NieR:Automata Movie 119450310 at Tokaigi

Today started off before 5am. My crazy neighbor got stuck in the slanted driveway out front and couldn’t get out, squealing his tires forever. Suffice it to say, I was awake before my alarm went off at 5.

Today’s events at Tokaigi started at 10am with the concert kicking off at 11am, which meant I needed to leave my house at the butt-crack of dawn to get there early enough to get in line…and wait. I got into the Makuhari Messe complex at 8am and there were already a billion people there. xD But I suppose I was relatively at the beginning of the line, anyway. Once 10am came around and they started letting people in, it took me about 20 minutes to enter the first area.

I had an amazingly fun time at the event, and I feel awkward talking about the details–I don’t know if the other parties involved want me to mention them. ^^;; But I was given an amazing opportunity as a mere fan and I will be forever grateful for that act of kindness! Thank you!!

▲ The entrance sign for Tokaigi 2017

▲ This was the main entrance into Tokaigi. Every one lined up here and around 9:30, they started a short stage event to help pass the time. They had a cute countdown for the last couple seconds until 10am when they dropped the stage backdrop that obscured the entrance into the venue that you can see at the center of this photo.


The Concert

NieR White of Destruction, Black of Rebirth -Tokaigi 2017 Version-
Time: February 11, 11:00-12:00
Appearances by: Saito Yosuke, Yoko Taro, Okabe Keiichi, Emi Evans, J’Nique Nicole
Program: White of Destruction, Black of Rebirth

A select bunch of songs from the last concert were performed at Tokaigi, which included some really amazing renditions of songs that you could hear nowhere else. For example, vocalist Nakagawa Nami usually sings Emil’s theme, but since she was unable to come to this event, Emi sang it instead. She did such a wonderful job with it; I almost wish they would put it on a CD sometime. Likewise, J’Nique sang the harmony line to the Song of the Ancients / Fate. Their voices melded together so well, I often felt emotional throughout the whole concert. ;_;

01. 夏の雪 Snow in Summer
02. 光ノ風吹ク丘
03. カイネ Kaine
04. イニシエノウタ Song of the Ancients
05. Weight of the World
06. Emil (Emi Version)
07. Ashes of Dreams (English)
08. Grandma
09. イニシエノウタ Song of the Ancients / Fate

Voice actors Isobe Keiko (Operator 6O) and Hatsumi Meari (Operator 21O / Anemone) were also present toward the back of the standing area at the concert.


The New Opening Sequence



The Translations

▲ A2: こんなに世界が綺麗だって気付かなかったわ。
  English: I never quite realized… how beautiful this world is…
  Direct: I never realized… how beautiful this world is…

▲ 9S: 司令官からの命令で2Bさんのメインテナンスを担当する事になったんです。これから、定期的にチェックしますね。
  English: The Commander’s put me in charge of your maintenance, ma’am.
  That means I’ll be performing regular checks on you from now on.
  Direct: I was assigned by the Commander to oversee your maintenance.
  I’ll be performing regular checks on you, okay?

▲ Notice here that… it appears as though 2B is unconscious or dead… and 9S grabs her hand, using it to caress his own face… *creepy*

▲ 2B: この記録を聴いた者がいたら、伝えて欲しい事がある。もしヨルハ部隊所属9Sに会う事があったら、私は彼に…
  English: If anyone is listening to this, there’s something I need you to do.
  If you ever meet up with YoRHa Unit 9S, I want him… I mean…
  Direct: If anyone hears this recording, there’s something I need to tell you.
  If you ever come in contact with YoRHa Unit 9S, please tell him…

This image reminds me a lot of what was shown in the storyboards from the Character Introductions video last year:

▲ 9S: ポッド153に命令:貴様の独断論理しかの発言を禁止する
  English: Pod153: I order you to halt all logical thought and speech.
  Direct: Pod153: I forbid you to voice your damn dogmatic logic.

