Famitsu Issue No.1468

Yesterday in the new issue of Famitsu magazine, we were treated to 6 new pages of goodness introducing the Amusement Park area with their clownish Bio-machines and the Submerged City.

Below are my own [bad] scans of the pages. I also included some other images that I got from the Famitsu App. I edited and cleaned them up more, so those few images ought to look the nicest.


Could the ruins of a dreamland be but a nightmare awaiting 2B!?

We’re down to about a month left before the release of . This time, we take a closer look at two locations that have not yet been announced: the Amusement Park Ruins and the Submerged City. We’ll also take another look at the mounts in the field and areas near water where you can fish!

meets amazarashi Collaboration Project

The joint collaboration between and the rock band amazarashi was just announced during the 2nd Live Broadcast. The first edition release of their new single “Inch ni Fusawashii” comes with an original picture book directed by Yoko Taro. There will also be a cool music video to show off more of’s world view.



A dreamland that people once enjoyed. There is a special community of Bio-machines in this area, many of which are dressed in flamboyant costumes.

Amusement Park Ruins

Clown-type Bio-machines appear. Perhaps they’ll give 2B a warm welcome?

Production Notes:
I’m the sound designer, Shindo. I work on the sound effects and everything besides the BGM, stuff like “pew-pew” and “booom” and “uh-huh”. I’m from Kansai, so I always explain stuff with sounds.

The sound effects are subtle and don’t stand out all that much, but I made a ton of them! Even after a deadline had passed, I kept getting requests for more SFX from the game designer: this happened at least 30 times! They’d always come with a note that said, “By Order of Yoko, the Director~~” But I’m losing so much sleep, my skin’s going to be a mess…… That’s about when Yoko brought in his favorite donuts. They taste way better than eating them at the normal time. He, on the other hand, had seconds… Yoko, you’re so unfair…… —Platinum Games Lead Sound Designer, Shindo Masato

The Submerged City

This is a large city devastated by an all-out war that left it submerged by rising sea level. All that’s left are skyscrapers peeking out of the water, a remainder of the world’s past splendor.

2B attacks a Bio-machine in the Submerged City with her bare hands. This type of attack has its own visual effects. Although this attack is rather fast since no weapon is necessary, it hardly packs any significant punch.



Wild Animals

You can ride on a large moose! You can’t drift, but they have an amazing ability to jump!

You can bash into enemies while on the boar or even fire simultaneously with Pod.

Just like in the previous game, you can drift on the boar, an irreplaceable aspect of “NieR”.

Production Notes:
I’m in charge of the BGM and the implementation of environment sounds. The BGM seamlessly switches as you progress through the game, but “how long should it continue” or “what about in this situation?” I have to be sure of all of this. Then based on the instructions from Mr. Director Yoko, I can keep working, filling in the gaps in the crossroads. This is often the most difficult thing to work out, but it can also be fun. In the end I feel like “Man, this ain’t gonna work (seriously)” and then the desperation hits, but I suppose everything worked out well anyway! I just hope he isn’t hiding any additional areas from me… Well, maybe it’ll be alright! —Platinum Games Implementation, Ueda Masami

  • This issue of Famitsu also corrected a mistake printed in an earlier issue stating the voice actress for Anemone. It was originally printed as Kanou Chiaki, however this is incorrect. The same actress who plays Operator 21O, Hatsumi Meari, will voice Anemone.


Anywhere there’s water, you can toss Pod in to have fun fishing. You can catch fish, Bio-machine type of fish, and a bunch of other interesting things. Just what exactly can the the stuff you catch be used for……!?

Create your own musical arrangements at the jukebox!

There is a handy little jukebox within the Resistance Camp where you can play some tunes from the soundtrack. You can even change the lyrics, turn on or off the vocals and chorus among other things to make your own arrangements. Look forward to creating your own soundtrack just the way you like it for a little change in atmosphere.

Just like any other program, you mix around the rhythm and vocal tracks in the game to create your own musical settings here at the funky jukebox!


Regarding the Submerged or Sunken City, we first got a glimpse of this area at the NieR Music Concert & Talk Live back in April of last year. They had a really nice display of design images, concept art, and more at the show, including these shots of the Submerged City:



Lastly, I wanted to mention something about that red-headed character that seems to be hanging around the jukebox.

Is it just me, or does she appear to be a YoRHa android with a typical visor obscuring her eyes? I couldn’t help be feel excited to see this because…

This was my YoRHa cosplay from Halloween 2014 as the Destroyer Type “YoRHa No34”. I doubt this character in is anyone important, but… now I feel like I should make a new cosplay for her, too. xD

Edit: According to the new updates by Famitsu, this particular NPC does in fact appear to be a YoRHa Android like I had suspected.

