don’t believe this has been discussed much on English sites, but there are a few Japanese sites that give some interesting possibilities.

One site was suggesting that since Caim and Angel came into NieR’s world through a portal, they would be the only possible ancestors. Obviously, Angel’s a dragon, so she is not possible. So then what about Caim? Sure, maybe, but… he’s kinda dead by the end of that fight, as far as I recall… ;|

The another site gave a couple more plausible ideas:

  1. A Scarface jet pilot
  2. A character from a Weapon Story

Given Yura’s connection to the military, #1 could very well be possible. I’ll have to read through the Weapon Stories again to see if anything seems like it could be a reference to his ancestry… but this could also be a strong possibility.

A second bit of speculation that I’ve been thinking about for a while now deals with connecting Yoko Taro’s manga series “Thou Shalt Not Die // Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare” with NieR… and possibly to Tyrann himself.

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