『.hack//G.U. Last Recode』Cafe in Ikebukuro

The 『.hack//G.U. Last Recode』collaboration cafe in Ikebukuro [ Official Site ] just started this weekend. Here’s a quick look at what to expect.

Collaboration Cafe Dates:

  • Saturday, October 14
  • Sunday, October 15
  • Saturday, October 21
  • Sunday, October 22
  • Saturday, October 28
  • Sunday, October 29
  • Friday, November 3
  • Saturday, November 4
  • Sunday, November 5
  • Saturday, November 11
  • Sunday, November 12

If you are interested in going to the cafe, you will need to make a reservation in advance from the link here.

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Kawano Marina Joins the YoRHa Ver.1.2 Musical!

This just in!

Kawano Marina, vocalist of the “Weight of the World” Japanese Version, joins the YoRHa Ver.1.2 Musical!

Live Performances by Goto Takanori and Kawaji Emi at the YoRHa Ver.1.2 Musical!

Guitarist Goto Tanakori and pianist Kawaji Emi will be performing live at the up-coming YoRHa musical!!

This is beyond awesome news for any fan of their work! This just keeps getting better!!

Open Auditions For Bio-machines in the Up-coming YoRHa Plays!

UPDATE: October 14, 2017

Auditions to become a Bio-machine on stage or other extra Resistance roles in the plays has been opened to *all* ages. So, if you’re currently in Japan and are free to participate, send in your application before 6PM on Friday!

▶︎ Auditions are for both the “YoRHa Ver.1.2” musical and the “YoRHa Boys Ver.1.0” stage play.

Check the tweet here for more info!

“YoRHa Boys” Stage Play Auditions

We’re getting more and more news on cast members for the up-coming “YoRHa Boys” stage play, so I will keep editing this post to add in the new information. Here’s the cast list that we know of thus far:


▼ No9 will be portrayed by Saito Naoki:

▼ No22 will be played by Terasaka Hiroki.

▼ No21 will be played by Murata Hisashi:

▼ No2 will be played by Ueda Shinichiro.

▼ No6 will be played by Doi Yuuto.

▼ No4 will be played by Oguri Ryo.

No4 is not a Scanner, but rather a Sniper. This unit type was originally used on the old DearStage web site in which No12, portrayed by Ichikura Yuna, was listed as a Sniper. This could have been an “transitional” designation between Gunners and Pods.

▼ No3 will be played by Shouji Masato.

▼ The role of the boy’s “teacher” will be played by Kikuta Daisuke.

.hack Goodness at MachiAsobi

MachiAsobi [Official Site] is a biannual anime and gaming event held in the spring and fall in Tokushima, Tokushima Prefecture. This year there were a bunch of events going on from October 7-9 to help promote the release of 『.hack//G.U. Last Recode』.

Here’s a quick look at .hack related activities and other goodies that were available at the event:

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Ishikawa Yui to Play the Role of No2 in the New YoRHa 1.2 Musical!

It was just revealed that Ishikawa Yui, the voice actress of 2B in , will portray No2 on stage in the new updated musical YoRHa Ver1.2. She also wrote a little bit about this on her personal blog here.

I honestly don’t know how to feel about this. To me, I began my love of this series from the original stage plays back in 2014… and the one person that carried that emotion for me was Endo Ruka… so if she will “suddenly” be replaced…

But then again, for those who only knew of this story after playing , I can understand how this was a must. I’m certainly not saying that Ishikawa *cannot* perform this role as well as Endo, but… it’s just a very curious situation I feel like I’m in now. It’s hard to even explain.

I know Ishikawa will do an awesome job, I’m just a little bit sad that Endo won’t return (maybe she’ll play Seed!?). I’m also worried about the other “returning” characters: No4, No16, and No21. I loved the original cast so much, it’s really, really difficult to accept anyone else in those roles. That’s really what I mean by all of this. The original actresses created the characters in my mind…and it feels really odd should anyone else be put in their shoes. 😛

Don’t worry; I’ll get over it. lol

I still hope that Matsukawa Takanori will at least get a role in the YoRHa Boys stage play. He had a relatively minor role in Yoko Taro’s stage play “Thou Shalt Not Die”, and as a Yoko fan himself, it would be really awesome to see him as one of the Scanners. I can entirely see him as 4S. <3

.hack//G.U. Last Recode Talk & Signing Event in Shinbashi

Yesterday was the Talk & Signing event at Tsukumo Digital Life in Shinbashi, Tokyo– also where the .hack//G.U. Last Recode exhibit is going on.

I first met with some other cool .hack fans and went as a group to the talk & signing event… then we hung out at the exhibition area for a while before going out for a fan dinner. It was a full day of .hack goodness!

Anyway, here are a couple of the photos that I took at the exhibition area.

▶︎ You can view all of my pictures in the gallery here.

Uchiyama Daisuke & Matsuyama Hiroshi

TGS 2017 Recap – .hack//G.U. Last Recode

This year at TGS, I wanted to get the special signed copies of the concert blu-rays, so I booked a hotel for two nights just across the street. On Saturday, I got in line with my friend at 7:00am and it was still too late by the time we made it to the SQEX Merch booth to get the signed copies. *sad*

So with that failure out of the way (I was able to get the LP Box set at least), we were pretty much free the rest of the day until we needed to find the place for the .hack Fan Meeting & Dinner. I can’t really talk about the details about it, but it was a lot of fun!

On Sunday was the .hack//Last Recode presentation at the Famitsu booth with Matsuyama & Natsumura from CC2. Before the broadcast, I asked if it was okay to take photos, and they said it’d be no problem! Yay! So below are a ton of pictures that I took.

But first, here’s the edited video that I cropped out of Famitsu’s 4th day live broadcast. I also fixed a bit of audio discync.

▲ Matsuyama-san reveiled the cover illustration of his new book The Medicine Called Entertainment (エンターテインメントという薬). It’s an anecdote about a boy he learned about roughly 10 years ago when the 3rd volume of .hack//G.U. was still in production. He was informed of a boy suffering from cancer would soon have surgery to remove his eyes some weeks later. The boy was asked what he wanted to see the most before losing his sight and he responded that he wanted to play the final volume of .hack//G.U., but the scheduled date for the surgery was before the official release of the game. Matsuyama very much wanted to make the boy’s wish come true, so he had his team fix up a pre-release version of the game and he personally delivered it to the boy.

Now, ten years later, he felt bad that he accidentally created a continuation of the G.U. story that the boy would not be able to play. That is why he decided to take the initiative upon himself to write a story heavily based upon the boy’s story. The book will be available in paperback, electronically on e-readers, and also in audio book format. You can purchase the book here on Amazon Japan.

▶︎ View additional photos from TGS 2017 that I took here.