Message from Final Fantasy Director Tabata Hajime

To all FF fans and NieR fans:

To celebrate the release of FFXV, we’ve decided on a collaboration with! Noctis’ “Engine Blade” will appear in ! It will be really interesting to see what sort of moves it will have! Actually, not even I know everything about it yet, but I’m sure it will be awesome. Just like all of you, I’m really looking forward to it.

And also, FFXV will get “something” from! But we’ll talk more about it later! So, while you’re having fun playing the soon-to-be-released FFXV, I hope you also look forward to Tabata Hajime

Translation by Fire Sanctuary
Source: Famitsu

NieR:Automata Updates – Famitsu No.1460

There were a couple new updates this week for . Check out the new pages that were published in this week’s issue of Famitsu!

famitsu-no1460-01 famitsu-no1460-02

The two new titles by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XV and have just been revealed to collaborate together. Noctis’ Engine Blade will be an available weapon for 2B! FFXV will also borrow something from, but exactly what that will be has yet to be announced!


FFXV will be out soon, huh? I’m so happy for them! I thought it was very “NieR” like to have to ride such a big wave as this, so I asked Taba-chan for a favor. “Gif us some cool weapon from FFXV!” And what did he cough up–? The actual Engine Blade!! How sweet is that!? Taba-chan’s the man! FFXV is the best! So, please, look forward to the release of ! ーSaito Yosuke, Producer

Since the release of FFXV is quickly approaching, I wanted to congratulate them & this has been something I’ve been hoping to see for a long time! ……I’m really glad the release date for doesn’t overlap (seriously). We were also very lucky to introduce the Engine Blade into the world of. We were able to borrow not only the weapon design but also the special effects and the unique damage indicator displays as well! The director involved said, “We had a look at FFXV and visually copied it.” I was also able to include a Weapon Story for it. I thought, “Is this really going to be okay?” but the FFXV supervising team gave us the OK, so… I guess it’s okay……probably. ーYoko Taro, Director

Equipping the Engine Blade will alter the evasion effects.

The numbers indicating damage will also change to be more like FFXV.

What is the Engine Blade?

The Engine Blade is one of the single-handed swords that Noctis uses. It is the sword that is given to him on his 16th birthday from his father. The blade features a unique mechanism at its hilt. As the blade is swung, the mechanism activates and gives off a distinctive “engine” sound. As enemies are defeated, the engine absorbs energy from their elements.



Hi, I’m one of the Environment artists, Kouda.
9S is pretty cute, huh? Despite being something seldom seen, I thought that showing off his kneecaps was a must. I’m really glad I suggested it to Yoko that one night out drinking that we have a cute guy in the game (I doubt he remembers this, though). Actually, one thing that sticks in my mind is Yoshida-san’s rough sketch of him in a sailor uniformーit’s unfortunate nothing became of it……
I sort of got off topic there, but it’s thanks to the background team that the environments turned out so beautifully. Of course, there will be plenty of exhilarating action, but it’s also fun to stroll through gorgeous locations like this, right? ーKouda Kazuma, PG Environment Concept Artist

 Forest Region

Running along a quietly flowing river, a luscious green forest rich in nature opens wide into a expansive field beyond. Deep within the forest lies the ruins of a gigantic castle that holds the remains of an ancient, lost civilization. There’s even the figure of a run-down Bio-machine standing in the middle of the road as though it were protecting the castle.


Top Image: Further in the distance in this picture of 2B and 9S running, you can see something that resembles a reindeer. Perhaps it can be ridden, too!?

Main Art: It’s now become known that the location depicted in the very first promotional illustration is actually of this Forest Region.

Production Notes: I’m Mashiba, the Environment Artist in charge of the background development. The one known as Kaji (Kaji Yasuyuki) used to be the background team leader, but now this responsibility was passed to me.
The expansive world in ruin is turning out to be much larger than originally imagined. I was in charge of the maps in the Bunker and the Factory Ruins among others, but since he stepped down halfway through development, the remaining work fell on me to complete. Although you may thing “Why was this world made so huge?”, we’re working on increasing the quality, so we hope you look forward to it! ーMashiba Junpei, PG Environment Artist


The Bio-machines that appear in the Forest Region have a very medieval feeling to them with their heavy armor; there’s something about it that seems rather humorous. The one who appears to be the leader, the one in command, leads some sort of battle exercise, and fight in large formations.

Bio-machines in hardened medieval armor

Bio-machines fighting in formation


Weapon Intro: Spear

Up until now, we’ve introduced the single-handed sword, double-handed sword, and gauntlet weapon types. Next up we’ve got spears. Compared to other weapon types, the spears are average class, but they make up for that in their power and reach. However, since they’re mostly a thrust weapon, they can become a disadvantage when many enemies rush you at once.