▲ 2B is damaged and having extreme difficulty moving forward, many of her systems failing…

AD: 11945, the 14th Machine War

▲ Short-haired A2/B2(?)

▲ Notice that this gigantic centipede appears to be the same boss that A2 comes across in the desert, as depicted on her character poster:

▲ Short-haired A2/2B with Pascal who seemingly has a “headache”. Again, the color of the machine’s eyes is important here. Green = good, Red = bad!

▲ Note that this shot is in grayscale. Since all shots on the Bunker are displayed in grayscale, this is more than likely within the Hanger on board the Bunker.

▲ The Commander ordering her battle Operators forward within the Bunker.

▲ These are the “battle” type Operators that serve the Commander.

▲ 9S with the short-haired A2/2B(?).

▲ Adam: 機械生命体とアンドロイドは同類と言えなら…
  English: Perhaps we’re not so different after all.
  Direct: Perhaps you could even say Bio-machines and androids are similar.

Rekka’s Comments
It’s clear there’s something going on odd here.
Adam & Eve do not seem to label themselves, whether they are Bio-machines or androids in the English line, but comparing it to the Japanese, we can assume that they are not androids
and are therefore Bio-machines… Perhaps along the lines of Term Alpha & Term Beta.

▶︎ Pascal: A2さん、ここは私が!
  English: Fear not, A2! I can handle this!
  Direct: A2, I’ve got this!

▲ A2 stands above a defeated or incapacitated 2B. This shot ends when A2 steps closer and takes 2Bs sword that’s sticking out of the ground.

▲ The Commander’s Operators… losing sentience.

▲ A2/2B: 私達はアンドロイドがあるい自体に人類を守るように作られている。
  English: Androids were designed to protect their human masters.
  Direct: Androids were created to protect humanity.

Rekka’s Comments
Personally, I really dislike the “human masters” thing.
Yeah, humans created the androids, but… Mmm…
I don’t know; it just doesn’t feel right to me.

▲ Emil: 無駄と分かって言っても、やらなきゃダメなんだ。
  English: Even if it’s pointless, we still have to do it!
  Direct: Even if it’s meaningless, we still have to do it!

▲ I really want to say that this is Eve that they’re fighting. The figure appears to be all black… which is what happens to Eve when his tattoos expand across his entire body.

▶︎ Commander: お前達二人は最後のヨルハ部隊…
  English: You two are the last members of YoRHa.
  Direct: You two are what’s left of the YoRHa Squadron…

Rekka’s Comments
The… last of the YoRHa Squadron?
What the heck happened to wipe out all other YoRHa??
There weren’t many to begin with, but still…

▲ Eve: 俺は、俺は…!
  English: I… I’m…!
  Direct: I’m… I’m…!!!

▲ 9S without his visor and destroyed left arm. He does not look… “well”.

▲ 2B: 違う、9S。あれは…
  English: That’s not the Operator… It’s…
  Direct: No, 9S… That’s not…

Rekka’s Comments
There is *no* mention of the Operators from the original line.

You’d have to infer a lot to come to that conclusion.

▲ The Celestial Script reads “YoRHa Truth”. Hmmm…

  • MrTouchyMan

    damm soo much stuff lost in the english version

    • Yeah, I don’t know. I think people are going to have different views on this. I’m certainly a “purest” in the sense that I cannot stand dubbing of any sort. The voice acting needs to remain in its native tongue for me. xD

  • Sorakuze

    I watched the trailer 2 more times and to me Eve is actually saying I….. I…. in the English ver. I didn’t hear any “d” in his word.

    • Sorakuze

      Btw unrelated to the topic the countdown pic of Adam and Eve is replicating Michelangelo Buonarroti’s biblical painting “The Creation of Adam” which I find interesting.

      • Sotar

        There is many biblical metaphors in Yoko’s games.

        • Yeah, not only that, he is extremely well versed in world literature, cultures, and history and has made many allusions to other things besides the Bible.

