Countdown to NieR:Automata – 3 Days

Sorry for the huge delay in uploading the most recent Countdown artwork. It’s been a very hectic couple of days.


This illustration is Platinum Games concept artist, Sugita Yuki. (須田裕貴). 


This illustration is by Platinum Games modeling artist, Matsudaira Hito.


This illustration is by Platinum Games concept artist, Koda Kazuma.


This illustration is by the Square Enix character designer who worked on the new designs for Devola & Popola, Itahana Toshiyuki. (板鼻利幸). 

Source: 6 Days | 5 Days | 4 Days | 3 Days

  • Nabilun

    That last illustration is great (and cute, hey Emil)! I’m hoping beyond hope for a recurrence/cameo of some kind of Devola singing in some part of town, spent many hours chilling listening to her in Nier.

    • The pub. Don’t forget the pub.

      • Nabilun

        Haha, yeah I stayed in there for quite a while at the end of that quest.

  • wissenschaft

    I believe I saw theres a jutbox where you can see the music you listen to. I sure hope we can set our background music to the song of the ancients.