Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 632

The new issue of Dengeki PlayStation Vol. 632 featured 6 pages on to help people get up-to-speed before the game’s release on February 23rd! Here are a couple notes on 20 points about the game that you should know:

#1 Is this madness or depression?
The overwhelming “World of Yoko” Story

#2 The Sci-Fi atmosphere gets a big boost!
This story takes place on an Earth that has been stolen by Bio-machines

#3 Androids without emotion?
The “YoRHa Squadron” is humanity’s only hope

  • Among the ranks of androids, a small number of mighty warriors known as the “YoRHa Squadron” were created.
  • Rogue androids: The mysterious A2. Although she is also a member of the YoRHa Squadron, she entirely works on her own.

#4 The Commander in charge of the YoRHa Squadron and the Resistance, all of which are androids

#5 The action is amazing!
Platinum Games is in charge of the battle system.

  • Speed attack… Square button
  • Heavy attack… Triangle button

TOPIC #1: The dodge function adds a ton of fun to the action

  • If you dodge at the right time, you can counter an attack

#6 You also have long-range attacks to your disposal
Support unit Pod

  • Machine Gun… R1 button

#7 There are 4 weapon types
Each weapon has its own unique pros and cons

  • light sword
  • heavy sword
  • spear
  • combat bracers

#8 Use the plug-in chips to design your character around how you like to play

#9 If you’re having trouble, turn on the “Auto Mode”
There are 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, and Very Hard

#10 Nature is slowly returning to the planet abandoned by man

#11 A world filled with wild animals
They are also mountable and have their own unique abilities!

  • boar: drift
  • moose: high jump

#12 Enemy Bio-machines have interesting designs
Their appearance will differ from location to location

  • Desert: mask & cape
  • Amusement Park: clown

Topic #2: Bio-machines have uniquely evolved in each area
What is the purpose for this distinction?

Boss enemies also have their own special design.

  • As you progress through the game, you will fight bosses that have unique attacks. You’ll have to discover what their weaknesses are on your own!
  • Some bosses use long-range attacks that you’ll have to maneuver through if you really want to prevail.

#13 Depending on the situation and the enemies you fight, the camera angle will change.

#14 Fighting is not the only thing?
Sometimes you can take a break and go fishing!

  • There are some really rare fish that you can sell for a lot of money when you’re short on cash.

#15 Friend or Foe? The mysterious pretty-boys appear… Adam and Eve

  • Shrouded in mystery, their silver hair and red eyes are a slightly concerning…

#16 The Access Points are hugely helpful in your mission, allowing you access to:

  • Area map updates
  • Quick save
  • Mailbox
  • and other abilities…!?

#17 If you’ve played the previous game, this ought to make you smile.
Very nostalgic name-drops hit!

  • Since the game takes place so far into the future, there is no deep connection with the previous game; however, Emil, Devola, and Popola seem to be returning (this Devola & Popola are not the same individual androids as before). If you’re a fan of the first, then you’ll be very happy to see these guys again!

Topic #3: Even some Bio-machines will help you fight!?

  • Pascal is a pacifist who hates fighting. She works with other Bio-machines who share the same hopes for a peaceful world. Sometimes Pascal will tag along with 2B, but what is her true intentions?

#18 A ton of Sub Quests and Weapon Stories

  • Get quests from various people from all over the place
  • As you upgrade your weapons, an additional portion of the Weapon Story will be unlocked

#19 Multi-ending Story?
Work your way to the very end

  • Could 2B & A2 be on opposite sides even though they’re both YoRHa androids?
  • The original game had multiple endings as well; but a revealing truth will become clear through the further you progress through each ending.

#20 The game is out on February 23rd! For the Glory of Mankind!

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  • MrAptronym

    A neat hype piece, not much that is surprising or new here, but I guess it probably isn’t aimed at people following the game super-closely. I just got the charge for my copy. Kind of wishing I’d paid extra for the shipping now though.

  • Nabilun

    Really hyped to see Emil again yay. Equally hyped for man’s best friend drifting boar. Also, ‘world of Yoko’ made me laugh.