      • Yes, that was my thought exactly when I saw it. My only question was… who illustrated it. I think I know but will need to double check. It may be official “fanart” like we’ve seen before; not officially commissioned work by an illustrator but just something fun that they’ve done themselves on the side.

  • Noneofyourbusiness

    Well it’s not right, how the humans are using the YoRHa.

    Thanks for sharing the direct translations! Seeing both together really shines a light on things. Like that Adam and Eve are apparently Living Machines (then the aliens are connected to the Watchers?) and that 2B is warning 9S about something impersonating the Operator, or something like that. Also, I had thought from the English trailer that 2B’s message might be going to say she wanted 9S dead, but the direct translation makes that unlikely. And the direct translation of his command to the Pod makes it seem less sinister, too.

    • It could be that the Logic Virus is plaguing the “race” of androids. I think that’s what’s going on with the battle type Operators who have green eyes one minute and then red the next. They could have become infected and therefore a threat.

  • Matheus Faria’

    My only complain is that the scene where Eve is turning black or something is different in this trailer than this other one… i hope they use the previous one in the full game! Anyway, nice job as allways with your posts! (min 1:16, but also the thumbnail shows it)

  • Ayesha~

    “Perhaps both Bio-machines and androids are “dolls”.”
    Is dolls here correct? Honestly I heard 同類 instead of ドール which means similar. Would make a lot more sense for the English translation, too.

    • Absolutely! Thank you for that. There’s bound to be goofs, so I appreciate the help pointing out where I’ve made mistakes. <3

  • WanderingAragamiRider

    Maybe the 2 red girls from the Yorha play are impersonating or controlling things from the background since If I remember correctly they got into the bunker somehow and there was a transmission going on while they were there.

    • No, they never went to the Bunker. Alpha and Beta were apart of the Bio-machine terminal at Mt. Ka’ala, Hawaii. The server room was destroyed when No4 self-detonated. But what the androids didn’t realize at the time is that the terminal entities cannot be destroyed, even after destroying the server room and the physical terminal there… the “entity” or computer system still exists elsewhere. It’s sort of like the Borg, where you have multiple appendages spread throughout the world, destroying one cube really does nothing to them as a whole. I have speculated before that Adam & Eve may be updated versions of Term Alpha & Term Beta. Through the course of the play, they learned what human emotion was… They started out very robotic but became very human by the end.

  • Pablo Sanchez

    “The Commander” really looks like Zero…

    • She is a returning character from the YoRHa stage play. Although she shares some similarities with Zero, I’m not sure on the connection there. We shall see, though!!

      • Pablo Sanchez

        mmm could be.

        Besides Yorha, what else is a must reading before the game?

  • MrAptronym

    While a lot can be leaned by comparing the English and Japanese lines, I don’t really know how much there is to be gained from critiquing direct line to line comparisons without the context of the scenes. Localizers change lines, what is important is that each scene conveys the same information and tone. There is probably a lot of context for mentioning the operator in that last line for instance.

    • Oh, yeah, I realize all of that. It’s difficult to know what’s going on without the context, but I think there are still some things you can learn or get a different sense on what *could* be going on from looking at the original lines as opposed to the translated ones. This is certainly not a science and is purely for the fun of it, whether anything will will come from doing such analysis. xD

    • StarkEx

      There’s also the challenge of having to account for the shared lip-sync between two languages, which interferes with direct translations. I imagine that’s the cause of some of these line changes.

  • StarkEx

    I was wondering how we’d fight those eyeball-looking machines. Looks as they’re like tanks and can connect together to form that centipede enemy.

    This trailer raises so many questions. I can already tell we’re in for a crazy ride.

  • Life&HometownAreBetter

    i think that’s probably a short haired A2, at least the body, (since they are machines she could have downloaded 2B momory in her to “save” her or something) since they always wanted to keep secret if A2 was playable or not