Notes from the Live Broadcast at STORIA

Here are a couple notes that I took during the live broadcast from STORIA. Please be warned, though… these are very opaque notes. I’ll try to talk more in depth about them later. <3

No talk about the concert script would be discussed at this event.

Taura was behind the stage playing… and was doing something strange with the debug mode… and promptly died. lol

Yoko was already on his 3rd drink by the time of the official toast.

Ishikawa didn’t really have a clear idea about how the story in games was supposed to work, especially with how the branches connect and stem off of each other, but played and was very imporessed.

Hanae brought 4 of the official scripts.

Yoko-san didn’t tell them what happened in the novels…because he hadn’t written them at the time the voice actors had to do the recording.

Aoi made a 9S doll…and while she was talking about it, people were teasing her for being a bit drunk already.

2B doll to be produced by Dollfie Dream.

Aoi says that she thinks acorns are in 9S’s bag… She thinks that it would be really cute if he was just walking around, picking up acorns, and putting them in his bag… So cute!!

Hanae played on PS4 twice (once all the way through, then erasing his game, and one more time)

Aoi erased her game 3 times!!!

Hanae says that there’s a secret to gain levels….. since she erased her game at such a horrible timing for the DLCs….

Pod said that he was going to delete his save after playing everything to 100%

Yoko said he’s getting old so felt a little generous to make a happy ending….

Yoko couldn’t think of how to do the ending… then after about a year or two, he decided on a happy ending by accident.

They did Adam’s line about hatred… ww

9S left to go to the toilet and almost was going to bring his mic with him ww

Pod introduced a huge poster display of the chapter flow for the whole game –> from the Dengeki Strategy Guide

Q: Why was Grandma’s theme used for the “THIS CANNOT CONTINUE” theme?

The dudes who wrote the Dengeki book both were ill and couldn’t come at the last minute.

Hanae brought all of his NieR/DOD books in a Emil tote bag. xD

Q: about the numbers for Pod

A: 042 Yoko had to look at his notes: They are numbers from an old world

153: From the Bible John 21:11.

Q: Why do the YoRHa androids and Operators have visors covering their eyes and mouths, respectively?

A: The visors over the eyes is to represent the characters cannot see reality whereas the Operators cannot speak about reality.

Each of the emblems also represent this. The Resistance, with the emblem of an open eye, means that they understand the reality that surrounds them. On the other hand, YoRHa are ignorant to the fact of reality.

What is the meaning behind the Bunker being in only Black and White? It’s because that is the World of Death, and all of them will soon be dead…

The Commander is only viewed in monotone colors, even though her character illustration depicts her as having a long, white dress and long blonde hair. She is never shown in her true colors since she is only viewed on the Bunker.

Q: What is the meaning behind A2 cutting her hair?
A: She cuts her hair due to a certain ritual, out of respect for the dead.

Androids are able to grow their hair.

S models aren’t made for battle, so they tend to die more often.

Q: Who made YoRHa Project?
A: HE WON’T SAY… but it may have further repercussions later on.

Q: Why do 2B and 9S lose their shorts after self-destructing?
A: It gets hot…

There is no connection between YoRHa and Yonah.

The “Fire of Prometheus” is the first story that leads into Automata

6O died with the Bunker

21O, although she is an Operator, is also capable of utilizing a battle type

Accord is still a SECRET

NOT RELATED: Doves at the end of Automata connect to DOD3?

NOT RELATED: Lunar Tears & the Flower in Zero’s eye

The reason why buildings and other remnants of human civilization still exist in such pristine condition is because the machines keep reconstructing everything when it’s destroyed. It’s an eternal cycle of destruction and recreation, over and over and over again.

Hanae looks dead, head back

9S’s bag is filled with…? tissues…. tissues… lol

Does Adam love Eve? They view themselves as the same.

Emil recreated Kaine’s house, that’s why it’s underground aka a different location than before.

He’s not the original Emil anyway… but when the Original was still around, he created it.

The orignal Emil is STILL ALIVE!!!!

9S knows that he’s got missing memories… and that something is missing every time he’s re-started…

If there is a connection between the reappearance of NieR locations within the Tower, if he can say whether their is or there isn’t, then there is, but he can’t explain why.