Could a NieR Themed PS4 Be in the Works?

I noticed this last night, but I was half-conscious at the time, still trying to get over the cold that I came down with two weeks ago, so I couldn’t write anything about it until now (sorry!!). But the NieR official Twitter account sent out an interesting tweet last night:

NieR_JPN: Hypothetically… Hypothetically speaking, we’d like to ask your opinion, but… if there were a “NieR” themed console, would you want it?

  • I’d buy one.
  • I’d buy two.
  • I’d buy one and a Pro.
  • I wouldn’t *not* buy one. (Undecided)

Yoko Taro also made an interesting follow-up comment:

Yoko: Ah, a NieR themed console, something like a “Snow in Summer” model that has little bits of salt packed inside the spaces between the buttons, right? Huh? In the game? It can’t be done. I mean, the salt would clog it up and corrode the wiring and motherboard.

Then Saito Yosuke responded to Yoko Taro’s tweet above:

Saito Yosuke: It would be a model that couldn’t corrode even with salt packed inside of it.

As for me, I currently don’t own a PS4 and I don’t plan on getting it for anything other than NieR:Automata, so for me at least, it would be super cool to get a special themed console.

Feel free to respond to their message in whatever language you speak! I’m sure they’d be interested in hearing from you!