Extra DLCs Now Available from the NA PSN Store

Thanks to the heads up from vault2049 on GameFAQs for this information. It looks as though the extra DLCs are now available from the PSN store.

  • Sister Prologues: Additional prequel chapters featuring Two, Three, Four, Five and Zero in a playable level with their own unique weapons; each chapter, minus Two, contains its own unique trophy set as well ($5.99 each)
  • Sister Prologue Bundle: Contains all of the above prologue chapters, including One ($29.99)
  • Furiae’s Garb: The costume of the princess turned goddess, Furiae, from the original Drakengard, please reduce damage taken by 5% when equipped ($2.99)
  • Eris’s Garb: The garment of the youngest military commander in Drakengard® 2 prevents stamina loss when guarding ($2.99)
  • Intoner Arrange Tracks: A new music pack that replaces the tracks used when Zero enters Intoner Mode ($1.99)

Source:  Square Enix NA

Utahime Sisters – Story DLC Bundle!

Starting today (May 1st), you are able to purchase all six of the Utahime Sisters’ Story DLCs as a bundle set for 2,284 Yen +tax. This bundle includes Zero, One, Two, Three, Four, and Five’s Story DLCs that had been released for around 571 Yen each.

There’s also a line in the article by Dengeki that suggests that there are even more DLCs in the works beyond the 6 Utahime Sisters’ Story DLCs. Hmm! This has not been explicitly announced yet, however, it is always welcome news! I certainly hope we get to see a special chapter on Accord. <3

Source: 4Gamer | Dengeki | Famitsu | Siliconera

Dengeki Playstation Magazine, Issue No. 562


** Please beware of spoilers. Do not read further unless you’ve finished Branch A of the game. **

There’s just one page in the magazine this week detailing more information on the story DLCs. They give a little information about One and Two’s stories, which has been covered previously, and a little on Three’s, which we knew very little until now.

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One’s Chapter – Translations

**Please beware of Spoilers**

Here is my translated script of One’s first stage in the new story DLCs.


One’s Chapter

-Verse 1, Stanza 1-  “The Utahime of Reason”

Long, long ago, somewhere,
There were five beautiful Utahime sisters.
Each sister had a slave called an “Apostle,”
However, there was one who had none.


November 4th, 998

One (brother):
Wait……  One!  One!  Can we stop for a while?  This is scary!

It doesn’t matter, just ready your weapon.
You can kill Zero if you don’t train.

One (brother):
But……  I don’t mind fighting other people, but you……

If you won’t come at me, then I’ll come after you!

One (brother):

If you’re so weak as to die here, how do you expect to kill Zero?
Come at me as though your life depends on it!

You haven’t forgotten your purpose, have you?
If I fail to defeat Zero myself……
By your own hands, you must take her life.

One (brother):
But, I don’t need to fight you just to practice……

Don’t underestimate her.  She isn’t an ordinary soldier.
She’s a……a monster.
Only an Utautai like me can possibly take her out.

One (brother):
But that would mean…

Don’t get squeamish now!  If I were Zero, you would have already lost your head.

Good, you’re getting stronger, aren’t you?

One (brother):
I’ve been trying really hard for these past three months, as though my life depended on it.
I hope I’ve become a little…… useful to you.

Has it really been…… three months since I created you?


Flashback – August 1st, 998

We Utautai are a cursed abomination. I first came to that conclusion when this country was still in ruin…… Before we set out to save the world.

[ Obtain yourself. ]

For us Utautai, we need someone to become our “Apostle”. While assisting to boost the strength of our power of song, they are also able to curb an Utautai’s insatiable desire. Sexual desire, eagerness for fame, a taste for the macabre, an object of romantic interest. Our desires take many forms but…… It was impossible to fathom exactly what I was searching for. I can’t put it into words very well, but I…… I felt incredibly alone. And I grew tired of my solitude. That’s why……

One (brother):
……Who, are you?

You…… are me.

One (brother):
I’m…… you?

Let’s go.

We are the same.

