SINoALICE Down for Maintenance, Possibly Available Tomorrow Morning

UPDATE: There have been some server issues with the game, so it will be undergoing maintenance until hopefully sometime tomorrow morning JST.

The application is now available for download here but won’t be playable until later this afternoon between 3-5pm!

Stay tuned for more updates! I’ll make some gameplay videos later tonight!

First Look at the Gameplay in SINoALICE!

* This is “breaking news” that I will be continually updating with more information. Please be sure that you reload this page to view the newest information. (Last Updated on June 3rd, 4:53pm JST).

Here’s the first look at the gameplay in Yoko Taro’s smartphone game, SINoALICE by 4gamer as played by Mafia Kajita.

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Kimi Shini Signed Poster by Yoko Taro and Moriyama Daisuke

Big GanGan and Square Enix recently hosted a giveaway for a large signed poster by Yoko Taro and Moriyama Daisuke for their manga series “Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare // Thou Shalt Not Die” that was advertised in this live broadcast:

Toward the end of the broadcast, they introduced a hashtag on twitter to participate in the giveaway, which of course, I did!

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Thank You to My Supporters! My New Printer/Scanner!!

As you may or may not know, I had a Go Fund Me page set up to help me get a new scanner, and due to the various security requirements, it took me longer than expected to actually access any of the donations I had received. I have since been able to work that part out to finally get a new scanner! YAY!

I didn’t completely make the amount I was hoping for, but am beyond humbled by the kindness shown to me by fans. I certainly hope that I can continue to provide interesting insights into the overall Yokoverse and other fun stuff going on in Japan. <3

For anyone who’s interested, this is what I purchased with the help from the donations received. This is not exactly a scanner, but it is both a printer and scanner combined (I actually needed both!). I got an Epson Colorio for about $200!

Here’s a brief example of the prints and a scan that it can do! The below prints of two Outcast posters were merely color prints whereas the print was the result of a printed scan of my own copy of the Strategy Guide.

Pretty damn nice, if I don’t say so myself!! It’s been well over 8 years since I’ve had my own printer! Now I won’t have to go visit the Internet Cafe as much merely to print stuff out!!

Again, I want to thank all those who have sent in donations to help me with my scanner issue. I have since taken down the link to the Go Fund Me page since I am no longer in the need of a new scanner, but for anyone else who may feel compelled to help me with this site, I would be very grateful for your support!! If you would like to help out, please take a look at the Paypal link that is included at the top righthand side of the main page here. Thank you!! <3

Concert Recitation, Act 3: Killer Beasts

Act 3: Killer Beasts
Scene 1: The Pearl Harbor Descent Mission

A2 (Narration):  Everything is designed to be destroyed.
In the never-ending spiral between life and death……
I continue to be trapped.
Is this a curse?
Or is this some kind of punishment?
Whatever god who dealt me this mysterious puzzle,
I wonder, will I someday raise my bow at him?

2B (N): She’s A2. Attacker No2.
A new model YoRHa android.

A2:  I was first deployed on December 8, 11941, the Pearl Harbor Descent Mission during the 14th Machine War.
I was a weapon created to take back the planet stolen by the Bio-Machines.
……We were that weapon, the “YoRHa Squadron”.

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3rd KimiShini Signing Event

Today was the second book signing event in the Tokyo area for the release of Book 4 of Yoko Taro’s manga series “Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare // Thou Shalt Not Die”.

I managed to get a participation ticket back in March and I knew this day was coming for a long time… but my brain is super stupid sometimes, especially when my usual rhythm gets thrown off. I haven’t worked on Saturday in a long time since I’ve been busy with chorus practices and concerts, so for whatever reason, I was thinking that I had today to just lay around the house and do nothing, then tomorrow would be the signing event. Turns out, this was wrong, today was Sunday, and I had already missed the first session that I was scheduled to attend. orz

I read the fine print on the ticket and nothing said that if I missed the time that I would not be able to attend either of the other two sessions, so I threw clothes on quick and ran out the door. orz orz

Luckily enough, I got there just as the 2nd session was beginning and they allowed me to join it. I was taking my seat just as Yoko Taro and Moriyama Daisuke made a very brief greeting before starting the signing event. WHEW!! So, yay!! I was able to get the 4th manga volume signed by both of them! <3

There was also a little time to chat, but… I’m horrible with small talk and I get really nervous sometimes. Hopefully, I didn’t seem too nervous this time, but I still felt a little at a loss of words. We talked a little bit about the stage play…and that I went to every, single show. haha And we talked a little bit about the last manga all-night event and how I’d really love for them to do another one. I told them that I stayed at a hotel that night since I live in Yokohama and the event got out well after the trains stopped for the night. I probably could have just gone to an internet cafe or a family restaurant for a couple hours before the morning trains started, but I already had plans in the early afternoon the following day in Tokyo, so it made more sense for me to stay in town.

ANYWAY, it’s always a pleasure and a joy to meet with my favorite director/creator no matter how brief. I completely, honestly, sincerely hope that he’s not sick of me stalking him to all these events. LOL

Here are a couple photos that I took at the event!

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