Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 632

The new issue of Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 632 featured 6 pages on to help people get up-to-speed before the game’s release on February 23rd! Here are a couple notes on 20 points about the game that you should know:

#1 Is this madness or depression?
The overwhelming “World of Yoko” Story

#2 The Sci-Fi atmosphere gets a big boost!
This story takes place on an Earth that has been stolen by Bio-machines

#3 Androids without emotion?
The “YoRHa Squadron” is humanity’s only hope

  • Among the ranks of androids, a small number of mighty warriors known as the “YoRHa Squadron” were created.
  • Rogue androids: The mysterious A2. Although she is also a member of the YoRHa Squadron, she entirely works on her own.

#4 The Commander in charge of the YoRHa Squadron and the Resistance, all of which are androids

#5 The action is amazing!
Platinum Games is in charge of the battle system.

  • Speed attack… Square button
  • Heavy attack… Triangle button

TOPIC #1: The dodge function adds a ton of fun to the action

  • If you dodge at the right time, you can counter an attack

#6 You also have long-range attacks to your disposal
Support unit Pod

  • Machine Gun… R1 button

#7 There are 4 weapon types
Each weapon has its own unique pros and cons

  • light sword
  • heavy sword
  • spear
  • combat bracers

#8 Use the plug-in chips to design your character around how you like to play

#9 If you’re having trouble, turn on the “Auto Mode”
There are 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard

#10 Nature is slowly returning to the planet abandoned by man

#11 A world filled with wild animals
They are also mountable and have their own unique abilities!

  • boar: drift
  • moose: high jump

#12 Enemy Bio-machines have interesting designs
Their appearance will differ from location to location

  • Desert: mask & cape
  • Amusement Park: clown

Topic #2: Bio-machines have uniquely evolved in each area
What is the purpose for this distinction?

Boss enemies also have their own special design.

  • As you progress through the game, you will fight bosses that have unique attacks. You’ll have to discover what their weaknesses are on your own!
  • Some bosses use long-range attacks that you’ll have to maneuver through if you really want to prevail.

#13 Depending on the situation and the enemies you fight, the camera angle will change.

#14 Fighting is not the only thing?
Sometimes you can take a break and go fishing!

  • There are some really rare fish that you can sell for a lot of money when you’re short on cash.

#15 Friend or Foe? The mysterious pretty-boys appear… Adam and Eve

  • Shrouded in mystery, their silver hair and red eyes are a slightly concerning…

#16 The Access Points are hugely helpful in your mission, allowing you access to:

  • Area map updates
  • Quick save
  • Mailbox
  • and other abilities…!?

#17 If you’ve played the previous game, this ought to make you smile.
Very nostalgic name-drops hit!

  • Since the game takes place so far into the future, there is no deep connection with the previous game; however, Emil, Devola, and Popola seem to be returning (this Devola & Popola are not the same individual androids as before). If you’re a fan of the first, then you’ll be very happy to see these guys again!

Topic #3: Even some Bio-machines will help you fight!?

  • Pascal is a pacifist who hates fighting. She works with other Bio-machines who share the same hopes for a peaceful world. Sometimes Pascal will tag along with 2B, but what is her true intentions?

#18 A ton of Sub Quests and Weapon Stories

  • Get quests from various people from all over the place
  • As you upgrade your weapons, an additional portion of the Weapon Story will be unlocked

#19 Multi-ending Story?
Work your way to the very end

  • Could 2B & A2 be on opposite sides even though they’re both YoRHa androids?
  • The original game had multiple endings as well; but a revealing truth will become clear through the further you progress through each ending.

#20 The game is out on February 23rd! For the Glory of Mankind!

Help me get my YouTube channel back!!

Last Friday, I received a Google account security alert and was not able to access my Gmail account. After logging into my Google account, I discovered that my YouTube channel was randomly terminated with a similarly opaque reason for termination. I have written to both Google and YouTube regarding this, but I have yet to receive any response.

