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Happy 1st Anniversary, DOD3!!


In celebration of the DOD3 1st Anniversary and the corresponding contest, I asked my incredibly talented musician friend, Alphadeus, to work his magic on an original remix. This is his rendition of “Descendeus” from the original soundtrack.

Also, if you like what you hear, I suggest listening to some of his other original works, either on YouTube or on Bandcamp, at the links below. He rarely does cover/remixes, but his style is still very heavily influenced by video game music. You’ll also hear styles including space, new age, trance, electronica, chip tunes, and much, much more!!
DOD3 “Descendeus” Remix by Alphadeus

Alphadeus on YouTube

Alphadeus on Bandcamp

Drakengard 3 FAQ

This is a quick FAQ for those of you who may still have some questions regarding DOD3 and others. If you have another question that isn’t covered here, please let me know and I will add it.

This is a compilation of the answers that I made in various posts on GameFAQs.

** Also, please beware of spoilers. You should not read this if you have not yet completed through Branch D of the game. There may also be spoilers related to other works by Yoko Taro as well, such as the various manga series and Nier.

Last Updated: June 10, 2016

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A YoRHa Halloween

Well, I couldn’t get my DOD3 cosplay done yet… so I’m planning on doing something a bit different that is still somewhat related.

I’m creating a new character in the storyline director Yoko Taro created for an Akihabara idol group. The setting takes place in 11,939AD when the planet has been taken over by a race of alien cyborgs. The remaining humans flee and take refuge on the moon, from where they send female model androids down to the planet in the attempt to take it back. Throughout the story and stage play, the androids are depicted as more “human” than the actual humans, having past memories (although fake), a multitude of emotions, and a genuine fear of death.

The main YoRHa units have no name besides a number. I’m still contemplating the details to my original character, but here’s what I’m thinking of:

Name: No34

Classification: Destroyer (破壊)
HP: 459
MP: 190
Attack: Black Lily (黒百合)

Neo-Classification: Creator (創造) -Nuclear Mode-
HP: 1059
MP: 104
Attack: White Lily (百合)

Weapon: Dual Katanas–>Black/White
Hair: Short, Red

Generally, this takes place after the story of the play, with the Resistance destroyed. Only No2 and No4 (severely injured) still remain to pick up the pieces (maybe there’s still hope for the “destroyed” members of the Resistance.

The humans on the moon are impatient to get their home back, so they use the data they collected from the previous mission to create a new series of YoRHa androids–this time without their typical “human” personalities, which is what they believe made them weak.

No34 is part of a small unit of the androids who are sent down to the planet to destroy everything in their path. The humans have had enough of dealing with the cyborg races and the possible remnants of the Resistance, so why not just utterly destroy everything first in order to reclaim the land?

The only problem with this is… the unit’s ship is attacked on the descent and nearly destroyed. An undisclosed number of units survive the crash. No34 is severely damaged and cannot move. This is when No2 finds her and attempts to heal her…by restoring some built in data to activate her “soul”.

No34 is unique in the fact that she has two designations: Destroyer (black) and Creator (white). Her standard form is like a typical YoRHa model, but by No2 unlocking her soul, she gains access to a secondary white form that is an extremely powerful “god” type form.

Her further story will involve protecting the older YoRHa models (No2, No4, etc.) while seeking out the other Destroyer models that may still be out there…

Costume-wise, I’m thinking the dress ought to be the same general style as the existing YoRHa girls, but we’ll see. It depends on if I can find a decent dress that fits for relatively cheap. xD Plus, I’ll have to get a black and white version of each… Oh boy.

The costume isn’t complete yet, but here’s an initial view:


You can view many more photos of my YoRHa No34 OC here.

000-DSC00116-goldeyes-cropped yorha34-179 yorha34-123 yorha34-12 yorha34-02

MANGA: Utahime Five, Chapter 14 (English)


I’ve just finished working on the newest chapter of Utahime Five, Chapter 14. Either click the image above or click here to be redirected to the Image Gallery where you can read it there.

Please remember that I am a one-person translation team. I do all the work myself. I purchase the magazine, scan the pages, edit and touch up the images, translate the Japanese, and typeset everything for the fans. It takes a lot of time and energy, so I would appreciate it if you do not click and save my images for the sole purpose of re-uploading them somewhere else. If you’d like to use these images, you may, but please cite me as the source. Thank you!

And if anyone feels exceptionally grateful for the work that I continue to do, please think about sending me a small donation via Paypal here. Any small amount really helps me to keep doing what I’m doing here every day. Thanks so much! <3

Novella – The Fire of Prometheus


What’s this? Starting another project before others are finished? Yip. That’s how I work. 😛

Anyway, here’s the “The Fire of Prometheus” novella that was published within the World Inside guide that came along with the DOD 10th Anniversary Box. There are 7 segments to this story, so I will continue to update this post when I finish another segment.

Since this is a work in progress, there may be more tweeks and edits in the future. Please stay tuned for future updates! Continue reading

Notes on the DOD3 “Story Side” Novel

DOD3 Story Side Novel

DOD3 Story Side Novel

These are my notes as I read through the novel. This story depicts the flow of events that links directly with the original DOD1 timeline, which I tend to call DOD3’s “Branch E” storyline.

Please be warned of possible spoilers and foul language. Also please note that I use the original names of some characters over the English rendition.

* I’m sorry these notes have been incomplete for years. I have every intention on finishing them; simply, other things have come up to keep me busy… so this has been a relatively low priority. *sigh*

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