Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare -Zero- Comment from Yoko Taro and Matsuda Ichidai

Gearing up for the run of the “Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare -ZERO-” stage play later this December, creator Yoko Taro and director Matsuda Ichidai recently gave a short comment regarding it! Check it out on YouTube below.

I also included a rough interpretation of what they were discussing. I don’t call this a translation because there are a couple places were I can’t clearly hear. I may make edits later.

  • Stage Adaption, Director: Matsuda Ichidai (M)
  • Creator: Yoko Taro (Y)
M:    Yes, hello! We’ve got a play coming up in December! The creator of the play “Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare -ZERO-” is with us today, Yoko Taro!
Y:    Hello, I’m the original creator behind this show, Yoko Taro.
M:    (haha) Your voice… it’s so muffled!
Y:     I guess I wrote a pretty dark story…
M:    Yeah, it’s pretty dark.
Y:     Plus, we’re debuting it over the Christmas holiday season…
M:    That’s right, it’ll be out over Christmas, huh?
Y:     I can’t be more sorry for that. I’m really sorry.
M:    No, no, no…
Y:     Thank you very much.
M:    What do you think is the best way to spend the Christmas season?
Y:     I think it’s best to share a toast with your significant other and then break up.
M:    Toast & break up? (haha) That’s pretty much the feeling I think you’ll get from the play.
Y:     It’s nothing really.
M:    No, no, no. It’s pretty sad. There’s a bit of love in there, too, right?
Y:     No, not really.
M:    (haha) Didn’t you just say that? What about romance?
Y:     No, there’s no romance, either.
M:    (haha) There’s no romance, either? Okay, I got it.
Y:     There’s nothing.
M:    (haha) Nothing! Well, this is the meaning of “Zero”, the play that starts from nothing, but I think it looks pretty fun, interesting—interesting? Fun, gorgeous, and painfully beautiful—with fighting, too. There’s no romance, or anything else for that matter, but…
Y:     Absolutely nothing.
M:    Maybe something—or nothing happens—BUT… I have a feeling this is a really great story. I hope you look forward to it! Thank you very much, sensei!
Y:     Thank you! See ya!
M:    Bye!