NieR:Automata Package Art Revealed


This is the new package art, illustrated by character designer Yoshida Akihiko, that just dropped today. There is still a disclaimer printed at the top of the image that states that changes may occur without warning for the final product, but it looks like this will be the official packaging jacket for the game.

Taking a closer look at this design, it seems as though this cover would confirm that we’ll be able to take control of these three characters: 2B, 9S, A2. Exactly how or when they may become playable has of yet not been stated, but seeing them all featured in this manner, I think, is rather suggestive.

As for what happened to 9S here… it’s all speculative, but if you care to read a little bit about the possibilities regarding that please read further… ( Beware of possible spoilers!! )

[ Rekka’s Speculation ]

And since this may be our official jacket cover for the game, this brings back to the previous jacket cover below:


Although we now know that the new artwork by Yoshida will most likely be the actual jacket cover for the game, the back may end up being like what’s shown above. We shall see, I suppose!


PlayStation Store Bonus DLC: Game Console

dlc-bonus-14dlc-bonus-15 dlc-bonus-13

This DLC is available for anyone who pre-orders the Downloadable version from the PlayStation store. The game will be available at midnight on February 23, so this is probably the FASTEST way for you to get your hands on the full version of the game!

Here’s what the NieR:Automata page looks like on the PlayStation Store!
( Click the images below to be redirected to the PlayStation Store page! )

psn-store-01 psn-store-02

So, that’s all for the “new” news for right now. I expect there to be something new in the Famitsu magazine tomorrow… but like I said before, we shall see…


Also, a huge important thing that was just announced…

Pre-orders for the Black Box Edition release will CLOSE this Friday, November 4th at 1:00PM (Japan time).

If you haven’t already made an order…and you REALLY want the box at the flat rate… now’s your chance! Of course, that’s assuming you have means to order from Japan… 😛

At any rate, you can pre-order your copy of the Black Box Edition here.