Lawson and HMV Merchandise Collaboration

During the 2nd Live Broadcast tonight, we were shown some new merch available through Lawson’s online shop:

12 piece Limited Cookie Set, 2,250 yen [Loppi #214267]

Mini Emil Table, 4,320 yen              [Loppi #214266]

Smart Phone Case, 4,536                  [Loppi #214263]

Emil Pillow Cushion, 4,104 yen       [Loppi #214262]                                             Diameter: 300mm, Width: 100mm         Polyester cover with stuffed beads

Yoshida Akihiko Reproduction Genga Illustration, 16,200 yen [Loppi #214258] Acrylic, with unique serial number, Size: 328 x 415 x 22mm

 * I’ve already ordered these items and it looks like they’re planning on shipping things out on May 9th for free! Cool! No shipping fees!! 😀

This is what the display looks like for ordering the cookies on the Loppi system at a Lawson convenience store:

So, it looks like the delivery box that the cookies will be packaged in is the same design as the smartphone case!


In other news, Yoko Taro was asked to make a comment regarding the new Fantasy RPG in development from Atlus*.

* I was a little quick to write about this, so I apologize for getting your hopes up that he would be directly involved. It does not appear that is the case at the moment.

  • Goro Majima

    in other sites, it’s only said that Taro is only commenting (or “supporting” by commenting) about the Atlus project :

    Is he really included in it?

    • I listened to it again and he does say at the beginning that Atlus approached him to make a COMMENT regarding the new Fantasy RPG by Atlus currently in development. It doesn’t appear like he will have any direct involvement with it at the moment, but staff involved has not been fully announced.

    • No, I’m sorry; I was tired and didn’t listen properly. *sigh* It was merely a comment he made about them. Even so, it’s still very interesting that they’re withholding additional information on who is involved (director, etc.).

  • HJHJ

    Will you be doing translations on the program chips shown off on today’s stream?