Famitsu Issue No. 1464 – New Character Returns from the YoRHa Play

Today’s issue of Famitsu magazine features 6 pages worth on . We get some more information regarding the Plug-in Chips that you equip to give you unique abilities in and out of battle. You are able to equip up to three different chips at once to give you added customization of your character and gameplay preferences.


We’re also introduced to a “new” character, Anemone; however she is not exactly new. She is a returning character from the YoRHa stage play, which you can read here.

Briefly, Anemone is a survivor from the 8th Machine War. She lived with Rose and several other Resistance androids on the islands of Hawaii.

Highlight for further spoilers from the play: [ When the first generation YoRHa androids are sent on the Pearl Harbor mission, the Resistance teams up with them but are utterly decimated in the battle with the Bio-machines. The last we see of Anemone is when she is forced to kill YoRHa No21 because she was infected with the Bio-machine virus. We were lead to assume that Anemone died there as well. ]


We’ve already seen a photo of Anemone in her green hood back in November, which I discussed in this post. It looks as though the eye insignia may represent the Resistance.

These pages of Famitsu listed Anemone’s voice actress as Kanou Chiaki, however, in Famitsu No.1468, they printed a correction. Anemone will be voiced by the same voice actress as Operator 21O, Hatsumi Meari.

Source: Weekly Famitsu, Scans by Fire Sanctuary

Dengeki PlayStation Live Broadcast 12/15

Dengeki PlayStation will host their first Live Broadcast this Thursday, December 15 at 8:00PM (Japan Standard Time).

More gameplay footage and new info is scheduled to be released. Ishikawa Yui (2B), Hanae Natsuki (9S), Saito Yosuke (SQEX), Nishimura Eijiro (PG), and Tadatsugu (MC) will be on the show.

Fans have suggested that potential areas of discussion may revolve around the upcoming demo and/or Jump Festa this Saturday, December 17th. Remember, the new YoRHa/2B designed hoodie will be available first at the event before it’s brought over to the SQEX e-STORE.

Also, if you remember way back when Saito Yosuke started a poll on Twitter to ask fans whether they’d be interested in a themed PS4… This would be good timing to let an announcement like drop ahead of the demo! Perhaps we’ll hear more about this during this live stream…?

Personally… I won’t be able to watch this live as it’s happening since my company scheduled an “enkai” that night. I’m really sorry about that, but I will get home to report the new goodness as soon as I can! Thanks!!

Watch the live broadcast at the following sites:

Gearing Up for TGS 2016!

Like every year around this time since I moved to East Japan, I need to think what to wear to TGS.

One thing that’s important to understand about TGS is that… the crowds are insane. Imagine the last train from Shinjuku on a Friday or Saturday night, but way worse.

I’m not a crowd person. I don’t like to be squished between sweaty strangers who are trying to make it to a certain booth for free stuff. I’m not a cosplayer who spends the night in town so they can get up early and get in line to change into their costumes. I’m just an average, semi-otaku, anime/game freak. Nothing special about me, but I do occasionally want to show my appreciation for the series and titles that I love.

Last year, I brought two costumes to play around in:

IMG_7288     first-edit

I first went semi-dressed as a female Kung Fury so that I wouldn’t have to wait in line to put anything on… and I brought a small suitcase with my 2B costume to change into later. Apparently, I got the the venue a little later than expected and walked around longer than I thought as Kung Fury that… there really wasn’t any time to switch over to 2B. orz I really don’t know why I tried at all.

So, this year I was thinking what I should do. I don’t have the patience to try any actual cosplay this time around, but I still wanted to do something fun… so I thought, why not get a custom made T-Shirt with something NieR related?

Back in January, I asked a friend of mine on DeviantArt to illustrate a couple characters for me. One was, of course, 2B from the up-coming , and the other was an illustrated version of my YoRHa OC, No34, that I cosplayed back in 2014 for Halloween. Here’s what she came up with:

yorha-2b_sm                           yorha-no34_sm

Shortly after going to see the first run of Yoko Taro’s stage play YoRHa, I thought up my own character, with stats and her own backstory.


You can read more on YoRHa No34 and view more of my crazy cosplay photos of her here.

Long story short, I just received the T-Shirt that I had custom made… and I’m really happy with it! I still need to try it on and take a couple pics, but… That will have to be a little later. ^^

shirt-front     shirt-back

How Humanity Survives: A New “Original Gestalt”

One of the main hang-ups connecting the ending of NieR with , its distant sequel, has been the fact that… Well, humanity should be extinct. Completely and utterly gone. Dead.

Whether he realized it or not, by offing the Shadowlord, Nier essentially doomed all of humanity. Or did he…?

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YoRHa Ver.1.1 Opening Sequence by CO:JIN PROJECT

I’m sure anyone who is familiar with this site knows how much I love my fandoms. That being said, I am still very much human. At times, some things will slip past me… and sometimes nearly half a year will pass before I am clued in on what I’ve missed. orz But, it is these times that I need to rely on the global fanbase to help clue me in on things that might have missed.

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NieR:Automata Breaks Into Famitsu’s Top 30!

Today’s new issue of Famitsu magazine shows that has shot up in the top 30/40 most anticipated games list!

Typically, they only list the top 30 titles, but they also include an additional 10 more just for fun. has continually shown up there, alternating between 35-39th place.

