First Look at the Gameplay in SINoALICE!

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Here’s the first look at the gameplay in Yoko Taro’s smartphone game, SINoALICE by 4gamer as played by Mafia Kajita.

Before we get into all the images below, here’s a couple notes that I took during the video above:

 Various Notes

  • Up to 5-member real-time multi-play
  • Four Job Types:
    Breaker – Sword
    Crusher – Hammer
    Sorcerer – ???
    Cleric – Staff

Downloading LUST… 100%
To get the most out of playing this game, it’s recommended that you use headphones or play SINoALICE with the music turned on.

Voice Talent: M-A-O
Restraint 【束縛】 (n.) The loss of freedom by increasing restrictions.

▲ Snow Whyte
Voice Talent: Ueda Reina
Justice 【正義】(n.) A righteous principle. Correct morals.

Voice Talent: Kitamura Eri
Immorality 【卑劣】(n.) Behavior and quite vulgar actions.

▲ Gretel
Voice Talent: Uchida Maaya (Zero in Drakengard 3)
Deception 【虚妄】(n.) A fabrication or untrue. A lie. Falsehood.

▲ Sleeping Beauty
Voice Talent: Hondo Kaede

Slumber 【睡眠】(n.) The physiological state when consciousness is temporarily lost. Sleep.

▲ Little Red Riding Hood
Voice Talent: Imamura Ayaka

Violence 【暴力】(n.) The physical destruction of another’s body or property. A considerably powerful act of violence.

▲ Kaguya-hime
Voice Talent: Ito Shizuka
Suffering 【被虐】(n.) The oppression of others. Torment and bully others.

▲ Pinocchio
Voice Talent: Sanpei Yuuko
Dependence【依存】(n.) Related to mutual reliance between two individuals. Moreover, there is no way out of this state.

SS: Staff of Restraint
Main Skill: Prayer of Invasion (I)

Highest Stats – <Staff> Cost: 16 (Water)
Physical Attack: 767
Physical Defense: 418
Magic Attack: 1,123
Magic Defense: 620

Unlocked Jobs…

SS: Coward’s Edge
Main Skill: Wind’s Blast Drain (I)

Highest Status – <Sword> Cost 16 (Wind)
Physical Attack: 1,213
Physical Defense: 616
Magic Attack: 639
Magic Defense: 410

Unlocked Jobs…

SS: Magic Book of Dependence
Main Skill: Block Attack (I)

Highest Status – <Book> Cost 13 (Fire)
Physical Attack: 693
Physical Defense: 369
Magic Attack: 563
Magic Defense: 229

Unlocked Jobs…

Spear of Bewilderment【迷いの槍】

Fool’s Scythe 【道化の鎌】

Tome of Ruined Flame【崩炎の書】

Guardian of Greed 【守護者の強欲】

Scapegoat【代替の命】(Lit. Substitute Life)

Little Red perceived it.
The smell of blood.
The sound of violence.
The shrieks of pain.

ーI love it!

Give me more blood.
Give me more wounds.
Give me more screams.
Give it to me give it to me give it to me

If the Author’s power is necessary to get what I want, then I’ll revive him—
And kill again.

Unlocked Guilds
Center Large 3 Buttons: Co-op Battle — Event — Story
Bottom Right Icon: Co-op Battle Config

Bottom Menu: Home — Story — Equip — Upgrade & Sell — Gacha — Menu — Chat

Alice awoke.
Within pure darkness. Utter silence.
The smell of blood.

She didn’t know where this world was,
But she knew exactly what must be done.
The Author who created her.
Lewis Carroll, must be revived.

She was also very much aware.
That in order to do this, she must kill
All of the other characters.

▲ Check the BOSS battle info
Chapter 4, Verse 7: Cleared!

Press and hold to view the BOSS battle info.
Chapter 4, Verse 8: (Unnamed Wolf)
Difficulty: 28   AP: 13

Since Nightmares both have strengths and weaknesses. in order to efficiently clear each stage, be sure to check the enemy’s info beforehand.

Battle Screen
     ◉ Battles go in segments of 3 “waves”.
◉ Defeat all enemies on the screen to advance to the next wave.
◉ Each battle has a 10 minute time limit.
◉ You are able to summon Nightmares to help you in battle.
◉ Choose from five different weapons to attack.
◉ Turn on AUTO mode to let the CPU control your character.

▶︎ Enemies
◉ Hound (Water)
◉ Plant (Wind)

▶︎ Enemies
◉ Hound (Fire)
◉ Plant (Wind)
◉ Hound (Water)

▲ Maeda joins the battle and replaces a CPU character.

▲ Maeda uses a Nightmare. Starting preparations for “Song becomes a blade of victory (I)”.

▲ After completing the first two waves, a BOSS enemy will appear.

◉ Orc (Water)

Party members’ strength is increased.

Clear Bonus: Reward Received for Completing the First Stage:
Alice Breaker has been unlocked.

  • The in-game characters’ motions are highly defined… including bouncing boobs and fluttering skirts that just about reveal too much but actually don’t.

RESULT: Alice’s Book, Chapter 1, Verse 1 

Mission Report
◉ Clear the stage with dealing at least one hit of more than 50 points damage.
◉ Clear the stage without continuing.
◉ Clear the stage with more than one minute remaining.

Dropped Rewards
◉ Rank C EXP
◉ Rank C EXP
◉ Rank C EXP

MISSION COMPLETE: Bonus Mission Fully Completed
You received a Magic Crystal. This item has been sent to your Present Box.

▲ Co-op Member List
◉ Maeda: 【Rank 27】 16,328 EXP
◉ Alice: 【Rank 4】 5,274 EXP
◉ Camomile: 【Rank 23】11,083 EXP
◉ Test-kun: 【Rank 5】4,897 EXP


Note: The related SINoALICE images were taken from the YouTube gameplay footage & edited by me.