NieR:Automata Collaboration with Servant of Thrones

The newest collaboration featuring characters from NieR:Automata will be in the smartphone game Servant of Thrones.

For anyone familiar with Square Enix’s Lord of Vermillion arcade game series, this is their revisioning of the series for mobile devices.


Take a look at the clip below to see the characters in action!


Below is the full clip plus commentary regarding the collaboration announcement between Servant of Thrones and NieR:Automata, SINoALICE, and Drakengard 1.

.hack//G.U. TRILOGY Screening with CC2

CC2 screened the .hack//G.U. TRILOGY movie recently for fans. Many members from CC2 were present, including president Matsuyama Hiroshi, Niizato Hiroto, and Isobe Takayuki as MCs during the film.

We heard several interesting anecdotes about the production of the film as well as some additional details that have remained undisclosed until now.

Here are a couple notes from the event:

  • Matsuyama Hiroshi never had a computer growing up, so when he first started CC2, he didn’t know how to use one. He didn’t know how to type and just used the “hunt and peck” technique with both index fingers.
  • He didn’t understand how the “copy and paste” function worked, either. He somehow thought that if he hit Cntl+C on one computer, walked over to another computer and hit Cntl+V, it would spit out what he had coppied but… alas. lol
  • Back in the day, when computer mice didn’t have a trackball to easily scroll down a webpage, he didn’t know how to scroll down since the mouse would quickly reach the end of his desk… so he tried extending the desk with his arm to continue scrolling down.
  • Hosokawa Seiichiro is apparently a larger-built guy with a very quiet voice. He doesn’t do well in social situations. During CC2’s 20th anniversary staff party in Tokyo, everyone from the main Fukuoka headquarters were given airfare and lodgings to come to Tokyo… but Hosokawa never came. When Matsuyama asked what happened, Hosokawa said that… his stomach hurt. Matsuyama said that it was a waste if he never showed, but people have their own unique quirks and ticks… so there’s really nothing you can do but respect them for who they are.

Regarding .hack//G.U. TRILOGY and the Game

  • For the B’st segment in the movie, Matsuyama told Sakurai Takahiro (voice of Haseo) to sort of vomit the lines… Sakurai tried his best but… ended up not doing it. haha
  • Matsuyama wanted to sever some of Haseo’s limbs in the game, but Sony has a specific regulation against disembodiment. This why they managed to do it a little bit during the B’st segment in the movie (ie. Haseo’s leg is ripped off). Matsuyama continued to say that he is a bit fond of a degree of violence and dark stories.
  • The scene where Atoli appears before Haseo while he’s engulfed in flames during the B’st segment, Matsuyama said that this scene took the longest to get right–namely with Atoli. At one point she looked too ghostly.
  • The scene where Haseo and Ovan fight with their Avatars, he mentioned seemed a lot like Gundam. …maybe too much like Gundam.
  • The scene where Ovan’s glasses float momentarily in the air before disintegrating was apparently a huge laughing point for audiences in France. Generally speaking, audiences in Japan do not laugh at that moment… so it was a huge cultural shock for Matsuyama to experience so many people viewing that moment as comical. He said, “People are so insensitive!!”
  • Apparently, the female staff at CC2 had an issue with how Haseo & Atoli held hands at the end, saying it felt very awkward. Come to find out, the main motion animator working on the scene didn’t have a girlfriend at the time, so he didn’t know about those fine details. haha

Regarding the Up-coming LieN 10th Anniversary Concert & Live Event

  • The event will be split between live performances by LieN and recitation dramas by some of the G.U. cast.
  • The recitation dramas will consist of 8 parody mode dramas that take place after the previous set from Last Recode.
  • One drama will portray the final day of R:2, lasting 7.5 minutes.

Haseo & Atoli’s Embrase

※ I’m going from memory regarding these lines, so please keep that in mind.

Haseo: We are the same, you and I. Afraid of being hurt, frightened of sorrow. Even within our own minds, we avoid our true selves. It’s no wonder no one else really understands us.
Atoli: Yeah…
Haseo: Other people can’t determine our place in life–that’s for us to decide.
Atoli: But, by doing that, we might hurt others… even ourselves.
Haseo: Yeah. But, we’ll never find where we belong if we’re always afraid of being hurt.
Atoli: Haseo-san.
Haseo: Yeah?
Atoli: I’m here.
Haseo: Yeah.
Atoli: I’ll always be here, seeing you for who you truly are.

