NieR:Automata Pre-order Bonus DLCs

This is my translation the October 26 blog update on the official NieR:Automata site.
The photos and original content is from there.

Here’s a little head’s up regarding the limited DLC bonuses available from various store locations.

First Edition Bonus
Pod Model: Weiss

dlc-bonus-01 dlc-bonus-02

All members of the YoRHa Squadron come with the support “Pod” units as their standard equipment. As a special bonus for the first edition of the game, the outer design of the Pods, with their long-range attacks and ability to help you move about the field with their glide function, can take on the appearance of Weiss from the previous game.

This is an added bonus when you pre-order the game at any of the stores listed below.


Square Enix e-STORE Bonus
Accessory: Bio-machine Head

dlc-bonus-03 dlc-bonus-04

An accessory for 2B that gives her the head of the enemy Bio-machines will be available from the e-STORE as a limited bonus. Bonus
Pod Skin: Delivery Box

dlc-bonus-05 dlc-bonus-06

This is the limited bonus DLC available from that gives Pod the appearance of an Amazon cardboard delivery box.


Geo Bonus
Pod Skin: Retro Black



CPU: 16 bit

This is the limited bonus DLC skin for Pod available at Geo.

During the 1st Live Broadcast on October 26th, Yoko Taro stated that there was something about these extra Pod skins that would be very bad if he talked about them in more detail. I have absolutely no idea what this could mean, but it seems like there is something hidden about these guys. 


Tsutaya Bonus
Pod Skin: Retro Red



CPU: 8 bit

This is the limited bonus available at Game Tsutaya and Tsutaya Online Shopping.


Lawson Bonus
Pod Skin: Blue Stripes

dlc-bonus-11 dlc-bonus-12

And lastly, this is the limited bonus available at Lawson convenience stores.

  • Note #1: Each DLC is limited and may change without prior notice.
  • Note #2: There is no plan to offer these DLCs outside of this pre-order promotion.
  • The Black Box Edition from the SQEX e-STORE comes with the Weiss and Bio-machine Head DLCs.

The original Japanese article was written by NieR:Automata PR Director No1.