DOD / NieR Timeline

I originally posted this as it relates to the DOD1.3 novella, but I’ve continued to edit and add to this as more and more aspects come to light.

The original timeline was published in the DOD3 Complete Guide, then scanned and edited by me. Please feel free to use this image as you wish–but I would greatly appreciate the credit for putting it together. The actual PSD file is almost 150MB worth of details and layers and many hours of work and research.

Also, try not to get bent out of shape to see that this image does not designate any specific shift in worlds between the DOD universe and. Interestingly enough, no where in the giant DOD/NieR timeline printed in the DOD 10th Anniversary -World Inside- book does it state any sort of jump to a parallel universe or other dimension. It merely continues through the course of time and shows how things potentially flow together. You may take that as you will.

Updated: March 25, 2017

Addendum: I understand that there was a discrepancy relating to DOD2 and where the novella “The Garden of Light” ought to be; however, I have kept the timeline as it was printed. If you feel that I ought to edit this to reflect where the novella should be, please let me know. My memory of DOD2 is very old, since I only played it once over ten years ago. If I get a lot of comments to edit this, I will.

Interview with Yoko Taro and Saito Yosuke by Hooked

This is a pretty amazing interview with both Yoko Taro and Saito Yosuke. The intro and outro are conducted in German, but the actual interview is in English.

The part that I found the most amazing, if not shocking, was the fact that 2B is *not* the same character as No2 that appears in the YoRHa stage play! *mindblown* But, I was starting to lean toward that since her character and some parts of her design didn’t seem to match up.


No2’s final stance. Photo by Tantei File.

That being said, Yoko Taro is often known to say one thing and yet somehow contradict himself in the same sentence. It could be that this *is* the same character that has undergone some major changes to completely alter her mind/personality.

At any rate, I suppose it would be best to separate my own feelings for the YoRHa girls that appeared in the stage play from this new game that seems sooooooo heavily based on it.

Please stop reading here to avoid further speculation…
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NieR: Automata


Ruka Endo as No2. Screen cap from the initial DVD release of the play.

This just in! News has broken that the subtitle to the new Nier title is “Automata” aka “Automaton” or “Android”.

The so-called “enemy” of the game is called the “kikai seimei-tai” or the “Living Machines”, the very enemies which bore down upon humanity in Yoko Taro’s stage play “YoRHa“. There seems to be more and more similarities between the two, so I suggest you take a look at my notes on the matter here.

As it appears now, the main character will be “No.2 Ver.B”, taking place after the events of the YoRHa play! She is able to use both a katana and large-sized swords.

According to the Character Designer Yoshida’s storyboards, this character will have a long-range attack ability called “Pod”.

This is a short summary that I wrote for Siliconera:

During the during the 14th Machine Armament War in the year 11,939AD, humans are near extinction. With the invasion of the “Living Machines”, humanity had no choice but to abandon the planet, taking refuge upon the Moon. Their only hope lie in an armada of specially configured androids called “YoRHa”. Programmed with human emotions and feelings, they descend upon the surface of the planet to combat the ceaseless onslaught of the Machines.

With the destruction of No.1 in the decent to the planet, No.2 assumes command over all units… however reluctant and unsure of her own abilities. She remains this way throughout the entity of the play; she keeps her black “visor” on the longest…only taking it off in the final scene when she faces the machines on her own.

No.2, after witnessing the destruction of her unit and the last of the Resistance, a failed YoRHa expedition hundreds of years before her time, is alone among a cold, unfeeling world ruled by machines.

Source: Game Johou

Other interesting notes:

Definition of “autamata“:

  • noun
    1. a plural of automaton.
  • noun, plural automatons, automata
    1. a mechanical figure or contrivance constructed to act as if by its own motive power; robot.
    2. a person or animal that acts in a monotonous, routine manner, without active intelligence.
    3. something capable of acting automatically or without an external motive force.
    “automata.” Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 28 Oct. 2015. <>.

YoRHa DVD – Review


At long last, we’ve got the YoRHa DVD! I was looking forward to it ever since I went to see the stage play in person back in October. I’ve talked about the details of what’s included in this release before, so I won’t repeat myself on that again.

Instead, I’d like to share just a few thoughts I had while watching the DVD.

First off… I’m very disappointed. The video quality is so subpar, I am shocked that such a recording even exists. I haven’t seen video quality this bad since watching ancient .rm videos in the early 2000s. The video quality was also different when I played it on my Blu-ray player as opposed to on my computer. The quality on the Blu-ray player was obviously pixelated. I took the following photos with my iPhone to show the level of pixelation.


And this is an example of the “zebra” type pixelation that was rampant in almost every frame when I played it on my computer.

yorha-dvd-02_sm yorha-dvd-10_sm

The picture overall looked cleaner when I played it on my computer, but the level of zebra striping was so frequent, it made watching the video at all very difficult.

