Countdown to NieR:Automata – 1 Day


This illustration is by the head character designer and director of CyDesignation, Yoshida Akihiko. (吉田明彦). 

Source: NieR Official Twitter
Actually, we’re down to about four hours until the game becomes playable in Japan! My cat is very impatient!

Also, a release-day patch is now available for download!

And don’t forget the two new PS4 themes:

▲  Ho229 Type-B

▲  Ho229 Type-S



For anyone who is not spoiler-shy and would like a livestream to watch of the game, I plan on streaming at midnight…that is, in three hours from now. <3 I may stream a bit of Toukiden 2 before that to help pass the time.

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  • mirthless

    A year has passed quickly since the announcement late 2015, then i stumbled on this fire sanctuary website with all its content and lore regarding the series. And here it is tomorrow. Kind of yay!

    Asia psn store still has no sight nor sound of this, and the psn website only has one tiny notice saying the game launches 23rd feb. Will be going to my local game store tomorrow. Friday is off, YES!

    • MrTouchyMan

      A long way indeed still cant believe this game exist

      Have Fun enjoy the Ride im gonna play it tomorrow too 😀

  • Trần Tuấn Anh

    Nice cat ! 😀