New NieR:Automata Merchandise at C92

I went early to the first day of the Summer Comic Market (aka comiket / comike) to pick up the new NieR:Automata merchandise! I was worried that it would all be sold out by the time I got there, but it was okay!! I managed to get one of each without a problem! Here’s a look at what was available (and may later be released on the SQEX e-STORE at a later date):

  • Sensu / Japanese Style Fan – 2,500 yen
  • Emil & Machine Towel – 2,900 yen
  • Emil & Machine Clear Bottle – 1,700 yen

I finally got into line to enter the venue at 9:30 and it took me about an hour to make my way to the shop. I didn’t notice how long I was in the line, but it went pretty quickly, considering how slow the line just to get in was.

As I was waiting in line, I saw Saito Yosuke and Ebara Jun’ichi walking by; I just smiled and nodded at them. Later I saw Yoko-san near the area, too, but I was a fool and pretended not to see him. I was hoping to look up and say hello to him the next time the line went back over that way, but by that time he had already gone. orz

The shop area was shared with three different SQEX titles, Grimms Notes, Lord of Vermilion IV, and NieR:Automata. They had a sample arcade machine displayed just to the right side of the booth…and Yoko’s Emil mask was just sitting there. haha Taking a closer look, you can see that it’s been damaged more! The jaw on the lower left side has been broken to allow the mouth to open more on the right side. Maybe Yoko did it on purpose so he could get more air to flow in through the wider gap in the teeth. Poor dude.


Here are some additional photos from the guys on Twitter…

Saito: He’s here!

Saito: Mr. Companion.
The “pretty girls” that often accompany displays or booths at events like the comic market or Tokyo Game Show are called “companions”. This is Saito’s way of poking a little fun at Yoko.

Yoko: Isn’t this good enough…?

Yoko: Sit for 30 minutes and I’m done.

Yoko: I was told to hold it.