Speculation: The Signs are in the Eye

Sometime after SQEX posted the first of five blog posts sharing more information on the Black Box Edition, Yoko Taro posted something interesting on Twitter regarding the emblem printed on the front of the box.

“Our PR rep really fussed over the limited edition box. Actually, the designer has a hidden design somewhere in the emblem printed here, and that, we’ll discuss some other time……” ーYoko Taro


So, that got me thinking some more and imagining what could be “hidden” in this design. When I first saw the emblem or glyph, I thought it resembled an eye that possibly has a tear streaming down from it. I also thought it resembled a lot like a blooming flower, reminiscent of the Flower entity from DOD3, and we all know that damn thing could still be lurking out there somewhere, clinging onto dear life.

Another thing I wondered about was whether or not this particular design was borrowed from or maybe merged some of the glyphs from the previous games. So for that purpose, let’s take another look at the main glyphs.


Here, we can see that Zero’s glyph was clearly made in retrospect to resemble Caim’s own: a blossoming flower with Caim’s dragon-esque glyph emerging from within. As for the other Utautai glyphs from DOD3, they all have a uniform circular structor to the design with varying aspects setting them apart from each other. The one the intrigues me the most in relation to the new  glyph is One’s. It shares almost the same, exact spikes as Nowe’s glyph with a total of 6 protruding “wing” spikes (Nowe’s seems to have an additional 3 on the “tail”).


I also thought that, overall, the emblem resembled the flower “dash” that was used in the DOD3 logo, as seen above. If you rotate the image 90 degrees to the right and imagine an eye sprouting from the center of the flower, I think that depicts the basics of the design.


This particular head-on look of an eye reminded me of the graphics from DOD3 that represented each Utautai:


Stepping a little further from the graphical design, there are 5 prongs at the top of the “eye” to create apparent eye lashes. The number 5… there were 5 additional Utautai born from the flower due to Zero’s offensive action.

Oh, and the YoRHa Bunker also displays a nice emblem, too:


This glyph also shares the same five prongs that appear in the “eye” glyph above, but this one has three swords, standing tall and straight. I don’t have anything much to say on this yet, but… the number three brings to mind the original 3 YoRHa from the beginning days of the YoRHa endeavor in connection with MONACA and DearStage. It was these three vocalists that sang the boss battle themes on the DOD3 soundtrack. You can find more information on this here.

So what do you think? Could this be a clue that actively connects both game series? We know they exist in the same world at different points in the overall timeline, but… could they be more entangled than that? More related in each other’s future–and past–than we were initially lead to believe?

Or is it all yet more smoke and mirrors…?

  • Thomas Vs

    Without knowing the full lore, my first assumption is that it simply means “one” or “together” or “birth.” My reasoning is that drakengard and nier both featured themes of two separate things trying to become one, but not actually making it, and the main emblems feature what looks like two things coming together. The automata emblem features just one thing in the center as its focal point.

    Regarding the sister emblems, they mostly seem like 5 things trying to converge onto (or leave) a single point and might not have much significance outside of DOD3.

    With all the talk of automata having a happy ending, I fully expect mankind will be better off at the end (after plenty of suffering, of course). So maybe humans will be reborn (for real this time), the merger that failed in the first game will finally occur, or someone from the past (who wasn’t whole, which we have a lot to choose from), will be resurrected and become one.

    And I could be way off since I’ve been trying to avoid possible spoilers (including all of the YorHa stuff) 🙂

    • Thanks for your thoughts! I could comment on a lot of this, but since you said you’re trying to avoid possible spoilers, I’ll hold my tongue. xD It’s so hard to do sometimes!! haha

  • MrAptronym

    So, the Drakengard/NieR connection is something I have always been confused about. I was under the impression that Drakengard took place in an alternative world, in the past, and that NieR was in another timeline that is essentially the real world until the events of Drakendard’s E ending bridge the two. (I am also not entirely sure on where/when cathedral city comes from?)

    Are they actually one timeline? For instance, did Brother One and the Cult of the Watchers ever exist in NieR’s past?

    • This hasn’t really been answered. They could be different timelines, different universes, etc. But…since they all relate so closely to one another, I tend to think that it’s a singular universe with diverging timelines. So Caim & Angel’s jump into the NieR world isn’t necessarily crossing universes as much as it is simply crossing through TIME alone. Then again, DOD1 takes place in Europe…and of course the Tokyo Tower is in Japan, so they not only cross TIME but also SPACE as well.

      • MrAptronym

        Ahh, okay. I’ve always considered the timelines as parallel worlds all existing side by side. (well, once they branch off anyway) With the initial split away from our world happening when Cathedral City appears.

        It’ll be interesting to see if we get some detail on this in Automata.

        • If you’re into Sci-fi TV series, I highly recommend the series “Fringe”. The first season doesn’t touch much on the subject, but the ideas on parallel universes as opposed to branching timelines (occurring in the same universe) are what drive the narrative. I think their definition of these concepts are very similar to what we see in the DOD/NieR storyline.

          This was an old fansite that I made for the series. http://fringe.firesanctuary.com

          • MrAptronym

            I’ve actually been told I should check out Fringe before, I’ve just never gotten around to it. I’ll have to bum it up my backlog a bit and see if I can get through it all over the holidays.

          • Definitely check it out if you have time! It certainly tries to find itself in the first season, second season is getting there, and the third is… ahh, I can’t say too much… but I certainly will if you manage through the whole thing. It was a series loved my a niche group, for sure! <3

    • Noneofyourbusiness