It has arrived!

I haven’t been in the best mental state for quite a while, and these games and other fan activities help me tremendously to forget all the depressing, negative things. I was so overwhelmed by the comments on my recent personal post in which I detailed a little bit in what’s been going on in my life. Thank you, everybody, for just chatting a moment and giving me your good vibes. It really means a lot to me!! I am a firm believer that even the slightest bit of positivity and encouragement can go a long way. <3

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NieR Event Sells Out in Seconds

Individual sales for tickets for the Music Concert and Talk Live went on sale today at noon but were nearly instantly sold out. Personally, I was able to access the site through Ticket Pia and able to get as far as to select two tickets, but apparently by the time I could click “Confirm” they were then unavailable.

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NieR Concert & Talk Live – First Wave of Tickets


Pre-orders for the upcoming Concert & Talk Live event closed last Wednesday and the results were released this past Friday at noon.

Unfortunately, it seems as though many more people tried to get tickets than were available, so I’ve heard many people lament about not being chosen. I was among these people. Oh, no!!

Regular ticket sales will open on March 7 from noon, so good luck to everyone for your second chance!!

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NieR Music Concert and Talk Live

We now have more detailed news regarding the Music & Talk event that Producer Yosuke Saito has been talking about for a while! This is a pretty hurried post, but here’s the important information:

NieR Music Concert & Talk Live
滅ビノ シロ 再生ノ クロ (Horobi no Shiro Saisei no Kuro)
White of Destruction, Black of Rebirth

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