NieR:Automata Resource Material

I’m currently working on compiling a couple things from the game. I’ve got all the Intel Archives up (English only) and I’m in the process of typing up all the Weapon Stories (English & Japanese). Be sure to check back again soon to see what’s new!

Also, please take a look at the Quick Reference links on the right side of the page. You’ll find all sorts of handy links there. I’ve updated and taken out a couple excessive links from the section since it was in need of restructuring. xD

But just to be concise, here are the new links:

Intel Archives  <spoiler warning>

Weapon Stories

*  I typed all the English directly from the game myself.
     All Japanese text is courtesy of the Japanese wiki page.

  • Scraggy

    Thank you!

  • Andrea Miniello

    Thank you for the note about the Black Box document! I knew there was something wrong about it: it literally spoils the main plottwist of the game!
    Are they aware of this error?

  • Ayra

    Whoa, a huge thank you for this! I was planning to read all this in-game, but… stuff happened and I haven’t been able to do so (plus there’s a fair amount of documents I had missed). Plus, I really appreciate the insightful comments you have added to. Thanks!

  • jose luis Fuentes Figueroa

    Thanks for all the data, amazing as always. I just beat the game and i have a questio about a suspicious android at the right terminal corner near the door? Is she a resistence member? , when the bunker explode anemone told me.about something called white.