One (brother):
We’re…… the same?

Yes.  We are…… ONE.

[ Defeat the enemy soldiers! ]

Soldier A:

There’re over there!

Soldier C:
Get them!

Soldier B:
How dare they invade the Holy Capital…… Infidels!

The Apostles act as our tools in battle. Even so, I resisted using other people as my own weapon. That’s why I decided to create a copy of myself. If my partner is myself, no matter what may happen, he could only accept me. Because he is me…… If I used the magic of the Holy Capital, it wouldn’t be difficult to create a duplicate of myself with the same power and more as the other Apostles. He would have more than enough power to fight the rulers of each country. This way I could completely rely on my other self.  This is how I finally found the means by which to forgive myself.

[ You defeated the enemy soldiers! ]

One (brother):

What may I call you?

Call me whatever you like.

One (brother):
Well, you created me, so…… mother?

No way.  I’m not that old.

One (brother):
But you said whatever……

Just call me “One” or something.

One (brother):
Okay……  One.

[ Defeat the enemy soldiers! ]

One (brother):

One, what should I do?

Hmm……  First off, never leave my side.  I can’t have you running off on your own.

One (brother):
Okay.  I’ll never leave you.


One (brother):
What’s the matter?  Did I misunderstand?

You haven’t misunderstood anything.  That’s good.

[ You defeated the enemy soldiers! ]


-Verse 1, Stanza 2-  “Childish Blind Faith”

One (brother):
Then, One, how may I help you, specifically?

First of all, we need to purify this land, defeat the evil rulers of the land.

One (brother):
What will happen when we defeat them?

We can save the people who suffered under their tyrannical rule.

One (brother):
What will happen when we save them?

We will find the reason to live.

[ Defeat the enemy soldiers! ]

One (brother):

So, we’ll defeat the evil rulers of the land and save the people……
Then what?
Will you become the Queen of this country?

No, I don’t want to be anything like that.
I’ll simply fulfil the rest of my mission.

One (brother):
And what is that?

To kill… Zero.

One (brother):
Zero?  Who’s that?

If you stick around with me, you’ll find out even if it displeases you.
You will become my shadow and help me.

One (brother):
Okay.  I’m happy to become your shadow.

……In the end if you’re still able to say that, I’m happy, too.

[ You defeated the enemy soldiers! ]

One (brother):

So, One?
We’re going to…… kill a lot of people, aren’t we?


One (brother):

Does that scare you?

One (brother):
No.  I’ll be all right…… if I’m with you.



* Translation Note *

One (brother) always calls his sister Nee-san or One Nee-san. It’s a relatively polite way to call one’s sister in Japanese, but it doesn’t translate well. I know I’ve *never* used the word “sister” to directly talk to my sister or even about her, as a name. Of course, we can always say things like, “My sister…” and such, but… there really isn’t a good way to preserve this aspect of Japanese in translations. It just sounds really weird. I know some people will simply leave the Japanese in the translation, and most of the time I’m okay with that, but… I’m just trying out this style for a while.

Two’s Chapter – Translations

I was asked to translate some of the dialogue in the various story DLCs, and I can work on this now since some very nice quality videos have surfaced on YouTube recently.  I’m particularly using Miyabi’s video to make these translated scripts. So thanks much to Miyabi for uploading these videos!  Since the dialogue plays out a little differently depending on how quickly you defeat the monster, I used my own video to fill in the gaps of the dialogue that were missing in Miyabi’s video.

I haven’t decided on translating the entire scripts from these stages, but if I ever do, I will edit this post to add in more translations.

First up is the very end of Two’s chapter as she and Cent fight a huge monster, Homunculus.


-Verse 4, Stanza 2- “A Shattering Sound”

Where……  are they?  The children……
Noo!  What is this!  I’m scared, Cent!

It’s all right!  Lady Two!

Mom…… Mom……
It hurts, it hurts.

It can’t be……  Is this…… the children?

Noo!  Noooooooo!

