Signing Event with Yoko Taro and Moriyama Daisuke, Nagoya

The 2nd Thou Shalt Not Die / Kimi Shi ni Tamou Koto Nakare signing event with Yoko Taro and Moriyama DaisukeĀ has now concluded. This time they were visiting the Tora no Ana store in Nagoya for fans who live near and around the Tokai region of Japan.

They also used a never-before-seen poster to decorate the area around the signing table. It looks pretty cool!!

Here are a couple photos from Yoko Taro, Yokoo Yukiko, and Moriyama Daisuke‘s twitter accounts:




Name plates on the table, Left to Right: Yoko Taro, Moriyama Daisuke


Sign board with illustrations/signatures by Yoko Taro, Moriyama Daisuke, and Yokoo Yukiko. The surrounding comments and small sketches were written/drawn by fans who participated in the event.


Left to Right: Yoko Taro, Moriyama Daisuke

And it appears as though I never posted about the first signing event when the first two volumes of the manga were released. I was able to attend that event, so here are a couple of the photos that I personally took:

This was the “reservation” ticket that I received after purchasing the manga. I was the 4th to sign-up for the event. xD

sign02 sign01


And here were a couple additional photos that were uploaded by Yoko Taro, Moriyama Daisuke, and Big GanGan:

big-gangan-tweet01 big-gangan-tweet02 big-gangan-tweet03


big-gangan-tweet05 big-gangan-tweet06