The Black Box Edition: The Outer Box

This is my translation the October 21 blog update on the official site.
The photos and original content is from there.


Good evening, everyone. I’m the PR Director for . We wanted to show you more about the Black Box Edition, so we’ll be bringing you more detailed information in five separate parts.

Even though we’re still taking orders, it is a limited release, so if you feel like it’s something that you MUST HAVE, please try to get your orders in as soon as possible!

So, to kick this post off, here’s a little comment from the producer, Saito Yosuke:

Thanks to everyone, we’ve received a huuuuuuuuuuuge number of pre-orders! That being said, we’re still taking orders!! There will come a time when we need to close pre-orders, so please use this chance to make your order now! You won’t regret it!

ー Saito Yosuke, Producer


I’m the PR director, working under Director Yoko and Producer Saito to push forward the overall design, so here’s one of the things that, like Saito mentioned earlier, you will not regret: The Outer Box.


Just as the name suggests, it’s a jet black box with nice silk prints of the emblem and title—it really radiates a sense of quality. Just taking a look at the outside of the box, it’s difficult to imagine what could possibly be inside, right……?

03 04 05

Close up, you can actually see the thickness of the print.


The same black paper was used for the inside of the box. If we had used black ink on white paper, the text would bleed through, so…


We set the box in the staff cafeteria, and boy, does it seem like an ominous object……

So, anyway, that’s our introduction of the outer box. Next up we’ll show you more of the figure! Stay tuned!

The original Japanese article was written by  PR Director No1.

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    BTW Rekka are you getting it for ps4 or Pc? just out of curiosity