▲ It was really nice hearing this dialogue, but I have to side with deleting it. The audience doesn’t need to know the details of what’s being said there–we can infer that on our own pretty well. I think it’s more emotional to let the vocals in the song take the spotlight and direct the emotion of the scene. Thoughts and emotions are just as easily conveyed in music as they are in words.

They also gave away a bunch if shikishi as lottery prizes. I got a cool one of Bordeaux by Oiji!

YoRHa Musical – Notes and Spoilers

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I had the rare opportunity to participate as PRESS for the YoRHa Musical dress rehearsal yesterday. Although I was busy concentrating on taking photos, I was still able to follow along with the musical and have a couple bits of news regarding how the musical is different from the previous plays.

Below will be a bunch of spoilers on this topic and also the details on the story. If you haven’t followed my previous articles on the YoRHa stage play, I suggest you check out this page and the links at the bottom first.

First off, here’s a non-spoiler that was revealed by stage director Matsuda Ichidai on twitter:

▲ He says that Yoko Taro wrote the Japanese lyrics to the songs that were originally only in Emi’s “chaos language”. This includes No2’s solo to the song “Voice of No Return” and No21’s solo to “Grandma”.


YoRHa Boys Stage Play – Notes and Spoilers

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I just got back from the YoRHa Boys Stage Play, so here are some initial notes and spoilers! Click on the button to below to view the spoilers! (You’ve been warned!!)


YoRHa Boys Stage Play – 20180204

This post is a Work In Progress.

I have a ticket to the afternoon show today, the second to last show before the production wraps. I got to the venue early to buy goodies, but since we had to random draw numbers for placement in line, I was pretty well in the back and photos sold out quickly. Oh, well!

Here’s a couple pics for now:

NieR Replicant / Gestalt / Automata Collaboration with the SQEX Cafe in Tokyo and Osaka!

NieR will be returning for a periodic stint at the Square Enix Cafe in both Akihabara and the newly opened location in Osaka! The period of this collaboration will be from January 27 until March 2. Reservations open at 10am on January 17, so be sure to get your reservations in quickly! [ Click here to make a reservation. ]

The cafe in Akihabara will feature decorations and other goodies from NieR Replicant / Gestalt, whereas the Osaka location will feature NieR:Automata.

A look at the SQEX Cafe in Akihabara.

The SQEX Cafe in Osaka featuring NieR:Automata.

Please note that the above images of the cafe designs featuring NieR and NieR:Automata are mere templates for how the cafes will look. They are not actual photographs of the cafes as they look right now.

This time, there will be trading coasters available exclusively at either the Tokyo or Osaka location.

Random coasters available at the Akihabara cafe in Tokyo.

▲ Random coasters available at the Umeda cafe in Osaka.

▲ Random coasters available at both locations.

There will also be new merchandise:

Source: NieR Official PR Account on Twitter | Saito Yosuke on Twitter

The YoRHa Musical and YoRHa Boys Stage Play, Interview by Famitsu

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If there are any typos or other mistakes,
these will be corrected in the next day or so.
Thanks for your understanding!

<YoRHa Musical Ver.1.2>

Today (January 4th) is the first meeting for the “YoRHa Musical Ver.1.2”, but as for actual practices…

Matsuda: Practices will start from tomorrow (January 5th). We plan on working on making the play over the course of the next month.

After this meeting once everyone has had their first look at the script, do you ask the cast what they think about it?

Yoko: No… because I didn’t finish it until early this morning!


Matsuda: I got his E-mail around 2:30 this morning and finished reading it around 6am. (haha)

I understand there’s usually not much time to cover the play, but for the playwright to finish the script just before the first meeting…

Matsuda: It’s not all that unusual. Just, the play this time around is on a much larger scale… (voice trails off)

Yoko: SoRRy for making you wait!

So, you’re comment in the end of the year issue of Famitsu, where you said “I haven’t finished writing the script,” you weren’t joking… Since the “YoRHa Musical” is essentially the third run of the stage play, I assume that the fundamental story will remain untouched, but are there any details that have changed?

Yoko: For the previous plays, I wrote the original manuscript but Asakusa Kaoru write the script, but this time I took Asakusa’s script and made some edits to it to make it more my style. I ended up taking out a couple characters and creating a new character that Maria Yuriko will be playing.