I don’t like this, I don’t like this, I—
Are you set?  No, not yet.
I’m…… hungry.
I’m lonely…… lone….. ly.
Hey, hey……. he…… y.

I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  Everybody, I’m sorry.
I can’t take this!  Not this, I can’t take it……

Hold, my……ha……nd.
Hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me.

Lady Two, this thing is no longer the children.
It’s a monster!

Then why are they screaming?  Why are they crying?
Why are they calling my naaaaaaaame?

It disappeared!?  ……shit……

We’ll be together……forever……
For, for, for, forever together……
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
7……6, 7.

Nooo, I can’t take it any moooooooore.
If this was going to happen, then I should have, from the beginning……

Lady Two, look at me.
I’m here:  Your Cent.

……Where are the children?
This monster can’t be them.
Right, Ceeeeeeeent?

Lady Two……

Tell me one……of your stories……Sissy.

If only……
If only I didn’t have this power of song……

It’s not your fault, Lady Two.
I can’t allow you to apologize for how you use your power.
We’ll be together forever, right?
I don’t want to let you die in a place like this!

Follow its footprints……!

You can still attack it even when it’s translucent. *

It’s my power……
My power of song that… that…
hee…… hee haa haa haa……

Lady Two!  Stay calm!
I’ll deal with the rest of this!
Please, just run away!!

Aha…… Ceeeent……  Ce…… hahahahaa

Shit……  Shit……!
Was all of this……
Are you saying all of this was my fault…..!?


Ceeee…… nt……  Help…… meeee

Lady Two.
Your heart has shattered.  What’s left now……
I shall go with you to meet our end.


-Verse 4, Stanza 3- “Together Forever”

Unfortunately, after this battle the Utahime’s heart was shattered.
The pieces of her heart that fell into the depths of darkness shall never again return.
This is the story of the two who fell in love.
This is the story of the two silly fools.
This is the story…of the two broken ones.


* There was an audio error that may occur when you defeat the monster too fast for all of the scripted lines to be said.  If you defeat the monster before Cent says this line, it will play at the very end of the Stanza.

…Or it may just play at random.  I defeated the monster sooner than the line could be said and it didn’t play at the end.  Hmm.  Just a glitch then, perhaps.

DOD3: Story DLC Chapter Titles and Videos *Spoilers*

Here are the chapter, verse, and stanza titles from the first two chapters of the new story DLCs that were just released for One and Two.

Please note that these are my translations and therefore are not official. 🙂

Also, please be aware that these DLCs are not accessible until you complete Branch A of the game, so there may be spoilers below. This is your warning!!

NOTE: Each chapter number refers to each corresponding character of that name. Chapter One is One’s chapter and Chapter Two is Two’s chapter, etc.


Chapter One, Verse 1 – November 4, 998
1st Stanza: The Utahime of Reason
2nd Stanza: Childish Blind Faith

Chapter One, Verse 2 – August 1, 998
1st Stanza: The Journey of Liberation
2nd Stanza: Peace and Violence

Chapter One, Verse 3 – August 14, 998
1st Stanza: Reunion
2nd Stanza: Understanding
3rd Stanza: Protection

Chapter One, Verse 4 – August 18, 998
1st Stanza: The Anticipated Trial
2nd Stanza: Zero
3rd Stanza: The Silence of the Night

Chapter One – Graphics Glitch Gremlin – Water Wings


Chapter Two, Verse 1 – April 14, 999
1st Stanza: The Affectionate Utahime
2nd Stanza: The Love Birds

Chapter Two, Verse 2 – April 18, 999
1st Stanza: A Tender Moment
2nd Stanza: A Beloved Moment
3rd Stanza: A Peaceful Moment
4th Stanza: The Touch of Affection

Chapter Two, Verse 3 – April 25, 999
1st Stanza: A Predestined Love
2nd Stanza: The Omen
3rd Stanza: Trembling

Chapter Two, Verse 4 – April 25, 999 (Same Day)
1st Stanza: Growing Unease
2nd Stanza: A Shattered Sound
3rd Stanza: Together Forever