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The Official OST page has been updated with samples from the 2nd disc and a fun, short bit between composer Okabe Keiichi and creative director Yoko Taro.  Translation by me.

Well, please introduce yourselves.

Okabe (O): Hello. I’m Okabe Keiichi, acting as musical director for DOD3.
Yoko (Y): I’m Yoko Taro. I worked as the creative director.
O: You know, we just kinda came here without anyone calling us in……

Yes, actually……

Y: Ah, would you like us to make a comment for the sountrack?
O: Why the formal language? haha
Y: There’s a time for everything……right?
O: No. Not at all.


Y: So, how’s the soundtrack?
O: What do you mean, how?
Y: No, how about, “We really made an awesome product with this one, so be sure to buy it” or something like that?
O: I can’t say that!
Y: Huh? Why not?
O: Because, you kept telling me, “Make it sound different from Nier, different from Nier” so much, like a curse, that I ended up making something with a completely different pattern…


Y: But it’s not interesting to only do the same thing, right?
O: Yeah but, to have written this many different sounding songs…
Y: Like the boss themes?
O: Yes, yes. I made them as I was told but I kept wondering “Is this okay?” until the very end.
Y: Hey, that’s it. Like a challenging, avant-garde style? That’s what it feels like.
O: I have no clue.


Y: Like an overindulging feeling, perhaps?
O: C’mon, this has nothing to do with music. What is that, “overindulging feeling”?
Y: Even so, if you’re professional, you must have thought, “I tried to make new ground. That is more than enough.” right?
O: I told you, I can’t say such portentous things!
Y: Tisk.
O: Did you just ’tisk’ me?
Y: I did not.
O: ……okay then.

……Umm— Well, finally could you say something to your fans…

Y: Okabe-san has worked very hard to burn this CD, so everyone please relax and wait for its release.
O: A lot of work went into the making of this CD, so I would be extremely pleased if you give it a listen.
Y: As long as you buy it, it won’t matter if you don’t listen to it.
O: That’s so wrong!

…………Thank you very much.


Composer Okabe Keiichi Comments on the Existance of English Soundtrack Titles

Here’s some interesting news from composer Okabe Keiichi about song titles on the DOD3 OST. I asked him whether he knew if there are both Japanese and English titles to each track. He responded, “Maybe…but I don’t think there were English titles. Sorry to be so ambiguous.”

So, I guess we need to wait for the official release of the soundtrack to see whether or not the producers/product developers will include English titles to each track. I would not be surprised either way.


Soundtrack Details and Track List


The official soundtrack Web site has been updated again today with a brief item description, other soundtrack recommendations (the DOD1 & Nier soundtracks, respectively), as well as a track list for the 2-disc soundtrack.  Short samples for nearly every track on the first disc is available on the page, too!!  Check it out!


CD Release Date: Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Price: 3,000 yen + 150 tax
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Square Enix
ID: SQEX-10414-5

Amazon IDs
EAN: 4988601463676

Sound Director: Okabe Keiichi (MONACA)

Composition & Arrangement: MONACA (Okabe Keiichi, Hoashi Keigo, Ishihama Kakeru, Takahashi Kuniyuki), Sano “Denji” Nobuyoshi, Toyama Akitaka

Theme Songs:
“Kuroi Uta” by Aoi Eir
“This Silence is Mine” by Onitsuka Chihiro

Links to Purchase:
Square Enix e-STORE
Amazon Japan

(C) 2013 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved. Character Design : Kimihiko Fujisaka.


** Please note that there is currently no complete, official track listing in English as of yet. The following is my translation of the original Japanese titles.  I like to be a little creative when translating titles, especially for music.  Of course, direct translations are fine, too, but I like to take the actual feeling of the music, what’s happening in the story, and other similar aspects into account to make a final translation. **

Disc 1
01 Better End
02 Those Long Forgotten – Battle Stage
03 Strike of the Valiant – Battle Stage
04 Raid of Redemption – Battle Stage
05 The Decent of God
06 Merciless – Battle Stage
07 Celebratory Dance – Battle Stage
08 A Narrow-minded Sin
09 Return Attack
10 Arrival of the Guards
11 Vacant Noise – Battle Stage
12 A Mysterious Spirit – Battle Stage
13 Out Come the Crawlers – Battle Stage
14 Altered Steps
15 The Leaves of Confusion – Battle Stage
16 The Anthem of Camaraderie – Battle Stage
17 A Darkness Deep Within
18 Exhausted 3
19 Censored Violence Piano Theme

Disc 2
01 Kuroi Uta -black song-
02 Out Come the Crawlers / Phanuel
03 Arrival of the Guards / Armaros
04 Raid of Redemption / Almisael
05 Celebratory Dance / Egregori
06 The Anthem of Camaraderie / Gabriel
07 Celebratory Dance / Raphael
08 The Anthem of Camaraderie / Abdiel
09 Arrival of the Guards / Zophiel
10 Out Come the Crawlers / Galgaliel
11 Raid of Redemption / Ezrael
12 Kuroi Uta -black song- (International)
13 The Ultimate Song
14 This Silence is Mine

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