A new character!? Judging from her name, it seems like she’s a member of the Resistance.

Matsuda: Definitely watch out for that. As I read the script, by removing some of the characters, I think the relationship between characters is much clearer and more fleshed-out… I think it’s been improved a lot.

Yoko: The previous versions of the play were set up to be “Girls Theater” where a lot of young girls perform, but this time around, that wasn’t necessary any longer, so it wasn’t necessary to actively aim for a large cast. I think the number of cast members is appropriate this time.

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NieR:Automata Headphones

I recently got both of the NieR:Automata headphones that are currently available from claw machines in various arcades. I have little patience to play those games, so I cheated and got these off of Yahoo auctions. I’m lazy that way. orz

So, anyway, here’s a quick look!!

The Emil headphones have angelic script on the headband. Notice that they’re using some non-angelic text as well (there is no corresponding angelic symbol for every letter of the alphabet, so some letters have no symbol and thus is displayed as a mere box).

Similarly, the YoRHa headphones have a stylish boarder down the center.


One thing to keep in mind if you’re interested in getting ahold of these headphones…

The quality isn’t all that great, which is to be expected. Simply wearing them feels a little awkward, like they don’t quite lay flat against your ears properly. I can imagine that wearing them for any prolonged period would get pretty uncomfortable. The sound is okay but not great. You may need to play around with your treble/bass settings since the treble sounds higher than normal. Also, I’m worried about the part of the cord that plugs into your audio device for the Emil set (the YoRHa one seems okay), but it already sounds like it’s getting that usual short that cuts out the sound when you touch the cord just right. I’m hoping it won’t completely die for a while yet, but who knows… I may only use these for special occasions, just to keep them in relatively good condition.

CC2’s “Future Vision” Likely to be Announced on February 1st!

During the live broadcast on NicoNico tonight, Matsuyama-san announced that they will be releasing the “future vision” for CC2 in Famitsu magazine on February 1st.

He was very diligently writing something in his sketchbook long after the others finished writing their goal or mission for 2018.

Then finally when he revealed what he was drawing…

…a boob. He drew… a boob.

But that’s not all…!!

He announced that whatever “vision” CC2 has for the future will be announced in the issue of Famitsu magazine on February 1st. I wonder what it could be!!

Here’s the clip:

4Gamer’s 2017 Game Creators’ Questionnaire

Siliconera recently posted the ambitions of various game creators, which was part of a four-part questionnaire by 4Gamer. I still need to look through more of the original article, but I believe Siliconera only translated a small portion of the overall article. I don’t exactly follow many of the people interviewed, but I’ll try to cover as many people that interest me as I can!

ーYoko Taroー

I was so very happy to experience the actual feeling of love my fans have for me… That’s why I set my sights on a girl who came to one of my signing events and followed her home. I did it for her, you see, but for some reason, she wouldn’t let me into her house. I couldn’t understand why she’d refuse me. After all, she was my fan, right? So, I beat the door down with something that resembled a crowbar and explained myself to her. Still, all she did was scream. She wouldn’t listen to a word I had to say. Before I realized, somehow she was down on the floor in a pool of her own blood. I didn’t do anything wrong and yet she refused to answer me. There was nothing else I could do, so I jumped down from her apartment balcony, and ran with all my might. I ran and ran until I finally made it to some unknown building. I crawled through a window in the back and hid. That’s when I felt as though someone had just returned home. Quietly approaching from behind, I raised the crowbar in my hand. I’m right behind you.

ーMatsuyama Hiroshiー

Q1: Out of all the games released in 2017, which one impressed you the most or gave you the biggest shock?

Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age
As always, it was a great game in which modern gamers were taken into careful consideration.

Q2: Out of all forms of entertainment released or announced in 2017, what title made a strong impression on you?

Left-handed Ellen by kappi
It’s been a long time since something’s impacted me to this degree. I don’t think anything will affect me this greatly for many years to come.

Q3: Personally, what single individual did you or are you still paying close attention to in 2017?

kappi (mangaka)
He’s the author who wrote “Left-handed Ellen” among other titles. I have a gorgeous image in my head that he–along with his works–will make it big. I think the world will rightly find out about him soon enough.

Q4: Please give our 4Gamer readers a message or tell us about your ambitions for 2018?

We’re going to release “the future vision for CyberConnect2” in February, 2018, so please look forward to that!

Source: 4Gamer

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