SINoALICE Servers Up…but Performance Bad

Well, I got into the game and could play a couple stages, but around Stage 4, it’s been quitting on me with the following error messages:

The official SINoALICE LINE just sent out a message regarding the current difficulty connecting to the server…

[Request to Play the Game at Other Times]

After urgent maintenance and drastically increasing the capacity of the server, connectivity still continues to be a problem.

Additionally, we cannot completely guarantee that the server is impervious from future downtime due to the sudden concentration of access requests. 

This is entirely due to our inadequacy. We are terribly sorry.

We apologize for the tremendous inconvenience, but we’d like our users to avoid playing during high-traffic times of the day for the next two to three days (around noon, 5:00pm, and 8:00pm).

We are very sorry to ask your cooperation in this matter, but we would greatly appreciate your help during this difficult time.

So, hopfully they can fix this connectivity problem soon so we can play the game without the fear of it crashing in the middle of a battle over and over again…

Hang in there, PokeLab!!!

Here are a couple photos that I took during my play…