Help me get my YouTube channel back!!

Last Friday, I received a Google account security alert and was not able to access my Gmail account. After logging into my Google account, I discovered that my YouTube channel was randomly terminated with a similarly opaque reason for termination. I have written to both Google and YouTube regarding this, but I have yet to receive any response.

Therefore, a fellow fan made this cool image to help get the word out to anyone who follows my work. If you’d like to help me get my channel back, there are a few things that you can do. Just follow the directions in the image below:

When you go to my YouTube channel, you can also select Email–> Channel & Video Features to create a ticket in which they will respond to in a couple days (I didn’t know about this feature, so I will try it, too!!).

**I should also mention**
I was not given any specific reason for this termination besides the automated message that’s displayed on my channel:

“This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy against spam, deceptive practices, and misleading content or other Terms of Service violations.”

I have used YouTube for years and some of my videos are quite old. My account has been on good standing and I don’t believe that this action was justified.

There were also a ton of old videos like the first couple days when I got my gorgeous cat Misa, personal videos that have a lot of sentimental value.

I should have most of them backed up somewhere, but they’re quite old and I know I lost a lot of data when my laptop hard drive died… I know some of these videos only existed on my channel. Yes, it was my fault for not backing them up, but you do get conditioned with a false sense of security when you upload stuff. It’s beyond heartbreaking for something like this to happen for no reason and potentially not be able to recover the content. I’m really hoping that at least something can be salvaged.

Here’s a link to my channel:

And many thanks to Marce for making this image and already getting people to help!!!

Quick Head’s Up…

Just for anyone who might be wondering… my computer died Monday morning and I’ve been trying to get a new one since…but keep running into problems… Everything should be worked out now, so please cross your fingers that I can get back in business tomorrow night. <3


I now have a working machine! It’s a very nice, new iMac, my first desktop in over 12 years! I hope to fix my laptop at some time… but for the time being I needed something that would work and had a decent CPU. <3

Now, I need to get back up-to-date with stuff… orz

Gearing Up for TGS 2016!

Like every year around this time since I moved to East Japan, I need to think what to wear to TGS.

One thing that’s important to understand about TGS is that… the crowds are insane. Imagine the last train from Shinjuku on a Friday or Saturday night, but way worse.

I’m not a crowd person. I don’t like to be squished between sweaty strangers who are trying to make it to a certain booth for free stuff. I’m not a cosplayer who spends the night in town so they can get up early and get in line to change into their costumes. I’m just an average, semi-otaku, anime/game freak. Nothing special about me, but I do occasionally want to show my appreciation for the series and titles that I love.

Last year, I brought two costumes to play around in:

IMG_7288     first-edit

I first went semi-dressed as a female Kung Fury so that I wouldn’t have to wait in line to put anything on… and I brought a small suitcase with my 2B costume to change into later. Apparently, I got the the venue a little later than expected and walked around longer than I thought as Kung Fury that… there really wasn’t any time to switch over to 2B. orz I really don’t know why I tried at all.

So, this year I was thinking what I should do. I don’t have the patience to try any actual cosplay this time around, but I still wanted to do something fun… so I thought, why not get a custom made T-Shirt with something NieR related?

Back in January, I asked a friend of mine on DeviantArt to illustrate a couple characters for me. One was, of course, 2B from the up-coming , and the other was an illustrated version of my YoRHa OC, No34, that I cosplayed back in 2014 for Halloween. Here’s what she came up with:

yorha-2b_sm                           yorha-no34_sm

Shortly after going to see the first run of Yoko Taro’s stage play YoRHa, I thought up my own character, with stats and her own backstory.


You can read more on YoRHa No34 and view more of my crazy cosplay photos of her here.

Long story short, I just received the T-Shirt that I had custom made… and I’m really happy with it! I still need to try it on and take a couple pics, but… That will have to be a little later. ^^

shirt-front     shirt-back

Family Crisis

This is just a brief update on “what’s been going on” lately. I’ve made some more additions to the previous post, so you can read in more detail over there.

But partly the reason why I always try to keep busy with SOMETHING, whether it’s a translation project, playing a game, starting a contest event, whatever… it’s usually to help me get my mind off of dealing with real life problems. I don’t want to ramble on in this post, because that’s what the other one is for (lol), so I’ll try to stay brief here.

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What’s been going on…

I very rarely talk about myself here. I like to put a little distance from my personal life and my “official” pages, but I’ve gotten a few questions recently that have wanted me to divulge a little more into my life in Japan.

Since this can easily turn into a huge, unnecessarily long novel, I’ll present this in a sort of outline form (this is where my “left” brain takes control).

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