NieR:Automata Original Soundtrack

Today is the official release of the original soundtrack, but I picked it up last night. I reserved it from the Shinjuku Tower Records store some time ago to get a chance to attend the signing event later tonight. I heard from other friends who were trying to get a ticket to participate in the signing event that it was pretty random how tickets were being given out. From my understanding, priority was given to those who reserved a copy of the soundtrack ahead of time, but apparently the time when reservations were made and the time when you went into the store to pick up your copy also had a hand in determining who would be given an event ticket. How much of this is accurate, I’m not really sure, since it was purely word of mouth from my other Japanese friends.

So, I was really nervous when I went to the store after work last night… but the clerk gave me a ticket like it was nothing. xD I tried to hid my excitement while at least showing some level of gratitude. 😛


I’m working on adding the track list in both English and Japanese here, but WordPress really dislikes tables… and I’m really particular when my tables don’t display correctly… 🙁 I’ll try to upload that as soon as I can.

  • nine

    Mine arrived this morning, too ^^

    Love the inlay booklet. I’ve seen most of the artwork before, but it’s still beautiful to look at.

    • Awesome!! We could get all the fans together and post pics of their copy of the OST. Maybe *with* the game, too, would be nice! xD

      • nine

        I wish I could – digital edition :/

  • DevolPopol

    The soundtrack is a masterpiece, 11/10.

  • Valeria

    Does the inlay booklet have any of the lyrics for any of the songs? (i.e. how Nier’s had the lyrics for Song of the Ancients / Emil / Kaine)

    • Jaron Ayres

      There are notes from the composer and producer in Japanese, and they have the lyrics to Weight of the World in both English and Japanese.

      • Valeria

        Thanks for the info! A shame they don’t have the lyrics for Emi Evans’ version! I know she had the language evolve from the original Nier, so I was curious how they would’ve transcribed her more French-inspired evolution of it.

    • Actually, SQEX was never given the official lyrics, which is partly why we’ve never seen an official posting of the lyrics anywhere.

      Even the NieR concert that I will be singing in on April 15 does not have the official lyrics. It’s mostly good guess work. xD

      • Valeria

        Ooh, I see! I wonder whether the Keiichi Okabe wikia that has the lyrics for Song of the Ancients Fate might actually just be a person’s transcription though …

        Thanks much for the info <3!!

        • Whatever lyrics you can find will only be transcriptions since the original lyrics were never handed to SQEX to publish.

        • Nope. There is only one person responsible for the lyrics. I’m intentionally trying to be cryptic to avoid unnecessary attention to said individual. 😛

  • Jaron Ayres

    My copy showed up today from Amazon! I can’t believe how fast they ship from Japan to Oregon. I took some photos too:

    • Nice photo! 😀

      • Jaron Ayres

        Thanks! I just now came back to this thread, and after looking back at that photo, I agree. 🙂

  • C’arla Merlose

    I got my copy in the mail like the day it dropped in Japanese. It been pretty much the only thing I been listening to since.

  • Yenni Wang

    Is it possible to do the concerts overseas? pleaseEEEEE?

  • Cory

    No download link yet? 🙁