DOD / NieR Timeline

I originally posted this as it relates to the DOD1.3 novella, but I’ve continued to edit and add to this as more and more aspects come to light.

The original timeline was published in the DOD3 Complete Guide, then scanned and edited by me. Please feel free to use this image as you wish–but I would greatly appreciate the credit for putting it together. The actual PSD file is almost 150MB worth of details and layers and many hours of work and research.

Also, try not to get bent out of shape to see that this image does not designate any specific shift in worlds between the DOD universe and. Interestingly enough, no where in the giant DOD/NieR timeline printed in the DOD 10th Anniversary -World Inside- book does it state any sort of jump to a parallel universe or other dimension. It merely continues through the course of time and shows how things potentially flow together. You may take that as you will.

Updated: March 25, 2017

Addendum: I understand that there was a discrepancy relating to DOD2 and where the novella “The Garden of Light” ought to be; however, I have kept the timeline as it was printed. If you feel that I ought to edit this to reflect where the novella should be, please let me know. My memory of DOD2 is very old, since I only played it once over ten years ago. If I get a lot of comments to edit this, I will.

World Inside – Chronology

I’m working on the translation of the entire timeline that was published in the World Inside book that came with the DOD 10th Anniversary Box.  This is going to take a while, so I will update this periodically until it’s finished.

I didn’t like how the table displayed on this blog, so I created a separate page with the Chronology alone. I will update any further information to this page:

World Inside – Chronology

The Official Complete Guide Book + Settings


The release of the Official Complete Guide Book and Setting Designs will be released on February 28th. Have you pre-ordered your copy yet? Do so, here!

Anyway, Dengeki Online has just published a short reminder about the guidebook and reminded us what goodies we can find within it. I believe I’ve posted about its contents before, but here’s one interesting thing they’ve added: The settings for “DOD1.3“.

What is DOD1.3? Well, if you’ve played through DOD3, you will know that [SP: time is not a single, flowing entity. It is like a tree which may brach out from its original path to create a new “future”. It’s the classic Back to the Future idea: Change the past to create a better future.] So, what if events in DOD3 effectively alter the events which now may or may not occur in DOD1? That is where the idea of DOD1.3 comes from; It’s the same general idea, with both small and very vital aspects changed, melded into a new timeline.

For example, the guide book will talk about various possibilities with DOD1.3 like this:

  • Since there is no such thing as contracts between humans and dragons, Caim and Angel have merely a symbiotic relationship.
  • Perhaps there is a parting of ways between Caim and his younger sister Furiae.
  • Many other unpredictable yet exciting new twists and turns!

Looks like I never updated this post with more information on the guidebook.  ^^;;

More information on the Complete Official Guide Book!

Pre-orders for the Complete Official Guide Book have been underway for a while now!  Have you ordered yours yet?  Here’s what you can expect:

The only Complete Guide and Settings book

*  A ton of data and information on how to reach each of the endings

*  A ton of setting designs and information, especially previously forbidden information on various things that many fans have been wondering about


Must read information for fans from the developer on story and world of DOD3

* Featured story by Yoko Taro, series creator

*  Highly detailed information on the world view, development terms and materials to enjoy the game even more


The book is jam-packed full of maniac-level articles by the Dengeki staff that brought you the legendary “DOD2” and “Nier” guide books

*  An extensive view of the DOD3 world from the perspective of the Dengeki staff

*  In the fan book-like corner of the guide, you will find a character popularity poll and much more


Beautiful illustrations and character designs, especially from fans

*  Rough illustrations by character designer Fujisaka Kimihiko, including other design materials and notes that can only be found here

*  Rough images that eventually were cut in the development process

*  Various tribute illustrations from the illustrating team:  Ayakura Juu, Tanno Shinobu, pako, Fukahire, MAYA, Morii Shizuki, and Yaegashi Nan

Dengeki Online – News Release

Amazon – Pre-order the Complete Official Guide Book here!