A Closer Look: 1st Live Broadcast

I wasn’t able to get my computer fixed or purchase a new computer in time for the live broadcast, but I did manage to watch it at a local Internet cafe (also had a slight earthquake while I was there). So, now I’m working on a long list of back-logged items that I wanted to get done. Since this is going to be slow going, I’m going to post whatever I finish, when I finish it.

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Various Stills


First look at the official titles for the two songs that were performed at the concert. Yoko Taro states that the name “Weight of the World” was kept due to fan input as suggested by J’Nique Nicole.



This portion of the novel depicts the Shade attack on Nier’s village as seen by Kaine’s perspective. Tyrann is also shown goading Kaine on in this passage. This chapter or section of the novel is entitled “The Sealed Tomes” referencing the 13 magical books that were part of the Gestalt Project (ie. Weiss, Noir, Rubrum, etc.). The novel is written by Eishima Jun and pretty much the entire novel was OK’ed by Yoko Taro without even looking at it.

Saito Yosuke said that this glorious set is something that you shouldn't regret *not* buying... but rather you should regret *after* buying... lol So, I guess you should buy it first and then formulate your own opinion about it! hahaha

Saito Yosuke said that this glorious set is something that you shouldn’t regret *not* buying… but rather you should regret *after* buying… lol So, I guess you should buy it first and then formulate your own opinion about it! hahaha


Gameplay Footage

The Resistance Camp



Here you can see some sort of Bio-machine/android hybrid inside the camp.



ninama01-animals01 ninama01-animals02-lure ninama01-animals03-itadaki ninama01-animals04-boar-drift ninama01-animals05-boar-jump ninama01-animals06-moose-item ninama01-animals06-moose ninama01-animals07-moose02 ninama01-animals08-moose-jump01 ninama01-animals09-moose-jump02 ninama01-animals10-moose-jump03 ninama01-animals11-moose-lof01 ninama01-animals12-moose-lof02 ninama01-animals13-moose-lof03

If you jump from a high place while riding on a boar or moose, the animal will not survive.

If you jump from a high place while riding on a boar or moose, the animal will not survive.


Status Menus

menu-item01 menu-item02 menu-map menu-skill


GUN (Gatling / Laser) – Charge increases the number of hits


Each skill set appears to have its own individual attacks that you can select.


LSR (Laser / Mirage) – Charge increases the spherical range


MSL (Missile / Hammer) – Charge increases the number of hits

r040-blade r050-spear r060-m_shield a070-p_shield a080-wavea090-wire a120-repair a110-slow a100-decoy 110-a110-slow 120-a120-repair 130-a130-bomb 140-a140-gravity 150-a150-volt 160-a160-missile 170-a170-scanner



nimama01-battle01 nimama01-battle02-mirage


Hammer – Charge Attack

nimama01-battle03-hammer nimama01-battle04-hammer nimama01-battle05-hammer

All screen shots and English translations were produced by Fire Sanctuary.

  • Anon

    Reading your explanation of Pod Programs, I think it’s a little unclear each Pod has its own Equipment (Gatling, Laser, Missile) and can have one assigned attack/program from a COMMON pool. These attacks don’t seem dependent on the equipment; “laser / mirage” is not different from “gatling / mirage”.

    At one point Taura puts hammer on Gatling (rather than Missile) to demo the synergy between Gravity and Hammer and the effect is the same.

    • At this point, it’s very unclear what the details are about the Pod system. We know Pod042 is designated to 2B, but in the Skill equip menu, it lists three separate Pods from which you can equip unique programs to each one. Does this mean that 2B not only has Pod042 assigned to her but two others as well? Or are these merely separate attack types that Pod042 can utilize? For the time being, I’m going with it’s ONE Pod (Pod042) but it’s able to switch between different attack types and programs to vary battle specs…? I really have no clue.

      • Anon

        Right now I’d say that there’s a bit of “ludonarrative interference”; Pod 042 is the only Pod CHARACTER assigned to 2B, but for purely gameplay reasons she has 3 Pods available to her. I would put cash on the table that says they’re uninvolved in the story and are just a conceit of the game design.

        We do know that there are 3 simultaneous Pods, however, and not just a “hot swap equipment” thing, because charging up Pod Program attacks summons two, then three Pods, and IIRC the pods summoned actually have the equipment of the other 2 (charge Hanmer with Gatling Pod, and Laser and Missile appear to use Hanmer as well for the charged version.)

        Perhaps there will be a handwave about these Pods being auxiliary support on-call; if we worry too hard about how the gameplay works from a narrative POV, we’ll start wondering why we have to walk places when the technology for materializing objects from thin air exists. Or why YoRHa soldiers even exist when the Pods are self-directing and plenty deadly to Machine Life Forms

        • Anon

          I stand (somewhat) corrected; Hammer uses only one Pod, from your screengrabs above. But I know that the 3-pod summon effect works for Laser, for instance, so we DO see 2B with multiple simultaneous Pods on the field.

        • Yeah, I think you’re right. The multiple Pod theory is probably only meant to exist on a gameplay level. This is usually where I start to get bored with the details lol but if it has something related to the STORY, then I’m all for it. xD