I don’t understand how such bad quality would have been okayed to go into production. I ended up paying a total of 8,468yen for this DVD set to receive such a subpar item; I am very upset. I don’t have cash to just throw away like this, but that’s pretty much how I feel.

Yes, it was great to be able to see the play again–and I still think the Earth production was the best. The story, characters, music, etc. were really great, anyway.

YoRHa – DVD Release Update

Although the announcement in Vol.03 of ILCA P@pper stated that the stage play “YoRHa” would be released on DVD today, February 28, there had been no information about where or how to purchase it until this tweet from Haruna Arai, the young actress who played Term B in the Earth cast:

But, lucky us! The site is now up and you can order the DVD here:

2 DVD disc set of Earth and Heaven casts, priced at 6,800yen*. Comes in a tall DVD case with B5 insert booklet. Orders can only be made within Japan as far as I can tell since payment is only accepted upon arrival (about 1 week).

* Total Break-down of Cost:

  • DVD: 6,800yen
  • Tax: 544yen
  • Shipping: 800yen
  • C.O.D. Fee: 324yen
  • TOTAL COST: 8,468yen



YoRHa on DVD in February!

Thanks to a heads-up by Sakurai Tamaki, I’ve learned that there will be a DVD release of the YoRHa play sometime in February. We will know further details by the end of the year!

I had a feeling there might be a DVD release of the show… The first night I went there was a camera crew set up right to my left. xD I don’t know if they will release both the Earth and Heaven versions of the show, but the first show I went to see was Earth…so maybe that will be the cast on the DVD…?

I was able to find a copy of the ILCA P@pper free magazine in which this announcement was made public. I was also pleasantly surprised to find a two-page interview with Yoko Taro (creator), Matsuda Ichidai (director), and Endo Ruka (No.2). I may attempt a translation of the interview someday, but the most poignant segment of the interview came at the very end where it seemed as though it may be a possibility to see a second run of this play…or even a continuation of the story. <3 I would love to see more of No.2’s story after losing so much (the storyline involving my original character No.34 also fits into this timeframe).

“YoRHa on DVD” announcement in ILCA P@pper Vol.2. Scanned and edited by me.

A YoRHa Halloween

Well, I couldn’t get my DOD3 cosplay done yet… so I’m planning on doing something a bit different that is still somewhat related.

I’m creating a new character in the storyline director Yoko Taro created for an Akihabara idol group. The setting takes place in 11,939AD when the planet has been taken over by a race of alien cyborgs. The remaining humans flee and take refuge on the moon, from where they send female model androids down to the planet in the attempt to take it back. Throughout the story and stage play, the androids are depicted as more “human” than the actual humans, having past memories (although fake), a multitude of emotions, and a genuine fear of death.

The main YoRHa units have no name besides a number. I’m still contemplating the details to my original character, but here’s what I’m thinking of:

Name: No34

Classification: Destroyer (破壊)
HP: 459
MP: 190
Attack: Black Lily (黒百合)

Neo-Classification: Creator (創造) -Nuclear Mode-
HP: 1059
MP: 104
Attack: White Lily (百合)

Weapon: Dual Katanas–>Black/White
Hair: Short, Red

Generally, this takes place after the story of the play, with the Resistance destroyed. Only No2 and No4 (severely injured) still remain to pick up the pieces (maybe there’s still hope for the “destroyed” members of the Resistance.

The humans on the moon are impatient to get their home back, so they use the data they collected from the previous mission to create a new series of YoRHa androids–this time without their typical “human” personalities, which is what they believe made them weak.

No34 is part of a small unit of the androids who are sent down to the planet to destroy everything in their path. The humans have had enough of dealing with the cyborg races and the possible remnants of the Resistance, so why not just utterly destroy everything first in order to reclaim the land?

The only problem with this is… the unit’s ship is attacked on the descent and nearly destroyed. An undisclosed number of units survive the crash. No34 is severely damaged and cannot move. This is when No2 finds her and attempts to heal her…by restoring some built in data to activate her “soul”.

No34 is unique in the fact that she has two designations: Destroyer (black) and Creator (white). Her standard form is like a typical YoRHa model, but by No2 unlocking her soul, she gains access to a secondary white form that is an extremely powerful “god” type form.

Her further story will involve protecting the older YoRHa models (No2, No4, etc.) while seeking out the other Destroyer models that may still be out there…

Costume-wise, I’m thinking the dress ought to be the same general style as the existing YoRHa girls, but we’ll see. It depends on if I can find a decent dress that fits for relatively cheap. xD Plus, I’ll have to get a black and white version of each… Oh boy.

The costume isn’t complete yet, but here’s an initial view:


You can view many more photos of my YoRHa No34 OC here.

