NieR:Automata Original Soundtrack to be released on March 29 with a secret 4th disc!

This just in! The OST will be released on March 29! The soundtrack alone will be three discs, but the initial release will come with a  “secret” 4th disc as a bonus!! I wonder what it could be!!!

The bonus disc is not only for pre-orders!!! The initial release, whether you pre-order it or purchase it when it’s released, will come with the bonus CD. I expect it to be similar to the bonus discs that originally came with the previous soundtrack.

Title: Original Soundtrack
Product Number:SQEX-10589-91
Release Date:Wednesday, March 29
Price:3,200 yen (+tax)
Composers:Okabe Keiichi, Hoashi Keigo, Takahashi Kuniyuki (MONACA)
Details:Three 12cm CD set
Publisher:Square Enix

Source: Square Enix | MONACA


  • Jerry Hu

    will be there discs? I guess is “three” discs.

  • Christian Q.

    I hope that Nier Automata OST pops up in Amazon JP to buy both amazarashi CD’s.

  • Megumin

    I bought Nier original ost way back then alongside the PS3 game.

    Guess I will get the original ost for automata after I get the game on PC.

  • chazzeromus

    So if I ordered now, would it still be an initial release? Specifically the listing on play-asia?

  • Darksa Niwa

    I preorder it from steam, does it mean I will have the OST for free as well?
    I guess not. No for PC
    Just guess

    • Sorry, i have no idea. 🙁

      • Darksa Niwa

        don’t worry, this is just a guess.
        we don’t know until they release it.
        Let’s wait and see

      • Darksa Niwa

        Hey, new information.
        The OST is free fro anyone who has proorder the game on PC
        However, there is some problem in here.
        Currently I check the square enix store on EU, they have the OST but available for EU countries
        For the NA like US store, it’s not available yet.
        And there is not US list in EU country store, so ……….. you know. Can’t order it.
        I guess we have to wait more further or contact the Square Enix in the NA or EU