Streaming NieR:Automata

I’ve been streaming my gameplay of since it was released at midnight Thursday morning. I’m currently on Route B, but if you’re interested in watching my videos, they’re all still available on Twitch as well as my newly restored YouTube channel. 😀


  • John cloud

    Wow already on the second ending ^^, wo what’s your opinon so far ?

  • nine

    A few items and a boss off 100%’ing. When do we get to talk lore, lol – I’m bursting! 😀 (Thank you so, so much for the YoRHa translation – made the game experience so much better for it, particularly the final few chapters.)

    • Damn, I’ve just got Endings ABCDEMPT…

      • nine

        I uploaded my save file to PSN, sacrificed, then downloaded it back again and carried on 😉

        Have the plat and am only a couple of fish off 100% Intel, (but RNG… jeez.)

        Been an amazing experience. Still can’t get into those three stewarded doors in the Forest/Desert/Coast, mind. Guessing they’re DLC…

        Oh, with Ending Y, make sure you fail the second Lv.99 boss the first time. You can’t (currently) repeat that fight once you’ve completed the quest, so if you complete it first time, you can’t get Ending Y. I did tweet a request to have that changed in a patch along with a bunch of other people, but whether or not they’ll do it, is another thing.

        PS. Have a prezzie 😉 Let me know if you can’t find them ^^

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    I just recommended your LP to someone on Reddit.

    • xD oh god, that’s embarrassing! haha Nothing special here… *^_^*

      • Noneofyourbusiness

        I especially like that you’re continuing post-game.