• Dirtfish

    I want this as a poster so bad! Come on SE, make it happen!

    (Honestly though, what I wouldn’t give for a proper Cavia poster book or large glossy art book of the entire DrakeNier series.)

  • Lacters

    Look the end of the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZM9eeEG7pMA
    Is that Adam? Eve? BOTH?

    • Please don’t send me spoilers, yo. Thanks.

      • lacters

        Sorry, as the game hasn’t come out yet and that is pre-release coverage didn’t consider it spoiler. My apologies.

        • eggly hills

          I peaked at it doesn’t seem to spoilery I probably should watch out tho lol

        • np I’m avoiding everything until Thursday, by which I will have the game in my hands, so…

  • cackintheback

    top right looks like a hal-like AI or something