Tokyo Game Show 2016, Square Enix Presents, and New NieR Merch!

About this time every year, the detailed events schedule at Tokyo Game Show is released, and like any other year, TGS will be spread out among the following four days in September:

September 15-16

September 17-18

Therefore, we now know when to expect the Square Enix Presents event for !


tgs2016-lineup-automata-2Stage Event:

Saturday, September 17


Special Guests:
Saito Yosuke, Producer
(Square Enix)

Taura Takahisa, Designer
(Platinum Games)

Yoko Taro, Director

Ishikawa Yui, 2B

Hanae Natsuki, 9S

During this presentation, Square Enix will release a new trailer that details more information regarding the RPG elements in the game.

We can also expect some new NieR merchandise!

  • Emil Mug
  • T-shirt, 2B (Womens)
  • T-shirt, Emil (Womens)


goods02             goods03

goods04             goods05

I will also personally be in attendance at this presentation,
so please feel free to stop by and say hello!! <3

Image Source: Saito Yosuke, Twitter

  • passby

    i don’t like how in steam is all digital only so i will still buy a ps4NEO to actualy “posses” this game and if it result that the pc version runs better than the NEO version i will buy it on steam later under a sale or something

    • I’m speculating that NieR:Automata is being developed with 4K/60fps specs, both optimized for the PC and PS4/NEO. I’m also guessing that we’ll get the official NEO announcement at TGS.