New Smartphone Game by Yoko Taro: SINoALICE

Almost exactly a year ago, we got the first whiff of Yoko Taro possibly working with Square Enix to develop a smartphone game, which I wrote about here.

Today, we were presented with a trailer and some additional information regarding the game and its story.

The absolute worst “Story”

Yoko Taro x Square Enix x Pokelabo

The Introduction from the Trailer

Do you remember?
Those stories you were told when you were a child…
Stories of beautiful princesses and strong heroes…

But, we were oblivious….
To the girls are lurking about even now.

This is the enchained world, “Library”,
Closed off by the eternal death and rebirth of the story.
Those who gather here are the characters in your stories.
They have but one wish: to resurrect the “Author”.

Each bearing their own darkness…
Each hoping for their own future…

What sort of story will be told…
Of the girls’ desire to resurrect the Creator…?

 Secondary Introduction from LINE

There is no up, down, left, or right.
Everything is completely filled by the book.
The name of this world is the “Library”,
The space where the stories and words are controlled.

I hear screaming.
I hear weeping.
I hear ridicule.
I hear howling.

Everything is the voice of the characters from those stories.
The curses of those who could never become real people.

They wish for but one thing:
“To resurrect the Author”.
In order to do that, however….

No matter what what may come……


■ Additional Information

The trailer tells us that we will know more about this game within the coming days, so stay tuned to more news and updates!

▲ The game also has a starter campaign. For every new user milestone achieved, they’ll give you the following bonus items:

  • 10,000 Users: 20 Magic Crystals
  • 30,000 Users: 40 Magic Crystals
  • 50,000 Users: 50 Magic Crystals
  • 70,000 Users: Magical Item: “Puppet’s Sealed Dragon”
  • 100,000 Users: SECRET: Limited Job “???”
  • The game will be available on the iPhone and Android sometime yet this spring!
  • The game is free to play but will offer various items that you can purchase.


■ Images from the Trailer

Source: SINoALICE Official Site | SINoALICE Official Twitter
* The translations shown in this post are the product of Fire Sanctuary.

  • Nabilun

    I’m unlikely to play this (since the only Japanese games I can reasonably play on my phone are rhythm ones as I can’t read haha) but the setting sounds delightfully Taro. Glad that he’s getting more stuff to do and work on.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    This reminds me how I’ve read that the original idea for NieR was a story about escaped
    fairy tales, and that’s why so many of the characters and monsters still
    have fairy tale names.

  • curious

    – it’s just me, but I think the voice of the voice actor in the clip, is the same voice actor who cast a certain girl (Barret’s daughter) in final fantasy vii movie.

    – is this japanese language only?

    – how can you paste this Discus comment in your post? I’m interested about this, but have no clue how to. Do you need to paste its code?