First Edition Release Bonus Items

It has been announced that the first edition release will come with special bonus items as well as purchasing the game from various store locations. The first release will come with a production code to change 2B’s Pod into Weiss from the previous game. Other bonus items include Pod variants from the SQEX e-STORE, Amazon.co.jp, Tsutaya, PlayStation Store, Geo, and Lawson.

Tokaigi 2017: The Music Concert returns!
Tokaigi is a somewhat scaled-down version of TGS that will take place on Saturday and Sunday, February 11 and 12 at Makuhari Messe. This will be the second coming of the “White of Destruction, Black of Rebirth” concert that was held earlier this year in April. More detailed information about this event will be released at a later date.


This issue of Famitsu also featured a nice ranking of the best, high quality PS3 games as chosen by gamers. See the translation below the picture.


Player’s Choice of High Quality PS3 Games – Top 30
#6 Replicant (197 Votes)

NieR is an Action RPG that puts you into battle against “Shades” in order to save your little sister inflicted with an incurable disease. For every main boss you defeat, you collect the “Sealed Verses” that act as power-ups for your weapons and magic, all within a story torn between themes of love and despair. Especially with that shocking B Ending; perhaps it has been seared into your memory!?

Players’ Comments

  • This is a game that you can experience so many things that you normally wouldn’t, and even long after its release, I feel like so much of it has stayed with me, in my heart. (30s / Male)
  • My heart was throughly ripped out from the second play-through. (30s / Female)


  • Images and Translations by Fire Sanctuary
  • Famitsu

Famitsu Magazine – Issue No. 1455

We were treated to a 6-page article detailing more on the battle system. For the most part, there is nothing new here that we didn’t already learn from this year’s presentation at TGS.


More details on the stylish
and refreshing battle system
with simple mechanics!

Production Notes
The job of a game designer doesn’t stop at design alone.

I am the game designer, Taura Takahisa; I’ve been involved on multiple fronts for this title. I’ve had the opportunity to work on many various things besides the production end, things like taking the screen cap to use on this page, recording bits of in-game footage to be used in trailers, and giving live demonstrations of the game at whatever event…… So, I guess the job of a game designer doesn’t stop at design alone. It’s really tough. Even as I write this, Director Yoko is trying to explode my brain with his problems. It’s really tough……

—Taura Takahisa

As stated at this year’s TGS, a demo version of the game will be available at the end of the year!


2B’s Basic Characteristics

Battle is performed in a seamless, open world. In battle the Square button is for “speed attacks”, the Triangle button for “heavy attacks”, and any additional attacks can be chained together depending on which button is pressed to create a simple yet refreshing battle system.

Speed & Heavy Attacks

For these types of attacks, you are able to equip whatever set of weapons you like, from single-handed and double-handed swords to gauntlets and twin blades. You can equip two sets of two weapons, and you can switch between these two sets with the touch of a single button. For example, if you have a single-handed and double-handed swords equipped in Set 1, you can easily switch to Set 2 with a gauntlet and single-handed sword to continue your attack.

Simple controls allow you to perform a multitude of attacks!

There are no complex strings of combo attacks; instead, your attack will continue as it registers additional button inputs.

Single-handed Blade
This type of weapon is easy to use and has a nice balance of attack power, speed, and range. There are plenty of different skills that have easily connecting combos regardless of the situation in battle.

Double-handed Blade
This type of weapon is both large and heavy, requiring the use of both hands. The pride of this weapon lies with its exceptional power and reach, but since its attacks are relatively slow, it gives the enemy a slight window of attack.

* By charging your weapon, the range of your attack will increase.

Although the attack range is relatively short, the advantage of this weapon is its speed and how many successful fits you can achieve in a short amount of time. It is the singular weapon of choice in one-on-one combat with its strength in speed and ease of landing special attacks.

* Pre-orders for the special edition “Black Box” release of is currently available through the Square Enix e-STORE! This comes with the game, a 2B figure, the audio soundtrack from the Music Concert & Talk Live from last April, an artbook, and novelized version of the original. The sale price is set at 25,800yen.

By pressing R2, you are able to dodge enemy attacks at any time. Dashes can also be performed by adding in the Left analog stick with R2. Being able to dodge in a sort of arc motion is unique to that you can see in various trailer footage. If you manage to successfully dodge as an enemy is about to attack (this is referred to as a perfect dodge*), your player character will seem to glow golden and be temporarily invincible. This will allow you the perfect window for attack.

* Successful Perfect Dodge!

* Utilize the advantage of a Perfect Dodge to launch into a devastating attack!

If you ever feel like you can’t defeat a boss, switch over to the Auto Mode!

