Upcoming NieR Concerts

I’m sure I’ve talked about this in the past, but then again I’m not sure if I ever wrote a post about it here. I’m relatively active on various different places online that I tend to forget where I talked about stuff. orz I have a very bad short-term memory…

Anyway, here’s a brief look at the actual tickets for the upcoming music concerts here in Japan.

First off is the Mond Tränen Philharmoniker aka Tsuki Oke (short for Tsuki no Namida Orchestra) completely fan based orchestra. Participation for this concert was pretty open, but it was probably a good thing if participants were somewhat musically experienced. I found out about this through Twitter and signed up as soon as I could and they apparently accepted me! I will be singing Soprano 2. I’m sure I’ll have lots more to talk about this once the event is over! Yesterday was our final rehearsal! The actual concert will be on Saturday, April 15!

Below are a couple *free* tickets I received to give to my friends…

The Angelic text reads: “inishie no kioku, tamashii no shirabe” (Memory of the Past, Trace of the Soul).

Secondly, there are also several official concerts coming up. The first is on April 23 in Osaka and then later on May 4th & 5th in Tokyo. Unlike our fan-based event, this one is “orchestrated” by Square Enix with official performances by Emi Evans and J’Nique Nicole. This particular event was probably made possible by the HUGE demand for tickets at the last concert, last year on April 16.

Below, is a shot of one of my tickets…

Angelic text reads: “ningiyou tachi no kioku” (Memory of the Dolls).

There will probably be lots more to discuss about these events once they’ve come and gone, so please look forward to that! <3

  • Yenni Wang

    Is it possible to do the concerts overseas?

    • Sorry, this is a fan page. I would suggest you let Square Enix know that you’d like to have international concerts.

  • Sotong Xin

    Omgosh!!!! the ticket for the fan concert is so pretty…i wish i could go T-T

  • Steven Lewis

    Is there likely to be a DVD release for these concerts?

    • They may release one of the official concert, but I don’t believe there will be a commercial release of the fan concert that I’ll be in. 😛

  • Corvus

    Sounds fun! Good luck on the concert!

  • Andre Jun

    That’s nice i wish i could live in there D:, anyways best wishes on your concern ma’am

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Are the lineups of songs at the concerts known?

    • Tsuki Oke will do the following (sorry, I don’t have time to write the English right now):



      ・Ashes of Dreams/English Version

      • Noneofyourbusiness