000-DSC00116-goldeyes-cropped yorha34-179 yorha34-123 yorha34-12 yorha34-02

YoRHa: The Stage

The official site for YoRHa: The Stage has just updated the information complete cast, including the duel cast members from both Heaven and Earth teams.

Here’s a quick break down of the characters in the story. It appears as though the majority of the characters are named after flowers, as you may or may not notice from the list below.

YoRHa No.2 – Healer
YoRHa No.4 – Executer
YoRHa No.16
YoRHa No.21
Futaba / Sprout
Yotsuba / Clover
Gerbera / Daisy

Shion / Aster
Kalmia / Mountain laurel
Marguerite / Paris daisy
Term Alpha*
Term Beta*

*  These characters are called “Term” but the word that is used in Japanese to explain exactly what they are is “Terminal”. They are the interface core for the Cyborgs which the YoRHa are battling against.

Aino Eri – YoRHa No11 – Defender
Yuna – YoRHa No12 – Sniper


Secret Guest: Ito Maki (LinQ)

Cyborg Final Battle:
Heaven: Mai Nakamura (Dahlia from Team Earth)
Earth: Sena Kaneda (Dahlia from Team Heaven)

I translated and edited the photo that was just uploaded to the official site, which you can find here:

Also, it appears as though Sakurai Tamaki has changed roles. She used to be part of the main YoRHa trio with the role of No.13 (Attacker). I have no idea who or even if someone else will take No.13’s place. Perhaps that’s what the Seeds will do…? So then…


The complete cast. (Click to view at full size)


The Script from Aida Runa’s blog.


Cast photo from Sakura Akari’s blog.

Be sure to check out more photos in the Image Gallery here.

Alicein Project x DearStage Presents: The Stage “YoRHa”


Thanks to a heads-up by Michael G., I learned that the DearStage idol group “YoRHa” who sang the boss battles in DOD3 will be performing a musical for five days early next month, each with an afternoon and evening show.

YoRHa will be joined a cast of members from various idol groups such as Nittelegenic, LinQ, ALICEINALICE, Hime-carat, Shingidan Mumei Classics, TAKENOKO, Vampire KISS, Märchen Magic, Stereo Tokyo, Spicy Sisters, MarvelYell, BWH, and Mousou Calibration. I believe the majority of these groups are also affiliated with DearStage in Akihabara, which may also be affiliated with MONACA, the wonderful team of musicians and composers who gave us the soundtrack from DOD3 and Nier.

I just learned about this event this afternoon, so there is still very little information about what it actually is besides the tweet by Yoko Taro:

He says that the premise and backstory he had about two years ago for an idol group will make its debut on the stage; however, it is unclear whether this will be merely a play or a musical. Given the fact that so many members of the cast are from DearStage, I am pretty confident it will be a musical in the very sense of the term: a play + music/songs.

This production will be held at Kassai Theater in Ikebukuro, which holds 110 seats and and looks like this:


Tickets went on sale today, September 5th, at noon. What’s interesting about this production is that it will rotate two completely separate casts every other day. One set of cast members are grouped under the title “EARTH” whereas the other is called “HEAVEN”. Together this creates a very common phrase or term in Japanese: Tenchi.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the anime “Tenchi Muyo”, right? It basically means “Heaven and Earth”.

I will further edit this post to include the complete names of the cast later, but it appears that only 2 of the original 3 YoRHa members will attend this event. No11 (Aino Eri) and No12 (Yuna) will perform without No13 (Sakurai Tamaki).

But by the time I learned of this venue, it was already well after noon–maybe close to 1:30pm, and by that time, all of the first row seats (dubbed “S Seats”) were sold out. Each row only consists of 10 seats, which means, there are only 11 rows total in this theater. All other seats are called “A Seats”, where your seat is determined by a “first come, first served” basis.

The company handling the ticket sales were through Confetti, which allowed people to reserve up to 4 tickets at a time. Since I am a lonely nobody, I managed to purchase one ticket on Friday night for the EARTH cast and another on Saturday night for the HEAVEN cast. I will go directly to the venue after work on Friday and hope the crowd isn’t too bad by the time I get there.

**All shows have now been sold out except for a few for the afternoon show on Friday.**

I cannot express more how excited I am to be able to attend this venue. I have been rather sad that YoRHa hasn’t had a performance since 2013—— STRIKE THAT! Apparently, they had an event performing the “Second Act” this past January at Koenji HIGH that I knew nothing about! I soooo would have been there! Who is the publicist for this group!? Seriously!! Get it together, whoever you are!!

Anyway, perhaps this is a two act musical after all! They performed ACT 1 at DearStage in Akihabara back in May of 2012 and then ACT 2 this past January. I’m starting to think that Yoko Taro first wrote a scenario/play script for this project. As an English Major in Creative Writing, I will always be intrigued by masters of the art such as he. <3


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