Kimi Shini Signed Poster by Yoko Taro and Moriyama Daisuke

Big GanGan and Square Enix recently hosted a giveaway for a large signed poster by Yoko Taro and Moriyama Daisuke for their manga series “Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare // Thou Shalt Not Die” that was advertised in this live broadcast:

Toward the end of the broadcast, they introduced a hashtag on twitter to participate in the giveaway, which of course, I did!

A little while after the May 7th deadline, I got an email from Big GanGan saying that I was one of the selected winners!! I probably read the email over 10 times just to be sure I read it right! I was really excited!!

Looking back at the hashtag on twitter now, it looks like there were only a few people who used it, so I suppose it’s not too amazing that I was chosen. xD Another really cool fan who does NieR fanart was chosen, too!

I just got another poster frame for it and it will be joining my wall displays soon!! <3 I’m really running out of wall space… haha