NieR:Automata – The Opening Sequence Script and Conte

Back when I was able to snag a ticket for the Music Concert & Talk Live, I knew I wanted to work on some translations for the new “Character Introductions” video. I managed to translate some bits and posted about it here, but I don’t think I ever got around to taking a closer look at the little overlays of the SCRIPTS and animation CONTE that rapidly flashed across the screen until now…!

Many times during the course of the video, the same page of the script would be overlayed on the screen multiple times, but you might be able to see one extra word compared to the first time it was displayed, or maybe the angle had shifted to make the text easier to read.

I took snapshots of these individual frames in the video, enhanced them, and translated the text; so now I believe we have a pretty damn good idea of how will begin.

** Potential spoilers abound here, so please be warned!! **

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