For anyone who finds action games to be too difficult for them, we’ve included an Auto Mode function to help you. When you activate Auto Mode, your player character will automatically attack and dodge. All you have to do is direct your character into battle and you will have no problem winning! As you may have seen from the demonstration at TGS, Auto Mode is only accessible from Easy Mode and only takes control of close and long-distance attacks. There is also talk of adding in an Evasion Only Auto Mode that would only cover your defenses while you command all attacks.*

* Whether or not this particular mode will make it into the final version of the game is not currently known.

* You can turn off Auto Mode at any time to return to Manual play.

* A Blu-ray of the “NieR Music Concert & Talk Live” event that was held this past April will be released on Wednesday, December 14 for 4,800yen.


Upgradeable Pod
Part of the standard equipment of the YoRHa Squadron are the support “Pod” units that come with various built-in equipment for long-range attacks. They can also be used to increase your mobility.Press R1 to activate the Pod support system and attack enemies at a distance. Although Pod is generally manually controlled, but you are able to turn on the Target Lock with L2 to help aim, but in this case, some of bullets will scatter uncontrollably. By gathering materials and providing a little cash, Pod can be upgraded at special maintenance shops in each location. Other than upgrading basic functions such as attack power, it is also possible to obtain different, unique attacks as well.

Grab onto Pod to help you move around the screen.

Pod on the Offense
Machine gun fire!
Laser attacks!
More special attacks (besides laser attacks)!

Production Notes

Those days of fixing bugs……

Before I realized it, I somehow became the main programmer for . Hello, I’m Oonishi Ryo. I have a feeling some people are wondering, “What exactly does a main programmer do?” Mostly what this entails is managing the development schedule and assign tasks for the entire programming staff. Of course, as a programmer, I also work on some programming as well! I’ll work out some bugs in the others’ programming, fix any bugs in the scripts from the game designers, and to help save time, I’ll also work on bugs in other staff’s programs and fix any additional bugs that I might inadvertently create myself. ……It seems like all I do is fix bugs, huh? Just writing this makes me want to cry…… So, since this teary-eyed bug corrector continues to work hard every day, I hope you will look forward to !

ーOonishi Ryo, Main Programmer

Production Notes

Adding in new specifications by Director Yoko

Hi, I’m the lead animator, Muranaka. I manage animation quality and produce animations for the player characters.

Even though we’re approaching the end stage of development and we’re still adding in additional data even though the planning deadline has already passed, it’s during this time that Director Yoko asks us to put in additional specifications. I’ll take these instructions from him and discuss them further with both the game designers and programmers, but right when we start talking, the scrawny designers accustomed to refusal start to feel sick to their stomachs… But we get closer and closer to completion every time!

First of all, we’re working on the development of the demo version of the game to be released at the end of the year, so for those of you who are looking forward to that, please hang in there! For those of you who don’t really know what this game is all about, the demo is free, so this is the perfect chance for you to try it out!

The demo version will be for a limited time only* (maybe)! Without forgetting the feeling of the controls or the action-packed battles, I hope that you’ll check out the demo!

* We will release more information regarding the release schedule of the demo version soon. (Square Enix PR Manager)

ーMuranaka Takayuki, Lead Animator

Lastly, has consecutively broken into the upper half of Famitsu’s Top 30 list of the most anticipated up-coming games! This week received 199 votes and ranks 13th! It’s highest position in the Top 30 was 12th!


Famitsu Magazine, Issue No.1453

This week breaks a record-high placing for in Famitsu’s Top 30 ranking list for upcoming titles!


The previous high ranking was at 16th place from the July 14 No.1440 issue released on July 7, 2016. …and even Yoko Taro was seemingly skeptical that it would place any higher than that.

It’s rocketing up the list! —Rekka Alexiel
There’s no way it’ll go up any higher…… —Yoko Taro

I guess this showed him! xD

Famitsu Interview – August 18, 2016


Like the theme song, there will be multiple versions of songs

—You received a warm welcome at last year’s Paris Games Week, but how do you think that compares with the “NieR Fever” in Germany? Although this hasn’t been discussed by the press yet.

Saito: The members of the media have brought up the music and expressed their fervent desire to have a concert hosted in Germany. The whole world is enamoured with Okabe-san.

Okabe: No, no, no! I thought the people in Germany were just being nice, but I’m still very grateful. Although putting on a concert overseas is just a dream. (haha)

Saito: Our staff has expressed their enthusiasm to do another concert, but I’m afraid they’d be more wishy-washy if we actually did it. (haha) Putting on a concert in our home country was hard enough. (haha)

Okabe: Yes, it was pretty rough. (haha) Not only was it rough for me, but it must have been really hard on the concert staff who gave it a real concert feeling that spring. So, compounding everything for an international concert…… I’ll keep on dreaming. (haha)

Saito: Well, if sells well, we could make it a possibility.

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