But today, probably thanks to the recent 12-page, in-depth look at the game two weeks ago, the game has shot up to 24th place!! Congrats!! I hope the game continues this awesome trend!

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The Complete YoRHa Squad

Since the release of the stage play YoRHa Ver.1.0 on DVD this past February, I had worked on translating the insert booklet that came with it shortly after it was released… but apparently forgot all about it. ^^; So, let this post rectify that oversight.

The inside of the two-page booklet covers information on all 16 of the YoRHa androids, including rank, position, individual specs, and their unique “false memories”. Enjoy!

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YoRHa No2 vs YoRHa No2 Type B (2B)

Warning: Possible spoilers and semi-accurate speculation may exist in this post.

Edit: 2016.04.19

With the announcement of the two new characters 9S and A2 at the Music Concert & Talk Live, I have begun to restructure my initial speculation regarding No2 from the YoRHa play. Here’s the breakdown:

  • I still think No2 from the stage play is *alive* and will play a role in.
  • I no longer think that 2B is directly or figuratively No2. I think she will be an upgraded No2 model that comprises both of the now defunct YoRHa “Attacker” and “Gunner” designations.
  • However, with the reveal of A2, there are some interesting things that might connect her more closely to actually being No2.
    • She is an older android who has seen her fair share of battle on the surface of the planet.
    • She was an Attacker type YoRHa android, but by this time, these particular types have been decommissioned and are no longer in active duty. Any remaining androids that may still be intact and have been recalled generally become experimental units to develop new technology for future YoRHa models. This is how A2 could have been used as a prototype to create then next model of androids like 2B and 9S.
    • She has some major issues PSTD type issues related to her past and must learn to channel the anger she feels because of those experiences.
    • Much of her frame has been damaged, with the most damage stretching from her chest and outward to her limbs. The majority of her head, arms and legs are relatively undamaged. This makes me believe that the bomb affixed to her heart might have partially exploded, causing massive damage to her frame. Still, the damage could merely be the result of engaging the Bio-machines in battle for many years. The bomb could still be sleeping within her…
  • How this connects with No2’s past looks like this:
    • Before No2’s first mission, she met and spoke briefly with her idol: Seed.
      Seed was an experimental android that was used to develop new weapons and armor–which the first series of YoRHa androids, including No2, were with. As depicted in the stage play, the Pearl Harbor Mission in 11941 was the first time the YoRHa androids were deployed.
    • Prior to becoming an experimental unit, Seed was also deployed multiple times to the surface of the planet and was one of the few androids who actually met *real* humans.
    • This progression from ‘deployed android used in multiple missions’ to ‘decommissioned tool to develop new androids’ is extremely important as it shows the standard “life cycle” of a typical YoRHa android if they survive the missions they’re sent on.
    • Seed was destroyed during an experiment that she willingly participated in because she wanted to protect No2. It could be that Seed was the prototype used to create No2 and her sisters, just as A2 is the prototype used to create 2B and 9S.
    • This would wrap up No2’s story very nicely, give it a very neat feeling of completing the cycle, and it continues the “bloodline” to promote evolution.
      Seed –> No2 –> 2B.
  • A little bit of an aside regarding why 2B’s series of YoRHa androids are forbidden from expressing emotion is because that is what essentially doomed the 126th Descent Mission aka the Pearl Harbor Mission (plot in the Stage Play). It doesn’t seem possible for the androids to turn off this function completely, but they are somewhat able to control or at least suppress it.
  • And that leads to another important question: WHY DO ANDROIDS FEEL? If emotion is such a devastating weakness that can jeopardise their missions, then why are they programmed with that function in the first place? Why can’t it be switched off? What is its purpose? I’ve speculated this a little in the original post here, but I think the YoRHa androids are not your typical intelligent, artificial lifeforms… they are not merely robots programmed to emulate human emotion and memory… but are independently mobile units of the master computer system that housed the Gestalt information… Of course, that information is all that’s left of humanity when it was still whole. It could be that the “soul” that houses EMOTION and PERSONAL HISTORY and MEMORY in every YoRHa android was installed from the Gestalt data. YoRHa = humanity.
  • We know that the S in the name 9S stands for “Scanner“. This was a designated type that was in service in the YoRHa Stage Play; however, the Attacker and Gunner types have since been discontinued. Given the above speculation that A2 = No2 from the Stage Play plus No2 was an Attacker type… then it is most likely that the A in A2 is “Attacker“. In an interview with Yoko Taro, he states that the B in 2B‘s name stands for “Battler“, which makes sense if this model series is an all-round fighter that is able to use a multitude of weapons.

Yoko Taro had stated in a previous interview with Hooked that 2B is *not* No2 from the YoRHa stage play… But, having another look at the script, I came across this line that gave me chills.

YoRHa Play - Scene 9 - 4129-jpgNo4: Like, if you lose your memory and become a different person than who you used to be, that’s a way to continue on living, right?

This line is said in context about the androids fearing death. Although the androids are not “alive”, they are still very frightful of “everything fading away” when they’re destroyed. Likewise, their personality routines are heavily based on their pre-programmed “false memories”. For example, No2 remembers living a peaceful life with her grandmother in the country. They comment that should they lose their memory, they would essentially become a new individual.

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