Thou Shalt Not Die, Vol.3 Bonus Items


July 25th was the release of the 3rd tankoubon version of “Thou Shalt Not Die // Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare,” which covers up to chapter 19 of the story. In celebration of the release, there’s another bonus item “fair” in progress. By purchasing the book from various locations, you may receive an extra bonus item!

Here’s a quick look at the bonus items available:

  • Animate – Mini Shikishi
  • Toranoana (select stores) – Character Design Book
  • Melon Books – Clear File
  • Book Express (select stores) – Illustration Paper
  • Gamers – Book Cover
  • WonderGOO (select stores) – Postcard
  • Tsutaya (select stores) – Bookmark
  • Participating Fair Stores – Bookmark

Whenever these events come up, I always feel the need to GET THEM ALL… My collecting spirit goes nuts and I have to run around town or even go nearly 3 hours away just to get them all… But it feels nice to finally complete the collection! 😀


I have scanned the majority of these items and uploaded them to my image gallery here.

There’s an extra things shown in the image above, one being the summer Square Enix & Animate colab “Komippa” comic fair. With this they have 8 separate clear bookmarks featuring designs from various SQEX comic series. When you purchase a book, you can choose which bookmark you’d like. I, of course, chose the TSND themed bookmark that you can see above featuring both Kuroi & Mashiro.

The additional four pages that you can see at the bottom right of the image are actually 4 separate booklets meant to advertise for the series. It has four pages, which is why I choose to display them this way–so you can see all four pages.

In the end, I purchased 9 books to complete this set, so if anyone is looking for the manga, let me know. I still have a ton of copies of the first two Volumes as well. I’ve been holding onto them for a possible contest/event for fans at some point in the future.

Lastly, I spied the new TSND poster that they used at the recent sign-kai event in Nagoya with Moriyama Daisuke and Yoko Taro. It’s very pretty!! 😀