Therefore, a fellow fan made this cool image to help get the word out to anyone who follows my work. If you’d like to help me get my channel back, there are a few things that you can do. Just follow the directions in the image below:

When you go to my YouTube channel, you can also select Email–> Channel & Video Features to create a ticket in which they will respond to in a couple days (I didn’t know about this feature, so I will try it, too!!).

**I should also mention**
I was not given any specific reason for this termination besides the automated message that’s displayed on my channel:

“This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”

I have used YouTube for years and some of my videos are quite old. My account has been on good standing and I don’t believe that this action was justified.

There were also a ton of old videos like the first couple days when I got my gorgeous cat Misa, personal videos that have a lot of sentimental value.

I should have most of them backed up somewhere, but they’re quite old and I know I lost a lot of data when my laptop hard drive died… I know some of these videos only existed on my channel. Yes, it was my fault for not backing them up, but you do get conditioned with a false sense of security when you upload stuff. It’s beyond heartbreaking for something like this to happen for no reason and potentially not be able to recover the content. I’m really hoping that at least something can be salvaged.

Here’s a link to my channel:

And many thanks to Marce for making this image and already getting people to help!!!

NieR:Automata Completes Its Gold Master Ahead of Schedule

According to a recent tweet by Producer Saito Yosuke, has hit a significant period in its development and has “gone gold”, completing the Gold master* of the game well ahead of schedule.

Gold master: Gold master is the final game’s build that is used as a master for production of the game.

Here’s what Saito Yosuke had said in his tweet:

“I was asked to write this since it will quickly go viral, but “ has gone Gold (quite a while ago)”, so please look forward to the game’s release!” ーSaito Yosuke

So it appears as though there is no worry of a delay before the scheduled release date! That’s very reassuring news! Today marks 20 days until the game’s release!! Hang in there, everybody!

That character in the E3 2016 trailer…

* Please note that this post may contain spoilers. Please do not read beyond the “read more” tag if you don’t wish to read a potential spoiler…

I recently took a trip out to Akihabara to see what sort of displays were up in stores… and discovered 3 really nice character mini posters for 2B, 9S, and A2.

Each poster has Yoshida Akihiko’s character illustration along with three in-game images relating to each of the characters.

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3rd Live Broadcast – Recap

This last broadcast was for the most part uneventful, but there were some interesting moments, I suppose.

First, we’re introduced to a pre-recorded video with Yoko Taro, Saito Yosuke, Taura Takahisa in which they played an early prototype version of the demo. They weren’t able to participate in the live broadcast this time due to a double-booking error that co-producer Ebara Jun’ichi explains later in the broadcast.

Yoko Taro first states that Square Enix asked them to present more about the game, but at this point there’s very little they can show without spoiling the story or other contents of the game, so they decided on showing off a little bit of the prototype demo. Taura says he’s a little embarrassed to show it, however.

* Note: I’m not translating what they’re saying word-for-word, nor am I translating everything they talked about.

Yoko: Alright then, cue the game. LET’S GO!

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NieR:Automata Store Displays

I wasn’t able to watch the 3rd Live Broadcast tonight because I was out for an interview… but I got to the location a bit early… and there just happened to be a Bic Camera, so I chanced that they the finally put up some displays for .

I wasn’t disappointed. xD

Here are some photos that I took at the Bic Camera in Shin Yokohama.


NieR:Automata Original Soundtrack to be released on March 29 with a secret 4th disc!

This just in! The OST will be released on March 29! The soundtrack alone will be three discs, but the initial release will come with a  “secret” 4th disc as a bonus!! I wonder what it could be!!!

The bonus disc is not only for pre-orders!!! The initial release, whether you pre-order it or purchase it when it’s released, will come with the bonus CD. I expect it to be similar to the bonus discs that originally came with the previous soundtrack.

Title: Original Soundtrack
Product Number:SQEX-10589-91
Release Date:Wednesday, March 29
Price:3,200 yen (+tax)
Composers:Okabe Keiichi, Hoashi Keigo, Takahashi Kuniyuki (MONACA)
Details:Three 12cm CD set
Publisher:Square Enix

Source: Square Enix | MONACA