It has arrived!

I haven’t been in the best mental state for quite a while, and these games and other fan activities help me tremendously to forget all the?depressing, negative things. I was so overwhelmed by the comments on my recent personal post in which I detailed a little bit in what’s been going on in my life.?Thank you, everybody, for just chatting a moment and giving me your good vibes. It really means a lot to me!! I am a firm believer that?even the slightest bit of positivity and encouragement can go?a long way. <3

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NieR Event Sells Out in Seconds

Individual sales for tickets for the NieR Music Concert and Talk Live went on sale today at noon but were nearly instantly sold out. Personally, I was able to access the site through Ticket Pia and able to get as far as to select two tickets, but apparently by the time I could click “Confirm” they were then unavailable.

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NieR Music Concert and Talk Live

We now have more detailed news regarding the Music & Talk event that Producer Yosuke Saito has been talking about for a while! This is a pretty hurried post, but here’s the important information:

NieR Music Concert & Talk Live
??? ?????? ???(Horobi no Shiro Saisei no Kuro)
White of Destruction, Black of Rebirth

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Producer Saito Yosuke continues to tease about a possible NieR event

The last music / talk event regarding NieR took place on March 20, 2012. It?was purely a lottery drawing in which 200 lucky people were able to attend. Saito Yosuke has previously stated how nice it would be to put on?something similar?again, but this time, it would probably have to be a paid event. He has also put out feelers via a poll on Twitter to see exactly how many people would be willing to pay.


“Regarding that NieR thing, too… just a bit longer, just a bit longer…”

Emi Evans teams up with MONACA to sing for documentary

Emi Evans has recently teamed up with the musical masterminds at MONACA to produce the soundtrack for an NHK documentary exploring the mysteries and geological wonder of “Nishi no Shima” or the Western?Island, roughly 900km south of Tokyo. It is one in?a string of islands formed from volcanic eruptions. Continuous eruptions over the course of the past two years have?helped the island grow considerably in size. Continue reading

NieR New Project – Famitsu Staff Interview

A couple days ago, Famitsu released the online version of their staff interview with the developers behind the new NieR title. This interview was originally published in Issue No.1385 of Famitsu magazine, released on June 25. These are my notes that I took while reading the article.

Front row (R to L): Yoko Taro, Saito Yosuke Back row (R to L): Okabe Keiichi, Taura Takahisa, Yoshida Akihiko

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NieR New Project (NieR: Automata)


I’ve been so busy, I have not had the time nor the energy to make an official post here about the recent news at E3 about a new NieR game. I’ve heard and seen people be very shocked at this news, but… I dunno. I sort of felt it coming for a while. Here are a couple things that made me wonder whether or not a new instalment in the series was coming:

  • Theatrhythm – Many songs from NieR appeared in Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call.
  • Lord of Vermilion – The cards of Kaine and Emil/No7 were updated for LoV3.
  • YoRHa – Multiple songs from the NieR soundtrack were used in the YoRHa play.

I don’t really know whether?or not these are clear indications pointing to a new NieR title, but the fact remains that NieR, although it’s been five years since its release, has been out there, reminding people that it exists.


So, anyway, about the latest news regarding the title from an article on?Dengeki Online.

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YoRHa DVD – Review


At long last, we’ve got the YoRHa DVD! I was looking forward to it ever since I went?to see the stage play in person back in October. I’ve talked about the details of what’s included in this release before, so I won’t repeat myself on that again.

Instead, I’d like to share just a few thoughts I had while watching the DVD.

First off… I’m very disappointed. The video quality is so subpar, I am shocked that such a recording even exists. I haven’t seen video quality this bad since watching ancient .rm videos in the early 2000s.?The video quality was also different when I played it on my Blu-ray player as opposed to on my computer. The quality on the Blu-ray player was obviously pixelated. I took the following photos with my iPhone to show the level of pixelation.


And this is an example of the “zebra” type pixelation that was rampant in almost every frame when I played it on my computer.

yorha-dvd-02_sm yorha-dvd-10_sm

The picture overall looked cleaner when I played it on my computer, but the level of zebra striping was so frequent, it made watching the video at all very difficult.

I don’t understand how such bad quality would have been okayed to go into production. I ended up paying a total of 8,468yen for this DVD set to receive such a subpar item; I am very upset. I don’t have cash to just throw away like this, but that’s pretty much how I feel.

Yes, it was great to be able to see the play again–and I still think the Earth production was the best. The story, characters, music, etc. were?really great, anyway.