SINoALICE Servers Up…but Performance Bad

Well, I got into the game and could play a couple stages, but around Stage 4, it’s been quitting on me with the following error messages:

The official SINoALICE LINE just sent out a message regarding the current difficulty connecting to the server…

[Request to Play the Game at Other Times]

After urgent maintenance and drastically increasing the capacity of the server, connectivity still continues to be a problem.

Additionally, we cannot completely guarantee that the server is impervious from future downtime due to the sudden concentration of access requests. 

This is entirely due to our inadequacy. We are terribly sorry.

We apologize for the tremendous inconvenience, but we’d like our users to avoid playing during high-traffic times of the day for the next two to three days (around noon, 5:00pm, and 8:00pm).

We are very sorry to ask your cooperation in this matter, but we would greatly appreciate your help during this difficult time.

So, hopfully they can fix this connectivity problem soon so we can play the game without the fear of it crashing in the middle of a battle over and over again…

Hang in there, PokeLab!!!

Here are a couple photos that I took during my play…


One Week to Go!

We’re down to just one more week before the release of NieR:Automata in Japan! 

Today we got 19 pages of Automata goodness in Famitsu, plus all Lawson convenient stores are sporting the nice nobori signs to advertize their exclusive goodies!

I’ll be adding more detailed info later, but here’s a few pics to start off…


Source: All photos in this post were taken by me!

3rd Live Broadcast – Recap

This last broadcast was for the most part uneventful, but there were some interesting moments, I suppose.

First, we’re introduced to a pre-recorded video with Yoko Taro, Saito Yosuke, Taura Takahisa in which they played an early prototype version of the demo. They weren’t able to participate in the live broadcast this time due to a double-booking error that co-producer Ebara Jun’ichi explains later in the broadcast.

Yoko Taro first states that Square Enix asked them to present more about the game, but at this point there’s very little they can show without spoiling the story or other contents of the game, so they decided on showing off a little bit of the prototype demo. Taura says he’s a little embarrassed to show it, however.

* Note: I’m not translating what they’re saying word-for-word, nor am I translating everything they talked about.

Yoko: Alright then, cue the game. LET’S GO!

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2nd NieR:Automata Livestream & Chat Session

The next livestream chat session I’m going to host will be on:
Saturday at 1:00pm (Tokyo)!

I will be live on Twitch and also in the NieR Discord Chat. Come join and feel free to ask me whatever you want. xD

Use this page to convert to other timezones!

I may also play the FFXV demo as well just to change stuff up. If you make comments in the Twitch chat and I don’t see it, I’m really sorry! I will try to stop playing here and there to chat with people!

Please note that this is only a fan gathering!

NieR:Automata Presentation Recap from TGS 2016

** Beware of possible spoilers below: NieR:Automata trailer discussion and YoRHa stage play references appear below. **

Did you guys catch the NieR:Automata presentation at TGS2016? Check the video below if you haven’t!

I needed a day or so to recoup from being on my feet all day there… so I’m sorry for the delay in writing anything about it.

Here are some of my notes from the presentation:

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